The Bloodline System - Chapter 914: They Won't Get There In Time

Chapter 914: They Won't Get There In Time

Chapter 914: They Won't Get There In Time

His sight also happened to be moving towards the same area so he sped up his zooming sight.

He finally arrived at the south area which happened to also be barricaded by a metallic door.

Some people in lab coats could be seen on one end of the metallic door. They all had panicked-stricken expressions as they moved away from the metallic barricade.

Gustav couldn't hear what was going on from this distance but he could see vibrations. The metallic door was being pounded upon from the other end.

He wasted no time, making his sight zoom past the metallic door and upon arriving on the other end his eyes widened a bit in surprise.

"That's..." As he voiced out, the other MBO officers in the dining room were also receiving information on what was happening.

"A few infected broke through their cells?" One of them voiced out loudly.


-"The infected broke loose?"

-"We're all dead,"

-"The MBO is going to destroy this base if we can't get it under control,"

The entire dining area descended into chaos after hearing the yell from one of the MBO officers.

At this point, everyone pretty much understood what was happening.

The lockdown protocol was initiated due to the infected who broke out of their cells. Knowing how the infection could be pa.s.sed on upon contact with the infection, the AI installed in this base shut down everywhere to prevent them from escaping the area where they were initially kept.

At this point, Gustav had already retracted his sight and moved towards the metallic door that had trapped them in the dining area.

"Gustav!" Sandra followed after him while yelling out.

The MBO officers in the vicinity with their uniforms moved towards the doors as well.

"How do I get out there?" Gustav asked Sandra.

Just as she was about to respond, one of the officers arrived in front of the metallic door and voiced out,

"You just need to stay here. It's a safety protocol... leave the work to us that were deployed here," He said while tapping something on his badge area.


His body turned translucent and he phased throughout the metallic door.

The others around also performed the same action which made them phase through the metallic door.

"I'm guessing those are exclusive to the officers deployed here?" Gustav muttered as he watched them phase through.

"Yes, they have been well trained for situations like this," Sandra confirmed.

The additional gadget on their badge was made precisely for this kind of situation where they would be able to move with ease while the entire place was still on lockdown.

The others would be safe while the trained MBO officers would go on to take care of the situation without disturbance.

"They won't get there in time," Gustav said as he touched the door.

"Huh?" Sandra voiced out with a look of confusion.

From what Gustav saw, the infected already spread out so the MBO officers would be hindered in multiple areas before they got to the scientists that were trapped in between two metallic shutters.

He proceeded to tap his left wrist.


A blue bracelet appeared on his wrist in the next instant and he tapped the surface a few more times.

Sandra was still at loss as to what Gustav was up to but before she could ask again...


Gustav disappeared amid a flash of blue light.

"Was that a dimensional bracelet?" She muttered with a slightly surprised look.



Gustav reappeared in his room and quickly moved towards the door. He had initially marked this particular location as a checkpoint.

Luckily his room happened to be situated in the south area so he would only need to pa.s.s through one metallic door to arrive at the other end of the metallic shutter where the scientists were being cooped up.


Gustav noticed that his room door had been locked by the AI as well not letting him have any access to it currently.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He threw his fist at the door a few times, causing it to get blasted from the wall. It pulled out multiple metallic connectors from the walls along with it.

Gustav wasted no time in das.h.i.+ng across the corridor.


"They said,they're on their way ," Within a darkened s.p.a.ce where red lights kept blinking a panic-stricken feminine voice was heard.

"We'll be dead before they arrive here," A masculine voice was heard next.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The ma.s.sive metallic shutter in front of them kept getting pounded forcefully. The scientists knew it was very powerful and crafted with special materials to add to its toughness but currently, it had a large dent.

The dent kept on increasing and even the walls by the side began to develop cracks.

"By my estimation, this will only hold for twenty more seconds... After that we'll all be dead," A relatively calm male voice was heard next.

"Very encouraging estimations Vic, very encouraging," A lady stated while glaring at the person who had just spoken.

"What? I'm only being real Pamela, I'm sure you all know," Vic said while shrugging his shoulders.

Everyone sighed after hearing that. They were all intelligent scientists after all so, of course, they knew.

Scientist Vic was just killing off the little hope they had with his bluntness.

The scientists trapped here were around eight in number.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The dent kept increasing in size as the seconds pa.s.sed and at a point, a small hole appeared on the metallic shutter where they could see a little bit of the other side.

"A bloodbath already happened on the other side and we're next..." Scientist Vic voiced out once more as he began to count down.





"See you in the next life, everyone,"

The instant when everyone expected the wall to be blasted down didn't happen.

The infected on the other side, pounding on the door had stopped at the last second.

Instead what they heard next were loud screeching sounds, accompanied by sounds of collision and flesh ripping.