The Bloodline System - Chapter 91 - Site #47

Chapter 91 - Site #47

Chapter 91 - Site #47

'He has truly changed... I can't find a single bit of cowardice in his eyes, look or manner of speaking,' Matilda was mesmerized by the way he stared at her without breaking eye contact.

"I think we both know that you're not trash... At least not anymore," She said while turning her face away.

Gustav stared at her suspiciously for a few more seconds before turning to face the window again.

"I don't know what you're talking about..." Gustav said.

"So you're going to keep playing dumb eh?" Maltida asked.

Gustav's suspiciousness towards her was raised by a notch again.

"So you're also gonna keep playing dumb by not telling me your motive for approaching me?" Gustav also questioned her.

His face was still looking aloof and calm even though he was suspicious towards her.

Yuhiko had been stealing glances at Gustav's seat which was on the left side and two rows behind.

'Why would Maltida approach him? Why are they talking to each other? What are they talking about?' Yuhiko kept turning her face towards the back to steal glances at them occasionally.

The girl beside her had noticed this her weird behavior but was scared of questioning her due to what happened earlier.

She was suspicious about everything now. The way Yuhiko acted with her due to Gustav and when she also noticed Maltida conversing with Gustav.

Gustav kept ignoring Matilda during their journey to site #47

-Fifteen minutes later

They had arrived at the coast of the city several minutes ago.

This was also the first time Gustav was seeing the sea.

He stared at the large body of blue waves that extended for miles with an astonished look.

He had only read about it and seen pictures.

Site #47 was located a few miles forward and very close to the sea.

To everyone's surprise, Site #47 was not just a place, it was structure.

They could already see a large Greyish looking spacecraft before they arrived there.

It looked like a divine entity with the way it stood proudly in position. Although it was looking aged, it still had a kind of majestic feel to it.

It was shaped to look like the body of a frog without a head and limbs but the number of technological gadgets placed on different parts made it look menacing.

It was as large as thirty soccer fields placed together. It would be impossible for them to visit every part of it if there weren't teleportation circles inside that could assist them with easy travels.

This particular location was where one of the very first spacecraft of the Slarkovs landed.

It wasn't an ordinary spacecraft like the rest.

It was the spacecraft that was used by the chief of Slarkovs which was why a lot of historical value was placed on it.

It had stopped functioning for thousands of years but it was seen as a relic of old.

This spacecraft was one of Atrihea's city's pride and joy.

The city was actually founded by the chief of the Slarkovs.

When the students were being shown different places inside the ship, they were also being told this information by the guide.

Gustav now understood why he had been seeing more mixed-bloods that had looks similar to that of Slarkovs within the hotel.

Just like Plankton city, the population of humans and Slarkovs had also thinned out but the mixed-bloods here had looks similar to Slarkovs than those in Plankton city.

In Plankton city you could hardly find a mixed-blood that had any form of resemblance with Slarkovs. Angy was a rare case. It would be hard to find others like that.

Gustav remembered seeing mixed-bloods with tentacled beards. Some with heads shaped like the mouth of a fish and others with horns like Angy.

All these traits came from the DNA of Slarkovs.

The guide took them to the lodging room which was larger than the entire seventh floor Gustav lived in back in Plankton city.

After they visited the lodging rooms he took them to the kitchen. A lot of them were surprised.

'The spacecraft has a kitchen?'

The guide noticed the look of confusion on the Student's face and explained.

"Travelling through space isn't a few hours or one-day journey. Depending on the distance it could take months or even years!"

"Travelling from the earth right now with the fastest spacecraft, to where the Slarkovs planet used to be located would take two to three months... Back then when spacecraft weren't as fast, it took the Slarkovs three years of journeying through space before they got to earth," The guide added.

It just so happened that the Slarkovs home planet was more than three galaxies away. Which meant they traveled millions of light-years before getting to earth.

Gustav was surprised that it took that long and yet Earth was said to be the closest habitable planet for the Slarkovs. What if the earth wasn't habitable and they had to journey farther?

Now he understood why having a kitchen within the spacecraft was necessary even though it still surprised him.

They moved towards the engine room next.

The engine room was also pretty large.

Even with Gustav's knowledge of technologies, there were still some things that he had never come across.

Different build-ups were connected to one another.

A cylindrical-shaped red device hung in the middle of them all. Also, they could see large square-shaped appliances that were interconnected by large wires thicker than the bodies of two human beings placed together.

"Hypothroblastic megahunter!"

"Magnetic antimatter distributor!"

Gustav kept muttering some of the items that he could recognize.

He was taking note of the way these items were used together in the engine room.

The guide stared at him with a look of surprise when he heard Gustav mentioning some of these things with accuracy but decided not to say anything.

[Analysing energy left within Astrobic tank]

Gustav suddenly saw this notification pop up when he stared at a large Greyish-looking tank-like device.

[Energy left: 0.0000000000273%]

Gustav stared at the notification with a surprised look.

'Good thing it didn't activate the other ability this time,' Gustav sighed internally in relief.

The guide was about to take them to the next location when Gustav called out to him.

"Excuse me, you said there was no energy left within the spacecraft anymore right?" Gustav asked.

"Yes, the spacecraft had become obsolete thousands of years ago after the Slarkovs descended... There's not a single drop of power left here," The guide said with a look of certainty.

"I think..." Before Gustav could complete his sentence another notification appeared in his line of sight.

[Energy Installment has been activated]

'Oh not again,'