The Bloodline System - Chapter 920: Failed Ploy

Chapter 920: Failed Ploy

Chapter 920: Failed Ploy

They had not expected him to return with the scientist as most of them thought it was a case of abduction so this scenario took them by surprise.

While they chased after Gustav, lockdown protocols were initiated once more.

However before they could surround Gustav from all areas...


He made use of the dimensional bracelet and disappeared once more.

"d.a.m.n it we lost him!" One of them voiced out after witnessing Gustav disappear in a flash of blue light.

"Why was the dimensional disruptor inactive?" Another one of them asked with a tone of annoyance.

Gustav who was the culprit was still being searched for all around meanwhile he had reappeared back in his room.

He proceeded to take off his containment suit as well as his MBO uniform before putting on his patient uniform.

He transformed back into his usual look.

'There's still time,' Gustav said internally after checking the time.

Luckily he didn't spend too much time outside the facility. He proceeded to activate the dimensional bracelet once more.


Gustav reappeared underneath his sheets within the isolation room in the next instant.

He heaved out a sigh of relief after scanning the entire area and noticing that nothing was out of place.

The MBO officers here were looking for a person that didn't exist since Gustav had taken on the appearance of another person.

Since Scientist Vic's isolation room was on the other side, Gustav didn't have any issues.

The front of this isolation room was still guarded with the same number of MBO officers that were initially here.

The door was pushed open some time later and the same scientists that took Gustav's blood earlier walked in.

'Here we go again...' Gustav sighed internally as he sat up.


The next day arrived and Gustav could be seen leaving the isolation room in his MBO uniform.

He was being escorted by a few MBO officers as he walked past the door.

The others that were still being kept here internally had dissatisfied thoughts but they couldn't say anything since Gustav was obviously favored by the MBO.

"The scientists say they still don't understand how you're unaffected but we couldn't leave our brightest recruit here," The MBO officer in orange uniform beside Gustav said with a respectful tone.

Despite being about three ranks higher than Gustav in the MBO he still spoke to Gustav with respect.

Gustav just nodded in response. He wasn't new to the a.s.s kissing anyways. Others would try to suck up to him knowing he had a bright future within the MBO based on his performance so far.

A private submarine was already waiting for Gustav at a part of the underwater structure. He already bid Sandra goodbye and some of the other scientists as well.

Gustav was still a hero to some of them here so they were glad he was being let out of isolation and wished him the very best.

They got to the submarine in a few and left the underwater base.

The orders of the MBO officers escorting Gustav was to bring him to the second base. The scientists here still couldn't find anything in Gustav's blood even after getting it multiple times.

He was not infected but also they couldn't find any special cell resisting the infection when they tried experimenting with it.

So it would forever be a mystery how Gustav managed to do all he did without getting infected.

This wasn't a new thing anyways since there were a lot of mysteries a.s.sociated with Gustav.

The MBO was curious about him despite being a part of them but they couldn't mess with him mostly because of Miss Aimee.

While on the way back, Gustav kept going through his plans for dealing with Yung Jo. Yesterday he had found out a few things from Scientist Vic.

What he did after making use of Mental Manipulation was instruct Vic to recall memories of when Yung Jo gave him the task to do.

Mental Manipulation was still a damaged bloodline so he couldn't force his way into Vic's head. This was the only way to get it done.

He was able to view Scientist Vic's memories as he recalled what had happened.

This was how Gustav realised that the whole set up for him. Yung Jo planned to get him infected after finding out he was at this research centre.

A ploy which failed since Gustav had Toxin Immunity.

According to the what he saw in Vic's memories, although Yung Jo had nothing to do with the creation of the ashy infection, he had done some experiments with it.

One of the which included the fake resistant drug that could speed up the mutation.

The main thing Gustav figured out from Scientist Vic's memories was the fact that Miss Aimee wasn't infected by the ashy fog initially.

He was the one in charge of the examination Miss Aimee was supposed to undergo and he actually conducted it but the other person working with had been given another a.s.signment that he was unaware of by Yung Jo.

The memories hinted at Miss Aimee getting infected but by a different variant of the ashy infection which was most likely created by Yung Jo.

After the incident with Miss Aimee on that day Scientist Vic had found clues of the variant but he wasn't the one who did the job.

Gustav also figured out while Scientist Vic was under Yung Jo control from one of his memories. At that point he really couldn't blame him for what he did. At least Gustav had the face of the person that was most likely involved in Miss Aimee's incident.

It was obvious that this person was working directly under Yung Jo and would have more information about what Yung Jo was up to which would aid his plans in eliminating him.

All he had to do was find the other scientist who was currently supposedly on a mission in Plankton City.

Gustav could not wait for all the formalities within the second base to be done with so he could get on with destroying Yung Jo.