The Bloodline System - Chapter 911: Conducting Investigations On The Ashy Infection

Chapter 911: Conducting Investigations On The Ashy Infection

Chapter 911: Conducting Investigations On The Ashy Infection

He had submitted his report but he was still asked to visit the second base to receive his accolades. As the mission had gone from a five-star mission to a seven-star mission.

The Vertigon family as well gave their reviews on Gustav's performance as well as a narration that confirmed the authenticity of Gustav's reports. This was yet another big achievement on Gustav's record and he was the first final year cadet to complete a seven-star mission when some hadn't even completed a five-star.

Gustav had no idea what the rewards were going to be for him completing this mission but he wasn't too concerned about it. Right now he was more focused on the reason he came here which was because of Miss Aimee.

This happened to be the same location where miss Aimee was last seen by anyone. This was the same research facility and base where miss Aimee was to be tested for whether she was infected by the grey toxin that she saved a city from.

So far, Gustav had been able to make some findings. Only he knew that miss Aimee had to leave earth because of what Yung Jo did to her but since she was here at the time earth started to become unconducive for her, he felt there may be a connection to this research facility or the case she dealt with, saving an entire city.

Currently, Gustav stood in front of a gla.s.s wall that barricaded a group of people all having weird body features.

A girl had greyish tentacles growing from her neck area and her entire face had turned ashen. An adult male had faced growing out of his arms and chest. He even had a face growing behind his bald head. One of them had developed six pairs of legs each breeding spikes that had some weird liquid dripping from their tips.

Besides the unsightly mutations, they all shared two things in common. Their faces were ashen and they looked pretty lifeless only reacting to sound.

According to the information Gustav had been given, these were civilians who were initially dwelling in the city of the ashy fog outbreak.

He had found out about the fog explosion and how miss Aimee managed to save the city but they had no idea some of the citizens had been infected. Miss Aimee herself was presumed infected but Gustav knew very well that was impossible.

It was miss Aimee after all and he had gotten the footage that confirmed Yung Jo was to blame so he only had to figure out right now if Yung Jo was connected to this or not.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Deactivated]

'Looks like the resistance won't hold for long The mutation process will continue soon,' Gustav said internally after noting what he had seen.

The scientists who had been working on this case for several months had stated that there was no cure for this infection. They had only come up with a drug that could stall the mutation.

According to them, the infection rewrites the D.N.A of a person and they began to mutate which was what happened to the ones on the other side of this gla.s.s wall.

The resistant drug was administered to them daily to stall the mutation but the scientists knew well that the drug would not work forever. Which was why they were working day and night to create a cure.

While Gustav had a theory that miss Aimee could have been infected and underwent mutation, He also knew very well just how powerful miss Aimee was. He didn't believe she would just be bested like that so he was sure that even if she was infected, it didn't come from the time she saved the city.

This is the part where it made sense that Yung Jo plotted against her and somewhat found a way to infect her or something. Either way, Gustav couldn't rule out miss Aimee being infected which was why he had been studying the infected for the pastfew days.

"I have seen all the mutations and so far there is none that stops the planet from being conducive for a person," Gustav muttered as he held his chin in contemplation.

Gustav recalled the footage and noted once more that miss Aimee's face did seem a bit ashen but unlike the ones here it wasn't all that obvious and if she hadn't undergone complete mutation, how is it that a big effect such as the atmosphere of the earth being unconducive happened instantly.

Also, the others seemed lifeless like they were not all there but miss Aimee's personality was very much okay. She even managed to put that footage together before leaving.

These were the type of things that made it unclear to Gustav whether or not miss Aimee was infected with the same ashy infection.

There were over a thousand infected people who were being kept in this underwater research facility and Gustav had inspected all of them so he could piece things together.

According to the scientists, the MBO had been rounding up infected people for months and there were still so many that were a.s.sumed infected. The infection could be pa.s.sed through different methods, airborne included.

They had created a device that could be used to detect those who were infected which had really helped a lot. However, the resistant drug was starting to become ineffective to the first batch of infected.

It wouldn't be long before it stopped working and no one had an idea of what would happen when a person's D.N.A underwent a complete transformation due to this ashy fog.

After making a few more observations, Gustav headed towards the area where he was given accommodation.

"Officer Crimson,"

"Officer Crimson,"

The scientists and officers he pa.s.sed by greeted him with respect. He nodded back at them as he kept walking and arrived in front of a door that resembled that of a bunker door.


The handle in front of the ma.s.sive metallic door turned anti-clockwise and made a low hissing sound before s.h.i.+fting to the side.