The Bloodline System - Chapter 918: The Culprit

Chapter 918: The Culprit

Chapter 918: The Culprit

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


'Good,' Gustav said internally with a sigh of relief.

Gustav already knew why they came to draw his blood amongst many others that were here.

He could tell that they had already seen footage of where he dealt with the infected and they already suspected he was immune.

The problem was, that they still wouldn't be able to create a cure from his blood because Toxin Immunity was a system-based ability.

If it was a bloodline-based ability, his blood would most likely have an effect and might be of help. Gustav had asked the system to contaminate his bloodline since they would be conducting examinations on it.

Since it would be suspicious if Gustav forcefully refused them, this was the best course of action to prevent them from figuring out secrets from his blood or using it for any other purposes.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav's eyes zoomed across the ma.s.sive isolation s.p.a.ce. There were around thirty people here and there were other isolation s.p.a.ces too besides this.

Several MBO officers stood guard outside and Gustav could also see that there were cameras placed at different spots. This place was on complete surveillance.

Gustav lay on his bed and pulled the sheets to cover his entire body. He activated his storage device and pulled out some pillows from there.

Under the sheets, he made some arrangements and began tapping his dimensional bracelet.

In a few seconds...


A small flash of blue light barely visible appeared in Gustav's area. However it was only for an instant and even after Gustav had disappeared, the bed still looked like someone was underneath the sheets.

Gustav reappeared in the room he was given upon his arrival here.

"I probably only have around two hours... it's more than enough time," Gustav muttered as his body began transforming.

He pulled his dark MBO uniform out of his storage s.p.a.ce after his transformation and dressed up quickly.

He looked in the mirror within the bathroom and nodded in satisfaction. The face staring back at him was a mid-twenties albino guy with white hair.

Gustav proceeded to move out of the room after confirming that there was no one moving in the corridor at this moment.

'The surveillance room should be around the east area,' Gustav calculated and began making his way there.

Even after pa.s.sing several officers, he was not stopped by any of them.

Most of them were in black MBO uniforms like him which signified they had the same ranks in the MBO.

After a few minutes, Gustav arrived in front of the surveillance room and went in.

The MBO officers at this particular post questioned Gustav on his business here and he gave them a story related to how one of the higher-ups had sent him here to check on a particular timestamp within a particular area.

Gustav being a great actor, managed to convince them and they went on to give him access to one of the holographic computers displaying footage of places within the research facility.

Gustav wasted no time and checked a particular time stamp within the area where the infected were kept.


Minutes later Gustav zoomed in on a particular figure captured on the holographic monitor. It looked like nothing out of the ordinary going on in this footage but Gustav seemed to have figured something out already.

'So it was him...' Gustav said as he stared at the chocolate-skinned scientist in the footage.

It could be seen he happened to be in charge of administering the resistant drugs for the first batch of infected yesterday.

Gustav had suspected there was some four-play involved somewhere in all this but the MBO had no idea since it was a given that something like this would happen one day.

If Gustav didn't have G.o.d Eyes he wouldn't know that it's not supposed to happen this soon. Of course, he didn't have any intention of informing anyone yet since he had no proof.

'So Scientist Vic is another one of Yung Jo's p.a.w.ns...' Gustav knew Scientist Vic to be rather cool although a bit uptight like him.

He was a total mood killer most times like a depressed youth but he was also nice from what Gustav noticed in the last five days he was here. If he didn't ask Sandra for help with the sample, he would have asked Vic.

Now he realised he would have made a grave mistake if Sandra wasn't in the picture. Vic would have definitely ratted him out since he was a p.a.w.n of Yung Jo.

Gustav's eyes squinted as he stood to his feet and left the surveillance room.

Walking quickly he moved towards a part of the underwater structure and activated G.o.d Eyes.

'There...' After scanning the area he spotted his target and began walking towards the entrance of one of the isolation rooms.

He had to wear a containment suit before he was let in. Gustav wasted no time in moving towards the left side of the isolation room.

A chocolate-skinned man with a handsome face but rather uninterested expression lay on the bed Gustav just arrived in front of.

He looked like he was lost in his thoughts as he lay there while staring at the ceiling.

"You and I have things to discuss," A voice pulled him out of his reverie.

He raised his head to stare at this unknown officer in containment uniform with a look of confusion.

"Huh?" He exclaimed but Gustav didn't give him any explanation.

Instead, Gustav reached out and grabbed him.

"What are you do..." Before Scientist Vic could complete his sentence...


A flash of blue light engulfed them and they disappeared in the next instant.


The doors to the isolation room were speedily pushed open and multiple MBO officers charged in a minute after Gustav and the scientist disappeared. They seemed to have caught wind of the situation but it was too late.

Gustav was long gone with Scientist Vic.


They reappeared in an unknown mountain region at a cliff of a seven thousand feet tall mountains. Gustav's right hands were locked around Scientist Vic's throat as he held him right over the edge of the cliff.