The Bloodline System - Chapter 92 - Dangerous Species

Chapter 92 - Dangerous Species

Chapter 92 - Dangerous Species

[Energy Installment has been activated]

'Oh no not again,' Gustav stared at the notification with a wary look.

The guide was about to continue his explanation when the entire engine room suddenly lit up.

The way the lights came up shocked everyone.

The tank-like structure had electric arcs running through its body for a few seconds before a purple glow coated its entire surface.

'What is going on? Didn't they say it had no power left?'

This was the question in the minds of everyone.

All of a sudden a loud mechanical voice rang in their eardrums.




Immediately those words drifted into the ears of everyone, a large cannon-like weapon pulled out from above the ceiling and a red beam of light gathered around the nozzle.

"Everyone get to the exit!" The guide shouted out with a look of panic.

Immediately everyone turned around to run, the cannon shot out the red beam.


Gustav who was still trying to stop energy installment activation saw a world of red appear in front of him.

It was insanely faster than he could react to but he subconsciously raised his arms in front of his chest in an 'X' format to block the beam.


It slammed into him with tremendous force causing his body to be catapulted backward by five hundred feet.

"Ugh!" Gustav exclaimed in pain with his body was flying backward in mid-air while the red beam covered his entire being.


Gustav's back slammed into the wall of the engine room causing a two-meter dent similar to the shape of a human to appear within.

Mist circulated from the point of impact making everyone's vision unclear.

Immediately after that beam was shot out, the engine room darkened again and the cannon lost power.


Everyone stared in the direction where Gustav was blasted to with a look of surprise, confusion, and panic.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

-"Is he dead?"

-"He's definitely dead!"

-"That wasn't a simple weapon,"

-"Isn't the spacecraft more than a thousand years old? How does it still have power?"

Voices of the students within the crowd could be heard.

Now that the engine room had lost power, they weren't leaving anymore. They were more curious about what happened to Gustav.

They stared at the guide who was currently in front of the dent and was also calling for other personnel to arrive in the engine room as soon as possible.

The students of Echelon Academy already believed that Gustav was already dead. Only Matilda had an expression of intrigue while Yuhiko had her mouth slightly opened in shock.

Everything happened way too fast. Even the guide was unable to stop what had just happened.

The guide was also a mixed-blood but there was no way he'd be able to move freely when more than a hundred students were running out of the engine room in panic.

The mist still covered everywhere so visuality was limited.

The guide reached out his hand towards the dent.

He wanted to try expanding the dent with his physical strength so the inside will be exposed and they would be able to see if Gustav was still alive or not.

"Hmm?" Before the guide's hand could touch the dent, he felt the walls beside the dent vibrate a little.

To his surprise, a face pushed itself out of the hole followed by shoulders, torso, and the rest of the human body.

"You...? Are you alright?" The guide was surprised to see Gustav come out of the hole unscathed.

The upper part of his uniform was burnt to a crisp exposing his well-toned chest and abs.

"I'm alright," Gustav said while nodding.

Internally he sighed, 'There's no point in pretending that I'm not since regeneration is automatic,'


The students were in shock after seeing Gustav come out of the hole without a single scratch except for his partly burnt uniform.

The students of Echelon Academy were even more shocked seeing this.

They questioned how possible this was in their minds but the only answer they came up with was, 'impossible!'

They felt it was impossible yet it happened right before their very eyes leaving them in confusion. Maltida on the other hand wasn't surprised. She had a look of awe but her expression did not have a single shred of surprise almost like she was expecting this.

"Look at that body, he must be a powerful mixed-blood," someone from the crowd of students voiced out.

Obviously, this person wasn't a student of Echelon Academy and it happened to be a female.

These words made the other girls stare at Gustav with a look of interest. Some of the girls had their eyes focused on Gustav's body and face. 'He's hot,' This was the thought on some of their minds especially after seeing the way he looked so uncaring even after taking that hit.

"How are you unharmed?" The guide asked.

This was also the same question on everyone's mind.

"It wasn't as powerful as it was supposed to be I guess... It's been thousands of years so it's normal for its weapons to be weak," Gustav explained.

The guard felt this explanation was very plausible but what didn't make sense to him was the fact that he sensed a lot of power in that attack earlier.

According to what he sensed, the power it radiated should be more than what kids of Gustav age would be able to handle.

He stared at Gustav with a look of suspicion.

"Are you sure you're alright?" He asked again.

"I'm fine... It was no more than a scratch because of how weak it was. It only carried a moving force, not a destructive one," Gustav said once again.

The students from Echelon Academy now had looks of understanding.

They knew it would be impossible for trash to survive such an attack if it wasn't weak.

On the surface, this was an explanation that made them feel relieved but deep down they felt that it didn't add up because even a hit like that no matter how weak was supposed to put a weakling like Gustav in a hospital.

Only the students from other schools totally believed since they had no idea that Gustav was referred to as trash.

The other personnels arrived and everything was explained to them.

They were also shocked and started inspecting the place while the students were guided out of the spacecraft.

Gustav took clothes from his storage device and changed his outfit in a secluded part of the spacecraft.

This was how their tour of the spacecraft ended.