The Bloodline System - Chapter 915: Erasing The Infected

Chapter 915: Erasing The Infected

Chapter 915: Erasing The Infected

The infected on the other side, pounding on the door had stopped at the last second.

Instead what they heard next were loud screeching sounds, accompanied by sounds of collision and flesh ripping.

'What is going on?' Everyone had the same thoughts running through their minds.

On the other end of the door, a figure could be seen zooming across the place and slamming the ashy-skinned humans into the walls.

On the floor, several mangled corpses could be seen scattered around. Blood was everywhere and from the looks of things, these corpses belonged to some scientists since lab coats could be seen on the bodies.

There were about seven ashy-looking figures in the vicinity. Each had unique-looking properties.

One had snake-like vines growing out of every part of his body, another had arms growing out of her back face and even her legs.

These were the infected and Gustav had seen every one of them before this. Initially, they looked lifeless but now their eyes were bloodshot.

It almost looked like they had a mind or purpose now, prior to earlier.

Gustav arrived here at the moment they were about to break down the metallic shutter barricading the scientists.

He wasted no time in heading for the closest one and bas.h.i.+ng his skull into the wall. After his presence was noticed, they all flocked towards him with extreme bloodl.u.s.t.


Gustav noticed that there was a weird stench permeating the environment so he instantly held his breath as he dashed forward.

Multiple hands swung towards him from up ahead which he managed to evade with his speed as he leapt from wall to wall in a zig-zag format.


A large atomic blade was formed in Gustav's hand as he landed right behind the infected with the numerous hands protruding from its body.


With a swing of his hand, Gustav cleanly severed his head from his body which also had two hands protruding from behind and in front.

A ball of whitish gas shot out of its decapitated neck area, causing Gustav to jump backwards instantly.

From all sides, different attacks were headed for him as the others lunged forward.

One of them shot out whitish projectiles of gas which Gustav guessed could cause someone to be infected.

[Partial Kilapisole Transformation Has Been Activated]

Gustav's body bloated a bit as he stomped the ground.

s.h.i.+kkkk! s.h.i.+kkkk! s.h.i.+kkk!

Iro silk shot out from the ground, surrounding him before stabbing and spreading outwards.


The sound of screeching filled the environment as the infected around Gustav got stabbed by gigantic spikes from the iro silk.

Some of them got stabbed into the wall, leaving ma.s.sive holes in their upper body.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

Gustav proceeded to bolt forward as he conjured up another atomic blade and went on to decapitate the rest of the infected.


Whitish fumes could be seen escaping the corpses of the infected after Gustav had finished dealing with almost all of them.

The only infected left was a little girl no older than ten years old. She had attacked initially but Gustav swatted her away like a fly by slapping her with one hand.

He dealt with the others before facing her.

Her eyes turned bloodshot as she glared at Gustav with drool dripping down her lips.


After making another screeching sound her body split into multiple clones of herself and they all lunged at Gustav.

The atomic blade in Gustav's hand disappeared as he stood in place while activating Combination.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Dash]

The girl as well as her clones all slowed down in mid-air almost like they had paused.

Gustav stared at every one of them as his eyes turned red and golden.


He leapt forward and swung his left leg towards the side.


The kick he threw out slammed into the side of the girl, sending her hurtling across the air as she flew into the cell that they were initially kept in.

The gla.s.s had been broken so it wasn't much of a cell but after performing that action, Gustav stomped his feet on the ground.


The iro silk shot out of the ground and formed a wall in front of the cell, barricading the girl within.

The other clones who had leapt forward earlier ended up grabbing thin air as Gustav had arrived behind them.

[Flesh Warping Has Been Activated]

Das.h.i.+ng forward once more Gustav grabbed the first clone.


She blasted into smithereens, causing body parts to be sent flying everywhere.

He proceeded to head towards the next, moving very quickly before any of them could react.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

For a few seconds, the sound of bodies blasting into pieces reverberated across the vicinity.

After Gustav was done, the only thing that could be heard was banging sounds coming from the cell area.

The last infected girl was trying to get out from the cell that Gustav had barricaded with Iro silk.

He reinforced it once more and looked around the place.

Some parts of his body were doused in ashy-looking particles. This was to be expected since the infected were occasionally jetting out ashy gases from their body parts.

Twitch! Twitch!

Some of the body parts that he had cut down initially began twitching all of a sudden. The corpses which he thought were corpses began making small movements as well, including the ones that have been sliced into multiple pieces.

'They're not dead...' Gustav said internally as he noticed this.

[Atomic Manipulation Has Been Activated]

A milky glow appeared in Gustav's eyes as he stretched his left hand forward.

'PURIFICATION,' Gustav said internally as a blinding milky light shot out from his palm.


The entire vicinity was blinded by the milky light and even Gustav himself was consumed by the light.

In a few seconds when the light dimmed down, every surface in the vicinity had been sc.r.a.ped off by a few feet, with the exception of the iro silk.

The corpses and every ashy fog and particle in the air had been cleared out.