The Bloodline System - Chapter 924: Meeting Scientist Merkil

Chapter 924: Meeting Scientist Merkil

Chapter 924: Meeting Scientist Merkil

"Give or take I'll say a week," The man in a white lab coat standing right beside who had just spoken, responded.

"You have three days," The man in blue stated.

"Sir Yung, it is impossible for it to be ready in three days, if we try to rush it, it might not work as intended," The Scientist said with a serious tone.

"Two days... fail to complete it within two days and someone else will complete it in your stead," Yung Jo stated with a cold tone.

"Only other difference is, you probably won't be here to see it," He added before walking away from the area.

The others in the vicinity clad in lab coats as well bowed slightly in respect as Yung Jo left the vicinity.

The scientist gritted his teeth as he turned to stare at the rest after Yung Jo was out of sight.

"What are you lots waiting for, get back to work!" He yelled out with a frustrated tone, causing the others to scamper away like fl.u.s.tered chickens.


Hours later, Gustav was in a large room. He had gotten a place within a hotel in Plankton City. Currently, he was watching another footage of the location where the alien symbol was seen.

He could see that Yung Jo just left that location some time ago.

The Sacred Jewel couldn't see everywhere within this location so he didn't really have an idea as to what Yung Jo was up to but he already knew he would have to check out this location after his visit to Scientist Merkil's place.

For some reason he had never seen scientist Merkil in the same location the Sacred Jewel had been watching. Neither had he seen him with Yung Jo but obviously, they were working together secretly from the memories of the Scientist he watched.

From the footage Red Shadow provided him, Scientist Merkil had been going back and forth from the MBO tower to where he was currently residing.

Scientist Merkil seemed like the one that would sabotage the MBO from the inside if Gustav was right with his theories.

Since Scientist Merkil had quite the high rank he would definitely have access to things that might help in Yung Jo's ploy.

After some time, Gustav decided to leave the hotel. It was finally time to pay a visit to scientist Merkil.

He walked down the streets of Plankton City once more.

This gave him a sense of nostalgia as he looked around seeing the well-constructed roads with spatial rings in some areas, hover cars and buses moving to and fro with some driving into the spatial rings.

The pedestrian walkway by the side with teleportation circles at the end of every walkway. The tall skysc.r.a.pers by the sides along with small social businesses as well.

The MBO tower was still in the middle of the city looking majestic and piercing straight into the clouds.

Gustav moved towards one of the teleportation circles up ahead and moved in with the others.

In a few seconds, a bright light engulfed everyone and they disappeared.

Reappearing back multiple kilometres ahead, Gustav proceeded to walk for a little while before arriving in a street. He turned to stare at a particular green forty-storey building up ahead.

It looked quite luxurious with a statue that looked like the head of a dog in front. At the top, a glowing sign that read 'The Dealer's Place' could be seen.

Gustav already recognised this from the footage Red Shadow showed him.

Not just anyone was allowed into this street as guards stood by the entrance asking for ID.

He tried to get in but they stopped him.

"We need ID sir," One of the guards voiced out once more.

Gustav whipped out an MBO badge causing the guards' eyes to pop out for a bit before he quickly gave access.

"My apologies sir I..." He tried apologising but Gustav was already almost out of sight.

He had arrived in front of the house already.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

'Interesting,' A smirk appeared on Gustav's face after scanning the building.

He deactivated G.o.d Eyes and moved in.


A hover arrived in front of the building sometime later and a man in a green suit and black short hair moved out of it.

He got into the building and moved towards the elevator before tapping on number forty. Apparently, he stayed on the last floor of this place.

A few minutes later he arrived in front of his apartment and the door slid open.

"Hmm? Why are the lights out?" He voiced out as he moved into the luxurious-looking apartment.

For reasons unknown the lights were out, making the apartment look dimly lit.

Everywhere looked quite dark as he moved around trying to switch the lights back on

However, none of the switches was responding.

"What's wrong with them?" He voiced out in frustration as he tapped repeatedly on a switch.

"h.e.l.lo, Scientist Merkil,"

His heart nearly jumped out of his chest as he heard a masculine voice from behind him.

He slowly turned reached for a b.u.t.ton on his chest area and tapped it.

A small blue glowing dagger appeared in his hand and he swiftly spun around while swinging it forward.


The figure behind him slapped the dagger away from his hand effortlessly and grabbed him by the throat.

Scientist Merkil found himself easily lifted off the floor by this person as he choked from the forceful grip around his neck.

He stared at this figure who seemed like a young twenty-year-old with white hair and deep eyes. He was over six feet in height with a lean but tall figure. He didn't look familiar to the scientist at all.

"Kor! Kor! Wh-o ar...e you?" He managed to force the words out while trying to free himself from the powerful grip.

"That is of no concern to you... I have some questions," Gustav voiced out with a raspy tone.

"Answer correctly and I'll spare your life. Answer wrong and..." Gustav suddenly paused as he got to this part.

"Never mind that," He voiced out as he activated his storage device and brought out a black pill.