The Bloodline System - Chapter 927: Need For Speed?

Chapter 927: Need For Speed?

Chapter 927: Need For Speed?

He moved towards the window by the side and stared at the MBO tower up ahead. Gustav proceeded to head back to the bathroom.

He tied Scientist Merkil up and transformed back into the look he used earlier.

He initially thought of using Scientist Merkil's ident.i.ty to head to the MBO but he felt things might look suspicious since Scientist Merkil was just coming back from the MBO.

Gustav wasted no time in getting out of the apartment after taking the access cube of the apartment from Scientist Merkil.


Instead of boarding a vehicle, he sprinted there. Public transport was not allowed to head to the MBO tower so he knew he couldn't get there by that means.

Gustav's speed rivalled the hover cars that dashed past the streets of Plankton City. Even Mixedbloods couldn't follow with their eyes as his body created after images across the roads.

In a few minutes, he had arrived in front of the barricade surrounding the MBO tower.


-The MBO Camp

Swiiss.h.!.+ Swiiss.h.!.+

Sounds of projectiles tearing through the air reverberated across the surroundings.

Multiple blue light beams flying forward from a particular direction could be seen moving faster than the speed of sound.

These light beams kept shooting forward in uncountable numbers while a group of people behind had to keep swerving left and right to dodge the beams while charging forward.


Someone got hit in the left shoulder area and got blasted halfway across the track.

"Remember, one hit and you're out," In the far west area a woman in an MBO uniform yelled out.

The others who were still on the track filled with blue projectile beams gunning for them, turned even more cautious as they used every trick at their disposal to dodge the beams.

These blue beams clouded one's vision due to their numbers and speed but they had to be agile enough to dodge and get to the finish line before the timer being displayed in mid-air was up.

Over a hundred cadets were moving forward while jumping sideways. Some were making use of their bloodline abilities to parry the beams as they head forward while some kept leaping upwards and doing a front flip or back flip to evade them.

Every minute a cadet was getting knocked out due to the speed of the beams increasing the closer they got to the finish line.

-"Who do you think will win?"

-"E.E or Elevora,"

-"Aildris is closing in on them,"

-"Does anyone see Angy?"

-"The top ten are really something, they have given the others behind a huge gap,"

Those who had gotten knocked out of the race stood behind spectating the ones who were still in the game.

They were on a plain track field that was quite wide but there were walls erected by the sides and the instructors as well as those spectating were behind and upwards.

The ground where the race was happening looked like it was sunken ground.

Multiple cadets could be seen sprinting across the place dodging the projectiles best of their abilities.

Vera's body was wrapped in multiple vines that had sprouted out of the ground and were carrying her forward elegantly.

Swiiisshh! Swwiisshh!

Multiple vines spun across the place, tackling the blue projectiles shooting at her.

A few feet to her left, Falco dashed forward and leapt before spinning towards the side several times in the air to dodge the projectiles.

Black tattoos could be seen on the visible parts of his body. He seemed quite agile dodging the beams with ease despite how fast they were.

Several feet to her right, Teemee could be seen walking forward with a red sphere of energy surrounding his figure.

The instant any blue beam phased through the energy sphere surrounding him, their speed would be significantly slowed down and Teemee would just move a little to the side to dodge the beams.

Hundreds of feet toward Teemee's right, Ria could be seen raising boulders from the ground and pus.h.i.+ng it in front of himself to tank the projectiles. After blocking a few they would get destroyed and he would create more.

Hundreds of feet ahead, E.E opened a vortex which sucked all the projectiles into it as he moved forward effortlessly.

It looked like a walk in the park for him.

Elevora on the other hand who was a few feet behind him kept walking forward elegantly while moving her head slightly to the side.

Her figure swayed from side to side as her nonchalant expression made her look extremely alluring.

Swiissshh! Swwiisshh ~

Only minor movements, yet the beams would fly past her face only a few inches away from making contact. It always looked like a close call but this had happened more than two hundred times now, it couldn't be called a coincidence anymore.

Aildris on the other hand was several feet to the left behind E.E and Elevora.

His beautiful eyes were wide open and his surroundings black and white.

All everyone could see was the beams turned white upon entering his domain and disappearing.

These three were way ahead of everyone else and had it relatively easy moving forward. No one was das.h.i.+ng forward with intense speed because the faster a person moved, the more they were likely to get hit by a projectile since it would look even faster from their point of view.

They were all moving at moderate speed for this exercise.

After a few more minutes E.E got to the finish line and was brought out of the field.

-"Looks like E.E finished first,"

-"Wait... there's someone with him,"

-"Is that Elevora?"

-"Elevora is still on the track,"

Up ahead at the finish line, a smile appeared on E.E's face as he stared at the person up front sitting atop a boulder.

"Y'all are so slow," The silver-haired girl with two horns on her forehead voiced out.

"Nah you're just too fast Angy," E.E stated with a small chuckle.

"Slowpoke," Angy laughed as well and poked E.E on his shoulder.