The Bloodline System - Chapter 936: An Unexpected Return

Chapter 936: An Unexpected Return

Chapter 936: An Unexpected Return

It looked extremely ominous and alive as it began to spread further while heading in their direction

"He is here! You have to leave now!" The blue girl yelled with a look of fright.

"Leave how? What is even that?" Gustav voiced out as his heart began to beat faster.

The girl turned to him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Go back!" She yelled before pus.h.i.+ng Gustav backwards.

Gustav being as weak as a human fell to the ground on his back. However, the instant his back collided with the ground, he fell through like it was a body of water.

Gustav held his breath as he sank...


Gustav suddenly opened his eyes while holding his breath.

"Fuuuu!" He let out breath with a terrified expression as his heart kept beating rapidly.

He kept trying to catch his breath as his face displayed a look of confusion and scare mixed together.

"What the h.e.l.l was that?" Gustav voiced out in a low tone of confusion as his heart rate calmed.

After calming down a little he was able to focus on his current environment.

"Now where the h.e.l.l am I?" Gustav asked as he looked around this dimly lit s.p.a.ce.

He noticed that his arms were extended upwards and bound together by something. This was the same situation with his legs as well.

There was a kind of translucent barrier surrounding him and four white walls at the ends of this s.p.a.ce.

Gustav tried separating both hands and legs but it was to no avail. It was just like what happened earlier. He couldn't sense his power. He felt weak.


The wall separated on the south side of the wall forming a kind of door and someone walked through it.

"You're finally awake..."

A familiar voice echoed across this s.p.a.ce as the figure walked towards Gustav's position.

Gustav's eyebrows furrowed as he peered forward deeply trying to make out the face of this figure.

Step! Step! Step! Step!

It was proving difficult since he was just like a normal human trying to see in the darkness. However, he could make out the height of this person who seemed to be around 5'7 with dark green hair which may just be dark due to the dim lighting.

"...Gustav Crimson,"

The figure uttered with a tone of disgust as he arrived in front of Gustav.

"Hung Jo?" Gustav's eyes widened with a look of surprise as he voiced out.

The figure standing in front of him, clad in a black suit was none other than Hung Jo.

"Breathe it in... breathe it in... that air of despair... breathe it in..." Hung Jo said as a grin appeared on his face.

He was enjoying Gustav's current expression.

"Which air of despair? I'm just surprised you're not completely brain dead," Gustav's face went back to normal as he voiced out.

"Oh yes, the tough guy act. Keep pretending you're not scared," Hung sounded disappointed that Gustav's expression had returned to the uncaring look.

"I'm not," Gustav responded with a nonchalant look.

"Tch... it's been almost three years and that overbearing ego you began cultivating back in year 3 is now way higher than before," Hung Jo stated with a look of disgust.

"Your return is not important to me. You don't even have a bloodline anymore... in your words you're trash. Don't waste my time, it's your brother I have business with. Where is he?" Gustav had snapped out of the temporary shock he had earlier.

Now that he thought of it, Yung Jo must be somewhere around since Hung Jo was here.

"You see that is where you're wrong I am not trash because I am responsible for trapping you here," Hung Jo stated.

"Let me give you a little back story..." Hung Jo voiced out and began narrating how it all came to this.

Hung Jo got healed six months back with the help of the team of scientists Jo had hired years back when Hung Jo got into the incident due to his fight with Gustav.

They had tried so many ways and dedicated almost three years to make sure they healed Hung Jo and they finally achieved that six months back.

Hung Jo had awoken without a bloodline but his father Mr Jo was more than joyous regardless of that fact since his son was back anyways.

Hung Jo had a bit of memory loss but after he recalled everything that went down almost three years back he narrated it to Yung Jo.

Yung Jo already knew Gustav was responsible but he didn't really care.

However seeing his little brother come weeping to him about how he wanted revenge, he found a way to get him a new bloodline.

Of course, this was done by sacrificing the life of another Mixedblood but Yung Jo didn't care about that.

Hung Jo spent the rest of the time learning how to use the new bloodline and waiting for Yung Jo to get Gustav since Yung Jo already promised to get Gustav one of these days.

All that led to the moment where Gustav was found laying on the floor unconscious after getting rid of the singularity.

"Hahaha you were just laying there... ready for the taking," Hung Jo voiced as he moved closer to Gustav.

'So I pa.s.sed out after closing the singularity? So what was that place I found myself if I was here all this time?' Gustav had a confused look on his face as he thought.

"I sealed you here with my power... it's a spatial construct that seals your bloodline so long as you are within. This s.p.a.ce you see is not the real world but I trapped your body in here," Hung Jo explained while grabbing onto Gustav's face.

"My brother is so p.i.s.sed you ruined things for him and has told me to do whatever I want with you but make sure I give him your organs after I am done killing you," Hung Jo began laughing maniacally at this point.