The Bloodline System - Chapter 926: Unveiling Yung Jo Villainous Plans

Chapter 926: Unveiling Yung Jo Villainous Plans

Chapter 926: Unveiling Yung Jo Villainous Plans

He wanted to pa.s.s her the result but she lashed out and the entire structure began to quake underwater.

At this point scientist Merkil was far from the examination room, fleeing when he heard the destruction everywhere.

He thought Miss Aimee would come for him but instead, she had blasted her way through one of the walls and left the facility in that instant.

He heaved a sigh of relief recalling the symptoms a.s.sociated with the infection.

'She must have noticed it,' At that time he thought miss Aimee must have noticed that the earth was starting to be unconducive for her.

He quickly returned to the examination room and got rid of the results that were supposed to prove Miss Aimee was not infected.

They spread rumours that she might have escaped because she was infected, leaving out the part where she actually underwent the test.

At this point, Gustav had pieced everything together and knew very well that Miss Aimee had left to do a quick video recording for him before she would be unable to stay on earth any longer.

This made Gustav wonder when exactly Miss Aimee had figured out Yung Jo's plot. There was a probability she didn't know that Yung Jo was aware that she knew about his plot.

Gustav really wanted to murder Scientist Merkil at this point but he was holding on because he still needed to siphon more memories.

("What exactly is he up to?") The system asked after listening to Gustav narrate the incident with Miss Aimee.

"He is trying to bring them here but... He seems to have found a way for them to get access to earth without getting stopped by the many protocols put in place to prevent an invasion," Gustav voiced out as he recalled multiple meetings with Yung Jo.

"Scientist Merkil was given a separate task to complete at the MBO tower and he did that today... He should be having a call with Yung Jo in a few..." Just as Gustav finished that sentence a loud ringing sound was heard within the living room.

"Speak of the devil," Gustav voiced as he slowly transformed into Scientist Merkil.

He proceeded to pick up the call and in the next instant, Yung Jo appeared within the living room in holographic format.

"Merkil, have you completed your a.s.signment?" The instant the call connected, Yung Jo, threw this question.

"Yes sir Yung, I'm all done on my part... It's now left to you to play yours," Gustav voiced out using Scientist Merkil's voice as well.

"Good job. You will stand with me as one of the generals of the new world order. First, we take earth and then we can plan further expansion in the future," Yung Jo voiced out with an ambitious tone.

"How long till they arrive... The Mendologas," Gustav asked.

"I have given those idiots two days but I worry they will be unable to meet up with the deadline," Yung Jo responded.

"Now that I have finished with my part in the MBO maybe I could come to give a helping hand so we don't have to throw away the life of any more brilliant scientist," Gustav said with a light chuckle as this was the manner in which Scientist Merkil usually spoke.

"Hmm that might not be a good idea," Yung Jo disagreed. He didn't look disturbed in any way despite knowing the scientists would be unable to meet the deadline.

"Why not? You want them to meet the deadline right?' Gustav asked.

"It's best you remain in the tower to make sure no mishaps happen," Yung Jo stated.

"True but I'll have Ishak watching it... I could come over tomorrow after inspecting the tower once more," Gustav suggested.

"...Alright then, tomorrow," Yung Jo finally agreed and ended the call.

A smirk appeared on Gustav's face after the call ended and he transformed back into his usual look.

'You'll never know what hit you, Yung Jo,' He said Internally.

("Are you truly going to head to the MBO tower?") The system asked.

"I have to... I'll need to disarm what Scientist Merkil has activated there to sabotage their operation. Then I can head to their research area afterwards," Gustav voiced out his plans.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d must be stopped... If he succeeds with his plans, it's over," Gustav added with a contemplative look.

("Looks like he just wants power,") The system voiced out.

"Yeah... he's an overly ambitious power-hungry p.r.i.c.k," Gustav cussed incessantly.

"The moment the device in the MBO tower is activated, every Mixedblood on earth will lose their bloodline temporarily. This is what Scientist Merkil has been working on and from what I've seen it's also one of the reasons they had to get rid of Miss Aimee because a Mixedblood of her calibre would have sensed the energy output of that device the moment it was put together...

After that, they contained the energy so even though Jack is currently on earth he wouldn't be able to sense it until the moment it gets activated which will be too late..." Gustav muttered lengthily.

("I'm guessing, what they're working on behind the door bears the means to give access to the Mendologas,") The system stated.

"Most likely... I am yet to see how it looks because within the four months of memory I siphoned, Merkil was never there. Looks like he was focusing on his part and never met up with Yung Jo in public," Gustav said while holding his chin.

"It's best to have information on that too, so I need to siphon more of his memories. I'm sure he must have been there at least once before," Gustav added with a look of certainty.

("I don't think he can take any more Siphoning,") The system stated.

"It doesn't matter, he will be utterly useless to me if I can't get what I want from him," Gustav said while standing to his feet.

"I'll let him rest till the next morning... for now, I need to visit the tower," Gustav said while transforming into Scientist Merkil.

He moved towards the window by the side and stared at the MBO tower up ahead.