The Bloodline System - Chapter 925: Siphoning Memories

Chapter 925: Siphoning Memories

Chapter 925: Siphoning Memories

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"Never mind that," He voiced out as he activated his storage device and brought out a black pill.


A strange medicinal smell drifted across the apartment after Gustav brought it out.

The scientist's eyes widened slightly as he saw the pill and questioned.

"What are you going to do with a temporary bloodline boosting pill? Why do you need that?"

"Just watch... Right now I don't need you to do anything anymore," Gusta said before swallowing the pill.

'System... isolate it for Mental Manipulation use only, ' Gustav said internally after swallowing.

("Sure,") The system replied.

In a few seconds, Gustav could feel intense heat from his chest area which was an effect that proved the drug was working.

He closed his eyes for a bit while still holding Scientist Merkil up in the air.

[Mental Manipulation Bloodline Has Been Activated]

Gustav suddenly opened his eyes which were gleaming with white light.

He proceeded to place left his hand on Scientist Merkil's head and activated an ability under mental manipulation.

[Memories Siphoning Has Been Activated]

Scientist Merkil felt an intense pull in his mind as a white glow appeared on Gustav's hand.

Gustav looked up with a trance-like expression as he began to steal Scientist Merkil's memories forcefully.

Minutes later, Scientist Merkil's body began to jerk violently while still suspended in mid-air. Gustav continued to siphon his memories without stopping as different scenes flooded his mind.

Despite how much time has pa.s.sed Gustav still hadn't seen enough of Scientist Merkil's memories. There were still places he was searching for so all the dots could connect.

After a few more minutes...


He let go of Scientist Merkil's body, causing him to fall to the floor as a much more violent seizure overtook him.

His body was jerking violently and foam was coming out of his mouth. Gustav just stared at him mercilessly but also was quite disappointed.

"Time is up for the bloodline boosting pill," Gustav muttered.

[Memories Siphoning Has Been Deactivated]

The pill had helped him with an ability of Mental Manipulation that couldn't be activated in its damaged state.

Because the pill had boosted the bloodline, he was able to use that ability for a brief period.

Gustav felt he had gotten enough memories from Scientist Merkil but he still wanted to see a few more.

Using another Bloodline Boosting pill just right after one was used was not a good idea as it would damage the bloodline even more.

Also, it didn't look like Scientist Merkil was in a state where he could take any more Memory Siphoning. At this point, he was pretty much dead.

Gustav stared at Scientist Merkil's body which kept jerking violently and picked him up before moving him towards the bathroom.

After placing him in the bathtub he fed him a recovery pill which made the Scientist pa.s.s out.

'I guess I should be careful with how I use this ability in the future,' Gustav said internally as he headed back to the living room.

He didn't care about the Scientist but now he knew never to use the ability on anyone he cared about no matter the situation.

("What did you see?") The system asked as Gustav took his seat in the living room.

"His memories within the last four months... I siphoned them into a part of my mind and now it's like the memories belong to me," Gustav mumbled as his mind recalled everything.

"There is nothing pretty about this man's memories..." Gustav's voice out with a look of anguish.

Popping sounds rang out as he tightened his right fist, "Now I know what happened to Miss Aimee," He said with a murderous look.

"They really did get her infected with a modified strain of the ashy infection," Gustav voiced out as he recalled the incident.

Miss Aimee had been invited to the research facility to undergo a lab test on whether she was infected or not.

After the examination, she was awaiting the results when this scientist offered her coffee.

Miss Aimee being Miss Aimee of course refused when he brought the mug to her. As he wanted to take it back, he pretended to slip and fell the mug, right atop Miss Aimee.

Miss Aimee being as powerful as she was, easily got out of the way so not a single drop of the content in the mug touched her.

But then she reached out to grab the mug so it wouldn't fall to the floor and shatter. She grabbed it and also swung her hand swiftly around the place, letting the contents fall back into the mug so they wouldn't make a mess on the floor which would in turn also affect her shoes.

The memory was like a cla.s.sic movie to Gustav as Miss Aimee prevented this small incident just to make sure her shoes didn't get soiled.

"Be careful," She voiced out with an unbothered tone while pa.s.sing the Mug back to Scientist Merkil.

He nodded with an appreciative look and received it. This was where Gustav noticed he had a glove on his hand, meanwhile, Miss Aimee had caught the Mug with her bare hands.

One would think the content within the cup was to blame but none of that had spilled on her. The only contact she made was with the handle of this Mug.

Surprisingly the moment she did make contact with the handle of the mug, the infection had already burrowed its way into her fingertips.

Usually, Miss Aimee would also have a kind of protective veil surrounding her but it was useless in this case.

It was noticeable that she started to react strangely after pa.s.sing the Mug back to scientist Merkil.

Miss Aimee raised her hand slightly and stared at her sweaty palm. A new scientist came in the next instant with the test results.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

Miss Aimee voiced with a tone of anguish. Gustav recalled this part because the new scientist that had come in was Scientist Vic and he was unaware of what went down initially but he did meet Miss Aimee in a bad state.