The Bloodline System - Chapter 93 - The Ancient Market

Chapter 93 - The Ancient Market

Chapter 93 - The Ancient Market

The students were taken to another part of the city after this.

Gustav was now the topic of the day. The students within the bus kept talking about how he took the beam.

They believed it was weak just as he explained but to them it was a marvelous feat.

He captured a lot of attention with what happened earlier.

He didn't want to attract this much attention towards himself but what happened within the spacecraft was very much unexpected.

No one knew that such an ancient spacecraft actually still had power.

'If not for defense, regeneration, and energy installment, I wouldn't have survived that,' Gustav recalled the power of the beam as the bus took them to another location.

'But I also think that the security system was activated in the first place because of energy installment,' Gustav came to this conclusion because, the security system didn't power on until after energy installment activated without his permission.

Gustav recalled the entire process again.

When the beam slammed into him several notifications popped up.


[Absorbing Energy Into Hidden Gravitational Space]

[Gravitational Space Filled]

[Excess Energy Is Being Transferred]


He figured that this was the reason the rest of the power in the beam was only enough to inflict injuries on him instead of death.

His entire arm was burnt after he slammed into the wall but it was able to heal up quickly.

His defense also played a very important role.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav

-Level: 8

-Class: ?

-Exp: 82,500/150,000

-Hp: 1200/1250

-Energy: 9892800/1000


»Strength: 40

»Perception: 40

»Mental Fortitude: 40

»Agility: 40

»Speed: 57

»Bravery: 40

»Intelligence: 40

»Charm: 40

»Defence: 40

{Attributes points: 30}


He didn't feel as much pain as he felt he was supposed to even though he felt much danger from the beam when it was shot out.

He could have tried dodging the beam but he was trying to control energy installment because it gives off obvious signs that it was absorbing energy just like what happened in the bus. Due to this, he stood in the same position.

'It called me a dangerous Species... What does that even mean?' Gustav wondered before staring at the panel again.

He noticed something when checking the attributes panel for the second time.

'What's with the energy stats?'


-Energy: 9892800/1000


Gustav was surprised to see the impossible figure in front of the energy stats.

He recalled that he received a notification earlier about the excess energy being transferred somewhere.

'It looks like the excess energy was transferred to the system... This is... How is it so much?' Gustav was surprised by this.

'The energy left inside the astrobic tank was 0.0000000000273% of its original and yet it was able to give this amount of energy to both the system and my hidden gravitational space,' Gustav couldn't imagine just how much energy the astrobic tank would have contained a hundred percent. He felt hundred percent might be too overwhelming to think of since 0.0000000000273% could do this much.

'What do I do with all this excess energy and how long can it be retained?' Gustav was wondering when another notification popped up in his line of sight.

[Host has Acquired enough energy for a system upgrade]

[System will be upgraded two days from now]

[Countdown: 1day/23hrs/59 mins/59 secs]

Gustav squinted his eyes in surprise.

'The system can be upgraded?'


Two hours later the group Gustav was placed in had visited about three other places that were also seen as historical places.

One was a museum and the second was a government technology corporation within the city.

During their journeys, lots of students from other schools had initiated a conversation with Gustav and tried to get close to him but as usual, he wasn't interested in any of them.

He only exchanged conversation with a few of them. Matilda kept sticking by his side during this journey even though he tried to shake her off she would find a way to stay beside him.

She was being rather persistent and Gustav was starting to compare her with a certain girl except for the fact that the other girl didn't have an ulterior motive.

Right now they were headed to a place called the ancient market.

Just like the name suggested, it was a market but not the usual modern-day markets.

Everything sold within that market was relics of the past.

The bus arrived in front of the market which was crowded and they got down.

The ancient market was the only place for buying and selling within the city that was truly like markets of ancient times.

Gustav could see rows and columns of stalls constructed neatly around the place.

The teachers told them to follow behind as they visited stalls one at a time.

The market was so vast that Gustav felt some students would get lost here without a guide.

The teachers also told them that they could decide to buy something if they wished.

They would go from stalls to stalls observing ancient antiques. Some students who wanted to show off their wealth would decide to buy some things that they didn't need.

After a while, the teachers noticed that the students were practically causing a roadblock as they went from one stall to another so they decided to split up.

There were only two teachers that followed so they wanted to split the group in half but Gustav raised his arm to give a suggestion.

"Fifty students moving with one teacher is still a crowd so I think dividing the group into a quarter would be better," Gustav said.

"We only need to get a map of the market so two students who can read maps can lead the other two groups. We can decide on where to meet after an hour has gone by," He said concluded his explanation with this.

The teachers felt it made sense and agreed to his suggestion.

They wanted him to be one of the leaders but Gustav turned it down.

His reason for suggesting something like this in the first place was he wanted to get the chance to disengage from the group and wander on his own around the market.