The Bloodline System - Chapter 913: Lockdown Protocols Initiated

Chapter 913: Lockdown Protocols Initiated

Chapter 913: Lockdown Protocols Initiated

"Tons of theories began to appear in Gustav's mind but one thing he knew for sure was that, whatever Yung Jo was planning it was definitely something big and crazy.

"Where is this door is located within Plankton City?" Gustav questioned the Sacred Jewel.

The footage began to zoom out, extending upwards for a few seconds until it finally displayed a particular location in Plankton City.


Just like that, the entire night went by and the next morning arrived.

Today made it the fifth day Gustav had been in this MBO research facility/base.

He was awake throughout the night after giving the Sacred Jewel another surveillance task at a new location.

He spent the night strategizing for his next objective which happened to be in line with completing a one-year quest.


[Successfully Infiltrate The Bureau Of Cities Research Center and get Scientist Zil's confiscated research]


Gustav had to deal with this as well as the Yung Jo situation. He had begun planning the infiltration a long time ago so he was just concluding on how he would go about it.

Getting the rest of Sir Zil's research was just as important as dealing with Yung Jo since they both had connections with the endangerment of the earth.

However, Gustav had decided he would deal with Yung Jo's situation first since there were still four months left before the timer for the one-year quest would be done.

He would be leaving for the second base later today but he had decided to stick around this research facility for the rest of the morning.

After a few more hours indoors,Gustav moved out of his room to go have breakfast in one of the underwater facility dining areas.

There were close to a hundred people within this particular dining area, all ranging from MBO officers to scientists that work down here.

Gustav headed towards the counter and made his order. Food was free for all but Gustav couldn't have his lavish way of eating due to that.

The food offered was rationed and to a certain extent, the quant.i.ty was good but not enough for Gustav.

He just took his tray back to a corner of the dining area and sat. The place was a bit loud due to people sitting with one another and having convos while eating. Just the usual sight.

After digging in for a bit at an empty table, a lady in brownish cargo pants and a green tank top approached Gustav's table.

She placed her tray right in front of his and sat opposite him.

"I got it," She voiced out after taking her seat.

Gustav continued eating for a bit before dropping the spoon in his hand.

"Don't act suspicious, just pa.s.s it over," Gustav voiced out in a low tone as he reached out to grab the water beside him.

"Do you know how much trouble I went through just to get a sample?" She said while pa.s.sing a cylindrical shaped finger-sized item to Gustav's tray.

Gustav stared at the item for a brief moment while activating G.o.d Eyes.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

His eyes glowed for a bit before he subtly nodded and deactivated G.o.d Eyes.

"Your effort is much appreciated... how much do you want for it Sandra?" Gustav asked.

"Money? Nah that's useless to me," The beautiful lady with green and reddish coloured hair responded with a light scoff.

"Oh? So what do you want in return then?" Gustav asked while making the item disappear into his storage device.

"You owe me a favour and I will be cas.h.i.+ng that in, in the nearest future," She stated while taking a spoonful of food.

"Hmm alright then, so long as it is in my power I'll do what I can when the time comes," Gustav responded.

"Good," Sandra said after swallowing down food.

Sandra was an MBO research a.n.a.lyst who worked with a team of scientists trying to create a cure for the ashy infection.

Gustav had met with her and the other scientists on the first day he arrived here. He asked directly from them about the day Miss Aimee came down here for a test.

They had described how the event went down

Knowing who Gustav was as well as his accomplishments and the fact that he was the student of Miss Aimee.

They were all respectful and gave him access to practically everything.

The only thing he asked for which they didn't give was a sample of the ashy fog.

They said it couldn't be moved and even if a higher-up from the MBO wanted to see it, they would have to come here personally.

Sandra chatted with Gustav the most amongst all of them so he approached her to help him acquire the sample secretly.

"What do you even need that for," She asked.

"Something important..." Gustav answered cryptically as usual which was reacted to with a scoff by Sandra.

"Just be careful... If any breakouts happen, I'll have you to blame," She stated.

"Hmm, no wo..." Before Gustav could complete his sentence...

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Emergency! Lockdown protocols initiated!

Emergency! Lockdown protocols initiated!

Emergency! Lockdown protocols initiated!

Alarms began to go off crazily as the feminine voice of an AI reverberated across the underwater structure.


-"What's going on?"

Loud and concerned voices could be heard in the dining area as people jumped to their feet with troubled expressions.

Gustav also stood to his feet at this point along with Sandra as they looked around.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The loud sound of metallic doors slamming down could be heard.

"Could they have found out?" Gustav asked.

"No, this is definitely something different," Sandra replied as she instantly understood what Gustav meant.


Before anyone could leave, a metallic door slammed down at the entrance area, trapping them within.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated G.o.d Eyes causing his sight to phase through the mettalic doors.

This part of the underwater facility was quite close to the far east area. Gustav first thought was to gaze towards the south area.

His sight travelled past quite a few metallic doors and he also spotted a few MBO officers in uniforms moving towards a particular area swiftly with troubled expressions.