The Bloodline System - Chapter 922: Theories On Yung Jo Plans

Chapter 922: Theories On Yung Jo Plans

Chapter 922: Theories On Yung Jo Plans

Grand Commander was the highest rank and there were only four grand commanders on earth.

Gustav had been promoted from Lieutenant grade three to Captain in one go.

Fifty percent of MBO officers were in this rank but they were not in any way new officers.

Although Gustav's speed of climbing up the ladder was quite fast, from here it was about to get pretty much difficult. He would have to successfully complete many missions before he would get to the next rank.

According to calculations, if he could complete about twenty two-star missions he would be able to get to the next rank.

However, if he kept completing high-ranked missions from five stars upwards, he would easily get to the next rank as well.

Gustav received his uniform with the rest of his rewards and moved back to his standing spot.

In a few more minutes the ceremony ended. Gustav was about to head back but then the Grand General called out to him.

He told Gustav to take a walk with him so they could discuss.

"Congratulations on your new rank, you performed well in your last mission," The grand General voiced out as they walked towards a land vehicle up ahead.

"Thank you," Gustav replied.

"I understand how you must be feeling about your missing teacher... The MBO has made it a top-notch priority to find her," The grand General said with a rea.s.suring voice.

"Oh no on the contrary I'm sure she will be okay. It's her after all," Gustav said with an undisturbed tone.

"Hmm, you have quite the faith in her. That's good, we hope she is okay as well because this infection is like nothing we have ever seen," The Grand General said with a concerned tone.

"Hmm, but I did come out unscathed after all..." Gustav stated.

The grand general was speechless for a while before he finally spoke.

"Remember we're keeping the whole situation about the infection under wraps. The world doesn't need a reason to panic right now," He said.

"I understand, how is the cure coming along?" Gustav asked.

"They will come up with something soon I'm sure," The grand general said with a tone of optimism.

"If you do figure out anything about your teacher or need to see how far the investigation is going, meet Jack. He asked me to give you this access card," The grand General said before pa.s.sing a green card to Gustav.

Gustav nodded while receiving it. He had almost forgotten that the most powerful Mixedblood on earth was currently on earth. However, he couldn't go meet him with any of the current issues.

Miss Aimee had entrusted the task to him and he couldn't risk sabotaging everything so he wanted to handle it himself.

"There are some..."

"I am not taking any missions in the meantime," Gustav cut the grand general short before he could complete his sentence.

"Oh, are you going to be training for IYSOP then?" He asked.

"I have some personal issues to handle... when I'm done I will start taking missions again or just as you mentioned, start training for IYSOP," Gustav voiced out.

"Hmm, alright then," The grand General said with a look of understanding.

Gustav had decided to state this now before the MBO began sending him on missions because now that he was out of camp, the MBO would want to make use of such a talented recruit well.


Hours later Gustav sat in his room checking out the footage playback the Sacred Jewel was showing to him.

"Good job so far... I just have to wait for Red Shadow's feedback now," Gustav said after he finished watching a sped-up playback.

"But keep watching that location," Gustav instructed the Sacred Jewel.

It disappeared back into his storage device after that.

'What do you think about this?' Gustav asked internally.

("We already know he's hatching a plan with aliens and to make sure things would go smoothly he got rid of Aimee,") The system a.n.a.lysed.

'Yeah... knowing Yung Jo as someone who has an intense desire for power we can't rule out the theory that he might be planning a kind of invasion,' Gustav said internally.

("I understand your point of view but there are so many loopholes with this theory... the earth is labelled amongst the most powerful in the universe... Outside entry without permission is impossible no matter how powerful the aliens might be. Even if they managed to get in there are alpha-ranked mixedbloods currently on earth with the power to stop any form of invasion... It doesn't seem feasible in the slightest,") The system voiced out lengthily.

'Yeah this is all factual but I think you're forgetting one thing... Yung Jo isn't stupid, he must have thought of everything you mentioned and maybe found a loophole so his plans go smoothly,' Gustav responded.

("Hmm... He might find a way to let the aliens help him in taking power from the government or something. If that happens and he gives the aliens permission to stay on earth it won't be seen as an invasion which means other planets in alliance with earth wouldn't be able to interfere anymore and help,") The system voiced out a route Yung Jo could decide to take.

"What stands in his way are the most powerful Mixedbloods... who are under the MBO... and he is within the MBO so if he did take control of the MBO he would be able to control their actions as well," Gustav said with a look of contemplation.

"Or we could be wrong and he has a different plan entirely... I guess I'll find out soon enough," Gustav muttered.

"I'll check on Miss Aimee for now," He decided while activating G.o.d Eyes.

[Life Signs Tracking Has Been Activated]


In a flash, two days had gone by. Gustav had spent this time mostly indoors channelling his bloodline and making plans.

No one had come to disturb him just like he hoped after informing the grand general of his choice the other day.

Gustav decided he would visit one of the training centres today to do an evaluation test on his strength.


His device started ringing before he left.


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