The Bloodline System - Chapter 928: Dismantling The Bloodline Disruptor

Chapter 928: Dismantling The Bloodline Disruptor

Chapter 928: Dismantling The Bloodline Disruptor

"How long have you been here?" E.E asked with a look of curiosity.

"About Ten to fifteen minutes I think," She said with a contemplative expression.

"What the h.e.l.l? You monster," E.E's eyes widened as he blurted out before bursting into laughter.

At this point, Elevora also arrived at the finish line without breaking a sweat.

The others also began to arrive one after the other after this and they were all shocked to see Angy at the finish line.

Not because she wasn't fast but because they didn't even see her at the starting line and had no idea she was even taking part in the exercise.

According to the instructor, Angy got to the finish line a few seconds after the exercise started.

The revelation shocked everyone and they wondered just how fast Angy was currently.

In the past two months where Gustav had been away, Elevora had become the strongest in their set once more but she still lost to E.E and Angy.

The exercise was just too convenient for them, speed and Vortex creation.


-Plankton City

It was currently night and Gustav was in the MBO tower. He had found his way in and was currently on one of the top floors.

The 1075th floor to be precise was larger than seventeen football fields combined and it was so high up in the air, that it was already breaking through the earth's upper atmosphere.

Gustav was currently in his MBO uniform while still using a fake ident.i.ty that belonged to another MBO officer currently not in Plankton City.

Despite the badge, the MBO tower still scanned body features before giving access so Gustav couldn't use the other fake ident.i.ty to head in.

However, to prevent Mishaps, he headed to a bathroom to transform back into the initial appearance after getting into the tower.

He was currently on the same floor scientist Merkil had the device implanted and it looked like it was going to be a herculean task to deactivate every one of them.

The device branched out to different spots cos it had several other small tools connected to it. This was why it had taken over four months to set up. Of course, deactivating it was easier but it would still take time, especially when MBO officers were moving around.

Scientist Merkil could pretend to be working on something so it doesn't look suspicious when he's putting them in place since he is a scientist but Gustav was an officer so it would be quite difficult for him to go on with the deactivation process without causing suspicions.

The MBO tower was going to be like a beacon that would help in spreading the energy that would rid the mixedbloods of their power. This was why it had to be installed here.

The MBO was unaware that right under their noses they were being sabotaged by one of their own. This was how deep Yung Jo's influence was rooted in the MBO.

Despite the cleansing that had happened some time ago and even within the MBO camp, Yung Jo still had many loyal a.s.sociates within the MBO.

This was one of the things that made him untouchable and powerful despite being an ordinary Mixedblood incapable of standing amongst the great like Miss Aimee in terms of physical power.

Gustav looked for Gradier Xanatus who had quite the power within the tower since this was usually his base of operation.

He didn't fully explain things to him but he told him he needed the entire floor.

Gradier Xanatus already knew of his ability to shapes.h.i.+ft into anyone so he wasn't surprised when he found out that this young man with white hair was Gustav.

Gradier Xanatus helped in coming up with an excuse to prevent any MBO officer from having access to this floor till the next day.

He still wanted to know what was happening and why Gustav was here in Plankton City when the MBO database gave had his location registered as the second base.

However, Gustav really didn't have the time to explain what was happening to Gradier Xanatus fully. He just told him, he was on the a.s.signment Miss Aimee gave him in the footage he delivered.

He understood that it must have been something serious and helped Gustav out in deactivating the devices embedded into the walls of this floor.

He had an expression of disbelief as he saw Gustav dismantling different parts of the walls and bringing out oddly shaped technological items.

"Tap on this so it doesn't send out a signal before you deactivate it," Gustav showed Gradier Xanatus the ropes so the work would be easier.

By the time they were done with the smaller items embedded into the wall, it was midnight.

Only the main device was left now and it was embedded into the ceiling area of this floor.

Gustav leapt upwards and stabbed his hand into one part of the ceiling area. Cutting a big square-shaped line into the ceiling an item fell through.


Gradier Xanatus caught this device which looked like a rectangular generator almost the size of a truck.

"That has been in there the whole time?" Gradier Xanatus couldn't hide his surprise as he slowly lowered it, afraid of triggering any alarms.

After placing it on the floor, Gustav landed from the ceiling and stood in front of the device.

Gustav tapped on some b.u.t.tons placed by the side and beeping sounds rang out as a small holographic screen shot out of it.

"s.h.i.+t," He suddenly exclaimed.

"What's wrong?" Gradier Xanatus asked.

"The method of deactivating it is different from the rest... I need face authorisation... Yung Jo's face in particular," Gustav said with a worried tone.

"How is this a problem? You can shapes.h.i.+ft to take the form of whoever you want," Gradier Xanatus voiced out with a confused tone.

"It's different this time... The internal structure of the device is laced with Glatarid," Gustav said with a low tone.

Gradier Xanatus's eyes widened as he heard this.

"It would see right through your disguise," He said with a tone of realization.