The Bloodline System - Chapter 917: In Isolation

Chapter 917: In Isolation

Chapter 917: In Isolation

Not all the infected managed to break out of their cells as some of them still had the lifeless look but all others that broke out were killed since they were out of control.

All except for one... the little girl Gustav trapped with his iro silk. The scientists were glad that there was at least one of them alive that they could use as a source of research.

They needed to find out the reason why these infected suddenly developed not just consciousness but also immense strength from.

The of their cells were well reinforced and even Gustav would have a very difficult time trying to destroy it so it was no doubt that they gained high physical strength and power.

The cells could keep an Echo rank Mixedblood like Gustav and even a Kilo ranked within but Gustav would be able to escape due to the help of atomic disintegration.

The ashy fog which their bodies kept emitting had corroded the cells which made it easier for them to break out with physical force according to the footage.

The girl Gustav left alive was currently under heavy sedation and the scientists were working to discover what had switched in the infected to make them turn into that...

...Initially lifeless to bloodthirsty..

It still felt like they went from being unconscious to insanity.

Gustav was supposed to be leaving at this time but the MBO had prevented anyone from leaving.

They wanted to conduct multiple examinations on everyone present at the time of the incident to be sure no one else was infected.

Gustav was currently still undergoing some examinations. He realised his trip might have to be postponed till the next day.

So far, every examination had diagnosed him as uninfected which was surprising to the examiners as they had watched the footage of Gustav saving multiple scientists.

The one where he saved the first group was especially dumbfounding to them since he was directly exposed to the ashy gases.

How he was still cleared of infection was shocking to them.

They began wondering if he was immune as some MBO officers who didn't even get as exposed as he did were currently infected.

This was all due to the Toxin Immunity ability which was currently at maximum level. The ashy gases were considered Toxins so they were all purified despite invading Gustav's body.

It was impossible for such things to affect Gustav anymore which was a luck that other more MBO officers powerful didn't share.

However, Gustav was still kept in isolation with the others for now.

The examination being performed on the infected girl Gustav trapped earlier was to find out what had happened with them but Gustav pretty much already knew why this incident occurred.

He recalled yesterday when he visited the area where the infected were kept. Gustav was able to see with G.o.d Eyes that the resistant medication they kept admistering to them barely had any effect any more.

He could tell mutation would resume soon but had no idea when that would be. Gustav had not expected that it would lose all effectiveness this fast and cause the mutations to continue.

This was obviously what must have caused the incident as every infected that broke out of their cells were the first batch of people brought here.

The ones still in their cells with lifeless looks had come in latter than the ones who caused all the ruckus.

Although Gustav pretty much had it figured out, he was still suspicious. He felt the whole resistant drug was supposed to last longer than this.

("Yeah, I scanned them earlier. It seemed like their mutation was sped up,") The system voiced in his mind.

'What could have caused it?' Gustav asked internally.

("We can't rule out the possibility of it being man made,") The system responded.

'Hmm... I have a theory but i need to investigate,' Gustav knew he was probably right with was he was thinking but he had to confirm.

If he was right this might actually be a good thing even though it had left many dead and infected.

"Officer Crimson, how are you feeling?" A Scientist in contaiment suits voiced out as he approached Gustav.

He was accompanied by two others as they began examining Gustav who was sitting on a bed within this large isolated s.p.a.ce.

There were fabric divides by the sides which were a bit transparent, displaying multiple beds on the other ends where other MBO officers were kept as well.

This was a normal routine check and Gustav found it a bit annoying but he just played along.

"Can we get another sample of your blood?" One of the scientists asked again.

"Why? Not conducted enough examinations yet?" Gustav asked while squinting his eyes.

"Our apologies officer Crimson, its just protocol," One of them voiced out and moved towards Gustav with a syringe.

"That won't work," Gustav said while grabbing the syringe from him and stabbing it onto his skin.

It instantly broke into two halves causing them to slightly open their mouths as they didn't know he had such thick skin.

"Looks like we'll have to make use of the revector equipment," The scientist who had been questioning Gustav since voiced out.

"No need for that," Gustav said while his finger nails grew longer.

He pierced one of his fingernails into his bicep area and grabbed another syringe from the grasp of the other scientist. Stabbing it in, he drew blood and handed it over to them.

"Thank you for your cooperation Officer Crimson, we'll be back later," The scientist voiced out in appreciation and turned to leave.

"When am I gonna be free to leave here?" Gustav asked.

The scientists paused their movement and turned around to answer Gustav.

"My guess is tomorrow or the day after... it depends," The scientist responded before leaving with the other two.

"Might as well just conduct my investigation then," Gustav muttered after they left.

'Did you do it?' Gustav asked internally.

("Successfully contaminated your blood... they won't be able to use it for anything,") The system responded.