The Bloodline System - Chapter 916: Bringing The Situation Under Control

Chapter 916: Bringing The Situation Under Control

Chapter 916: Bringing The Situation Under Control

Gustav stood in place with a naked figure as he looked around. There was no trace of the infected around here, they had all been disintegrated into nothingness

[Host Internal Structure Has Been Cleared Of All Alien Toxins]

Gustav tapped on his storage device and took a pair of clothing out of there. He proceeded to wear clothes as quickly as possible.

Within the area where the scientists were trapped, they all had looks of contemplation mixed with confusion as they stared at each other.

"It ended?' One of them voiced out.

They could no longer hear sounds of battle coming from the other side.

"If a team arrived here then for sure they must have wiped out the infected but there is a risk of them getting infected," Scientist Vic voiced out.

"Nice way to bring down our hopes again Vic," Scientist Pamela stated while glaring at him.

"There's..." Just as he wanted to speak again a loud bang was heard on the metallic shutter.

Everyone's face lit up with panic-stricken expressions as the door was sent blasting forward after the loud bang.

Luckily they had all stayed a good distance away from the shutter so no one was hurt by it getting blasted away.

"Are you guys okay?" A loud masculine voice was heard next from the entry point.

"Officer Crimson?" They voiced out with shocked expressions as they recognized the figure standing in front of them.

Everyone here knew Gustav as he had come to the cell area for the infected so many times in the last four days. He also asked lots of questions about them and they had been informed that he was the Legendary Demon Queen student.

"...Erm, we're fine... thanks to you," One of the scientists said after a brief silence.

Gustav nodded as he walked forward.

"Are you okay? There was quite a number of them there," Scientist Vic asked.

"I'm fine," Gustav responded as he turned around and stomped on the ground.


The iro silk phased out of the ground and sprang forward in multiples, forming a wall behind.

The iro silk wall now replaced the destroyed shutter.

"Let's get out of here," Gustav voiced out after forming the wall.

"There's another shutter behind us, are you going to destroy that as well?" One of the scientists asked.

"No," Gustav's response made them look confused again.

He began tapping on his left wrist.

"Is that a... dimensional bracelet?" Scientist Vic voiced out as he moved closer to Gustav.

Gustav didn't respond but he could tell that he was correct. He already knew what Gustav was planning.

"It won't work with this many of us unless you go back and forth multiple times which would deplete the energy before you get every one of us out of here," Scientist Vic a.n.a.lysed.

"Way to dampen the mood again Vic, way to go," Scientist Pamela said while throwing him another intense glare.

"I'm just stating facts even officer Crims..." Before he could complete his sentence Gustav interrupted.

"Hold hands, everyone," Gustav instructed.

"What? Are we truly doing this?" Scientist Vic asked.

"Just do as I have said or I'll leave you here," Gustav threatened.

Scientist Vic quickly joined hands with the rest and Gustav proceeded to touch the shoulder of one of them while activating the dimensional bracelet.


A bright blue light engulfed all nine of them and in the next instant, they all disappeared.

Despite their numbers, it didn't take a lot of time for them to get transported out of there due to the distance from here to the destination Gustav picked.


Everyone's eyes widened as they found themselves within one of the dining areas in the next instant.

"What? How?" Scientist Vic was the most surprised because he knew a lot about dimensional bracelets.

Only a level seven dimensional bracelet was capable of this and there were only five of them created worldwide.

He couldn't believe Gustav possessed one of the five.

Sandra saw the group that had just arrived with Gustav and ran towards them. The others in the dining area too were just as surprised.

"Officer Crimson saved our lives," One of the female scientists yelled out as he hugged Sandra.

There were cries of joy and chatters in the background as some of the scientists explained what happened.

Gustav who was currently being praised by everyone around for his quick-wittedness was busy scanning around with G.o.d Eyes.

There were other places where scientists were trapped but the MBO officers had managed to save lots of them.

This was mostly a research facility so the scientists were higher in number compared to the officers.

Gustav still had two bars left for his dimensional bracelet so he wasted no time in disappearing once more to help out the others that had not been attended to yet.


Around noon, the whole situation had been brought under control and the AI deactivated the lockdown protocol, giving everyone access to free movement once more.

Although the situation had been brought under control it wasn't without casualties.

Lots of the infected that couldn't be contained were killed but they didn't go down without infecting some MBO officers.

Some MBO officers seeing what the infected turned out to become, started killing their infected colleagues.

The situation turned a lot messy before it was calmed down. Some of the MBO officers had now replaced the dead infected behind cells.

Around eighteen scientists were ma.s.sacred by the infected but close to two hundred were saved.

No one had expected this to suddenly happen so the atmosphere was a mixture of tense and joyous.

The MBO had sent a higher-up to visit this research centre to gather reports so they would understand what had caused this.

Amongst the MBO officers being praised, Gustav was praised the most. He still managed to save a few more groups of trapped scientists all by himself.

Not all of the infected managed to break out of their cells as some of them still had the lifeless look but the ones who broke out were killed since they were out of control.

All except for one... the little girl Gustav trapped with his iro silk.