The Bloodline System - Chapter 912: The System's Return

Chapter 912: The System's Return

Chapter 912: The System's Return

Gustav moved in and found himself in a large room with a ma.s.sive gla.s.s wall behind. Beyond the transparent gla.s.s, an oceanic underwater view could be seen.

There were lots of floating reefs, aquatic animals swimming by and seamounts in the distance. It was truly a beautiful sight.

Gustav moved towards the side and sat on his bed.


A circular shaped head sized orb appeared in his line of sight in the next moment.

"You have something for me?" Gustav voiced out as he stared at the transparent orb.

The light within flickered twice as if telling Gustav it did.

The body of the transparent orb transformed and began to display a footage. This footage showed a young man with slanted sharp eyes clad in a blue business suit. This was obviously Yung Jo and he was in what looked like a board room

The footage was fast forwarded and in the next instant, he was in his office holding another private meeting. The footage changed and he was dressed in another business suit but this was a different time and day.

The footage kept on changing repeatedly and fast forwarding showing different days and different activities Yung Jo engaged in daily within his father's industry.

At this point, Gustav understood that the sacred orb just happened to be showing him its observation over the past two weeks. It probably wanted Gustav to take note of something.

After a few more minutes the two weeks' footage ended.

"Hmm, in the last two weeks there have been a few suspicious constants," Gustav mumbled as parts of the footage replayed in his mind.

Gustav had noted that Yung Jo left his office at odd hours when a particular a.s.sociate arrived at his office. Besides this, at occasional hours he would be in a video call with a strange figure that also spoke a strange language.

Gustav had noticed he had that video call twice a week for the past two weeks and he already had one this week again. Gustav held his chin as he tried piecing a few things together for some seconds.

A particular scene from one of the footage appeared in his mind at this moment.

"Playback scene 09:47:23," Gustav instructed.

The sacred jewel gleamed with a white glow before the surface of its body began displaying a particular scene.

"Pause... zoom in on the office table," Gustav instructed once more.

The footage was zoomed in just as Gustav instructed and what could be seen was a weird-looking logo on a side of the holographic video call Yung Jo was on.

It was only displayed for an instant and nearly completely blotted out by the figure on the other end of the call but Gustav was able to spot it.

His gut told him this weird-looking logo might be a clue.


"Cross reference that logo and search every part of Plankton city... let's see if there is any place that uses it," Gustav instructed the orb.

The sacred orb gleamed once more with a bright light and began blinking repeatedly.

("Don't waste your time,") The system suddenly voiced in his head.

"You're back," Gustav stated with a surprised expression the instant he heard the voice of the system.

("Yes,") The system responded bluntly.

"Took you long enough," Gustav mumbled like he held a grudge.

("Try being me, then you'd understand,") The system replied.

"How is being you a big deal?" Gustav asked while rolling his eyes.

("Why don't you become me and find out then dummy,") The system hissed.

"Stop being a pain in my a.s.s and tell me what you mean by I shouldn't waste my time?" Gustav voiced out with a tone of curiosity.

("No,") The system stated with a tone.

"What do you mean by no?" Gustav questioned while furrowing his eyebrows.

("I'm not telling you,") The system replied.

"Oi Oi Oi now is not the time to mess around. Tell me why," Gustav said with a slightly annoyed tone.

("No, I'm not telling you...") The system adamantly responded.

Gustav; "__"

Reddish rays of light burst forth from Gustav's eyes and in the next moment, a projection of a cute-looking girl in a long red gown appeared in front of him.

"You don't appreciate me enough," The system voiced out with a pout and folded her arms with a look of stubbornness.

"When did you start needing appreciation? You're a computerized existence," Gustav said with a slightly disgusted look.

"Keep that up and I'll keep my mouth shut," The system said with a hmph.

'What's wrong with her?' Gustav wondered internally.

"I heard that." She said while giving Gustav a knowing glare.

"Okay okay, you win..." Gustav said with a defeated expression.

"Say the words," The system stated while still folding her arms.

"...Sorry... and th... thank you," Gustav looked like it took a lot for him to say those words.

"A little blunt but I'll accept it," She said as the red rays of light receded into Gustav's eyes and everything went back to normal.

Gustav heaved a sigh of relief glad that the small banter was over even though he had no idea what had come over the system.

("That logo is of alien origin,") The system stated the reason it told Gustav not to waste his time.

"Oh," Gustav mumbled as he held his chin with a contemplative look.

("You won't find it anywhere on this planet,") Just as the system finished speaking the glow on the sacred jewel blinked two last times before stopping.

The footage of a large door with the alien logo appeared on its surface.

Gustav stared at it with a suspicious look as he voiced out, "What did you say about not finding it anywhere on this planet?"

("...It's not supposed to be anywhere on this planet... that's an archaic Mendologa planet writing,") The system said with a tone of confusion and disbelief.

Gustav knew the system was way more knowledgeable than anyone on earth so he was sure it knew what it was talking about. Which made this whole situation look extremely suspicious as this logo was somewhere on a door within Plankton city.