The Bloodline System - Chapter 923: Back To Plankton City

Chapter 923: Back To Plankton City

Chapter 923: Back To Plankton City

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


Gustav decided he would visit one of the training centres today to do an evaluation test on his strength.


His device started ringing before he could leave the apartment. Gustav brought it out of his storage s.p.a.ce and proceeded to pick up the call.

"Red Shadow," He voiced out as soon as the holographic video appeared.

"I got your guy," Red Shadow voiced out.

"Where is he?" Gustav asked.

"He is currently in Plankton City," Red Shadow stated.

'I knew it...' Gustav said internally. He already suspected Scientist Merkil was there.

"Where in Plankton City?" Gustav questioned with a look of curiosity.

"I've seen him go and come from multiple locations in these past two days but I believe he's residing in a place known as The Dealer's House at the moment," Red Shadow revealed.

"I will send you some footages that I gathered," He added.

Some minutes later Gustav had ended his call with Red Shadow. He had now found out the information he needed to get to scientist Merkil.

He was surprised that Red Shadow got on this a.s.signment very quickly but this was good.

The longer he waited to deal with Yung Jo the more the world was jeopardized as they didn't know fully what they were up against.

Gustav moved out of the house but contrary to earlier his plan of going to a training centre, he was headed towards the base armoury.

Gustav arrived there some minutes later and was given immediate entry after his badge was scanned. MBO officers were not allowed beyond certain levels unless they were given special permissions but Gustav didn't need to go beyond the level accessible to him.

He just needed some tools that were accessible to most officers. He picked up some rechargeable technological devices as well as some one-use items.

After Gustav was done picking these items like he was in a shopping mall, he started heading back towards his residence.

Some officers recognised him of course and wanted to make small talk but he avoided them. Others just spoke behind him but as usual, Gustav didn't mind any of these.

He arrived back indoors and did a small routine check around the house before heading back to his room.

"For all everyone thinks, I'm right here in the second base... Let's keep things that way," Gustav muttered as he began tapping on his dimensional bracelet.

("This is the best course of action,") The system said in his head.

"Hnm, time to head back to Plankton City," Gustav muttered as he tapped on the location displayed on the surface of the bracelet.

A bright flash of blue light engulfed Gustav and in the next instant, he disappeared along with it.



"Hey who the h.e.l.l are you?

The instant Gustav reappeared in a particular room within Plankton City, a voice yelled out behind him.


Wriggling sounds were heard from Gustav as he shape-s.h.i.+fted taking a different look entirely.

He slowly turned around within this room.

"I must have come to the wrong place," He voiced out with a raspy tone as he stared at the person who yelled earlier.

It was a teenage girl with white hair and dim eyes. She was barely clothed. Her were threatening to spill from her bra and her shorts were almost like panties but she didn't seem shy at all.

"Yeah punk, get out!" She voiced out with a merciless tone.

"Sure sure, I'm leaving now," Gustav said and coughed a little after feasting his eyes on her body unintentionally.

Gustav turned around and walked towards the door.

"Yeah this is locked," He said after trying to slide it to the side.

She made a loud sighing sound before moving toward the door to help Gustav in opening it.

"Thank you," Gustav said with a wry smile as he walked out.

In response, she slammed the door after him.

"Angry teenagers... never gets old," Gustav muttered as he arrived at the corridor.

("You're a teenager too,") The system suddenly voiced in his head.

'I will be twenty this year... I am no teenager,' Gustav responded internally.

("Still nineteen... still a teen,")

Gustav; "..."

(Also, I'm sure you would also be angry if someone invaded your privacy like that,") The system added.

'Fair point,' Gustav responded as he looked around for a bit before walking forward

It had been a while since he walked on this corridor.

He happened to into a 5'7 kid up ahead as he got to the stairs.

He couldn't help but let out a smile as the silver-haired kid ran past him without recognising him.

'He sure has grown,' Gustav said internally before proceeding to walk down the stairs.

Currently, Gustav was within the seven-storey tall household where his whole story with Angy began.

He initially appeared in the apartment he rented while staying within Plankton City in the past. It turned out the apartment had been rented out to a teenager.

Gustav wasn't really surprised about this development. Sixteen years of age was considered an adult anyways so it was normal to see teenagers renting their apartments.

This meant Gustav would have to find somewhere else to reside, pending his stay in Plankton City.

Since he didn't want anyone to know he was here, he couldn't use his normal ident.i.ty.

Making use of his ident.i.ty as Gustav would've made it way easier for him to find a play to stay since he knew lots of people here.

However, it wasn't much of a problem for him to get a place even while using this fake ident.i.ty since he had enough money.


Within a dark s.p.a.ce, pulsating strings of multiple coloured lights joined together could be seen.

There was no other lighting here except these pulsating strings of light that had formed a circle and looked like they were tied together...

Some figures could be seen a few feet behind staring right at the strings of light.

"How long till it's ready?" A masculine voice could be heard...