The Bloodline System - Chapter 919: You Should Have Just Let Me Die

Chapter 919: You Should Have Just Let Me Die

Chapter 919: You Should Have Just Let Me Die

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


They reappeared in an unknown mountain region at the cliff of a seven thousand feet mountain. Gustav right hands were locked around Scientist Vic's collar area as he held him right over the edge of the cliff.

"What are you doing? Let me go!" Scientist Vic yelled out as he tried to free himself from Gustav's grasp.

Gustav's gaze remained cold as he stood unflinching and even moved a few inches forward.

"I will ask some questions and you will tell me the answers to them or the bottom of this cliff will be your grave," Gustav stated.

"Who are you?" Vic asked with a tone of confoundment.

"Did you forget the part where I said I ask the questions?" Gustav voiced out before proceeding to release his grasp from Scientist Vic cloth.


Scientist Vic eyes widened in shock as he began falling.


His loud yell echoed across the mountain area as his patient clothes flapped repeatedly due to wind.

[Gravitational Manipulation Has Been Activated]

Scientist Vic suddenly felt his body come to a stop in mid air.

His hand were already pushed out in front of him with his eyes closed but as he paused, he slowly opened them.

His face lit up with astonishment as his body began ascending.


His body arrived back in front of the cliff and he could see Gustav's right hand outstretched which meant he was obviously responsible for this.

Gustav reached out and grabbed him by the collar again before deactivating Gravitational Manipulation.

"Now I recall you're a Zulu ranked Mixedblood so I'm pretty sure you cannot survive a fall of this height," Gustav voiced out as he pulled Scientist Vic closer.

"Next time don't forget... I ask the questions," Gustav said with a low but chilling tone.

Scientist Vic swallowed breath up his lungs and let out a long breath before speaking.

"You should have just let me die," He muttered.

"Huh?" Gustav exclaimed.

"You should have just let me die... It's more tolerable than being alive," Scientist Vic voiced out once more.

'He's actually being serious,' Gustav could tell as he stared at Scientist Vic weird expression.

("He's crazy,") The system voiced in Gustav's head.

'Maybe... Or maybe he's just tired of living,' Gustav said Internally.

"If you wanted to die, why the yell? Why was your heart rate increasing by the second... Why were you afraid?" Gustav questioned while raising his left eyebrow.

"I'm only scared of the pain. Who wouldn't be when getting dropped from such a height? Why not just give me a swift painless death?" Scientist Vic suggested while shrugging his shoulders.

Gustav could surely relate to this as Scientist Vic answer made him recall old memories.

"That can surely be arranged after you answer all of my questions," Gustav responded.

-Few Minutes Later

"I don't know what you're talking about," Scientist Vic said while folding his arms.

"Oh I'm sure you do," Gustav responded.

"No I do not," Scientist Vic kept denying.

"You and I both know that you do so unless you wish to die the most painful and gruesome death you could ever imagine, tell me now," Gustav threatened as his eyes turned blood red.

"Yeah I'd prefer that than to tell you the answer to the question you're asking," Scientist Vic replied.

"So you do know then... Is it worth it?" Gustav stated before turning around and slamming Scientist Vic onto the side of the mountain.


A small tremor could be felt after the collision and cracks appeared on that side of the mountain as Scientist Vic bled from his mouth.

"Is it worth the pain and suffering I'm about to inflict on you? Is Yung Jo worth it?" Gustav asked while pulling Scientist Vic face closer to his.

"Yes and no," Scientist Vic answered.

"You see, I stand to lose a lot from telling you the reason I sabotaged the medication for the infected but of course that b.a.s.t.a.r.d isn't worth it," Scientist Vic said the first part with a slightly emotional tone while the second was laced with loathing.

Gustav noted Scientist Vic expressions as he refused to tell him anything.

"You hate him don't you?" Gustav asked.

"How did you..?" Scientist Vic had a look of surprise on his face as he questioned.

"...I'm not very discreet at hiding my distaste when I mention him, I guess," Scientist Vic answered the question by himself.

"If you hate him so much, why don't you just tell me what I need to know. I plan on killing him," Gustav revealed.

"Because he has a hold over me and telling you will jeopardize everything. I don't care about my death but I don't want the people I care about to suffer the same fate,"

The more scientist Vic spoke the more Gustav came to understand the situation.

Yung Jo was a cruel and manipulative mastermind after all. There was no way everyone that worked with him had free will to back out.

This also made Gustav recall Endric situation back then in camp.

At this point, Gustav could tell that Scientist Vic couldn't outright spill information as it would be detrimental to whatever or whoever Scientist Vic was trying to protect.

"Do you wish to tell me though?" Gustav asked.

"If you're gonna kill that b.a.s.t.a.r.d then, Yes but I can't," Scientist Vic responded while shaking his head.

"Then you don't have to say anything," Gustav stated.

"Huh?" Scientist Vic had a look of confusion on his face after hearing that.

[Mental Manipulation Has Been Activated]

"Just follow my instructions," Gustav voiced out while placing his hand on Scientist Vic's head.


About an hour later within the underwater structure, the MBO officers were still trying to find Scientist Vic and the perpetrator.


Gustav suddenly reappeared within one of the isolation room with scientist Vic.

He flung him towards the bed upon his arrival and turned around to dash out of the room.


The MBO officials that had been placed there to monitor the room, charged after Gustav.