The Bloodline System - Chapter 937: Catastrophe In Jo Technologies

Chapter 937: Catastrophe In Jo Technologies

Chapter 937: Catastrophe In Jo Technologies

"I had to wait for five days before you woke but what is five days compared to the six months of torture that I had to endure after regainingconsciousness," Hung Jo said before smacking Gustav across the face.


Gustav didn't react to the sting he felt after receiving the slap, instead, his face shone with confusion.

"It's been five days?" He questioned.

"From the looks of things whatever you did there drained you completely haha you were almost lifeless I thought it would take longer than five days," Hung Jo said before grabbing Gustav by the neck.

"I was so sick of seeing playbacks of the last MBO entrance exam and how you took the s.h.i.+ne that was supposed to be mine," Hung Jo gritted his teeth as he spoke with a look of hatred while tightening his grip around Gustav's neck.

Gustav began to choke as his eyeb.a.l.l.s moved upwards and his sight began to turn blurry.

After a few more seconds Hung Jo let go of Gustav's neck and began laughing again.

Gustav began coughing profusely after he let go.

"Haha of course I can't kill you this fast, where's the fun in that?" Hung Jo said while turning around.

"The great Gustav Crimson is in my hands... he will also die by my hands," Hung Jo voiced out as he suddenly turned around and slapped Gustav again.


The crisp slap echoed across the place and Gustav's right cheek turned blood red. Hung Jo threw another slap out.


And another...


And another...


He kept swinging his hand forward repeatedly, slapping Gustav across his face. He wanted Gustav to feel humiliated from being treated this way.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

After giving Gustav a series of slaps, he stopped for a bit.

Gustav's face hung low weakly as blood drizzled down the side of his lips and cheeks.

"You've... not changed..." Gustav voiced out amidst heavy breaths.

"What's that?" Hung Jo asked.

"You still hit like a p*ssy. What else is there to expect from trash?" Gustav said with a low tone and began laughing softly.

"You little..." Hung Jo's face shone with anger as he punched Gustav in his face.


A tooth flew out of Gustav's mouth as he nearly pa.s.sed out from the punch. Blood kept oozing out of his mouth as his face hung low

"I still wanna know how you went from being trash to becoming an MBO officer," Hung Jo said as he moved closer to Gustav again and grabbed him by the chin.

"I've been researching about you since so I know you can steal bloodlines like you stole mine which is why you're able to use multiple abilities. I wonder how the world will react when they find out you've been stealing other people's bloodlines," Hung Jo said with a crazed look.

"I'm sure you will be feared and not seen as a hero anymore. Maybe even get locked up and experimented on... too bad you will suffer a much worse fate at my hands," Hung Jo said with a dark look of hatred.

Gustav raised his head slightly as he felt something and smiled at Hung Jo without saying a word.

"What are you smiling about you b.a.s.t.a.r.d?" Hung Jo yelled out as he slapped Gustav across the face once more.

"This body holds a lot of secrets... watch me rip you apart slowly. We shall see if you will still be able to smile after that," Hung Jo voiced out before turning around and walking away.

"The grand event will begin when I return," Hung Jo's voice trailed off as he arrived before the south wall.

It opened up for him and he walked through.

After he left, a smirk could be seen forming on Gustav's face.

"What took you so long?" He voiced out.


In front of three two-hundred-storey tall buildings connected to one another with four pillars in horizontal format, tons of people clad in MBO outfits surrounded the vicinity.

They had technological weapons in their grasp and pointed them at the three buildings as they moved forward with looks of decisiveness.

The building in the middle had the words 'JO Technologies' constructed at the top.

The roads and streets in the surroundings were all void of vehicles and a bright purplish beam could be seen shooting from the top of the building in the middle to the sky.

It penetrated deep into the skies and weird energy was spreading from it.

"Charge!" A loud voice rang out from the ranks of the MBO and everyone charged forward.

"Find Yung Jo and Capture him!" The same voice yelled out.

They spread out and some of them headed in the direction of different buildings.

However before they could close in on the buildings, powerful red beams began to gather around the buildings.

Thwwiii! Thwwii! Thwwiii! Thwwiii!

These beams shot out with intensity and the instant they slammed into an officer they would get blasted to pieces.

The situation instantly turned into a bloodbath as MBO officers were dropping like flies. The powerful beam was very fast so it was difficult to evade.

In just a few seconds over a hundred MBO officers had been killed. Some bodies had large holes blasted in them even with armour on while some had their entire body blasted into smithereens.

"Pus.h.!.+ Pus.h.!.+ We must not let him take authority!"One of the commanders yelled as he kept charging forward.


A beam slammed into him in the next instant, causing him to get blasted to pieces. The MBO officer behind him got doused in blood and internal organs.

She paused with a look of fright on her face as she breathed in and out profusely while staring upwards at one of the buildings.

"Arrgghh!" She screamed out as she began shooting the laser gun in her arms fiercely.

Thwwoohh! Thhwooh! Thwwooh!

However, in the next second, a beam flew through her face, causing her entire head to get blasted to pieces.

Her body fell to the ground limply after that.

"Fall back! Fall back!"

Another commander began yelling for the others to fall back after some time. The MBO officers left and began turning around and heading back as quickly as they could to regroup.