The Bloodline System - Chapter 910: Madam Lilian Suspicious Situation

Chapter 910: Madam Lilian Suspicious Situation

Chapter 910: Madam Lilian Suspicious Situation

"Thanks, man!!!" Stark yelled out again just before the entrance to the jet closed up.

"It's time to go," Gustav voiced out as he strapped himself in.


The engine lit up and in a few moments the private jet zoomed off into the sky.

After a few moments, the Vertigon family went back into the main residence to resume their preparation for the ceremony.


It was almost noon at this time and everyone had gathered in the ma.s.sive yard where the ceremony would be taking place.

The Vertigons as well as other people residing on the island had gathered at the location, ready for the inauguration of the new family head.

There was a ma.s.sive spherical-shaped structure in the sky gleaming with golden rays.

There was an isle well decorated that led to a platform where two main Vertigon family members stood on both sides.

As the ceremony was about to begin, the only person missing was the current acting head of the main family.

Stark was still hidden behind the curtains as he wasn't supposed to make an appearance until a particular point during the ceremony.

However, Madam Lilian had to be present from the onset or the ceremony would not hold.

"She's running late... Where is she?" Uncle Bila asked another main family member.

"Last I remember she was heading for the dungeon," The family member responded.


In the dungeon-like area where all the cult members were kept, the entrance of a particular section secluded from the rest was wide open.

A female figure stood in front of the only cell within that structure. She had dark skin with beautiful long white hair.

She shared similar facial features with Stark and had smooth dark skin despite being a middle-aged woman.

"What are you talking about?" She asked with a look of confusion.

"Have I not made it clear to you by now? Madam Lilian," A voice resounded from the other side.

Within the cell, a white and yellow-haired man with his upper body bare could be seen restrained in a particular way.

He had a backward c-shaped scar on his forehead.

Both hands were spread apart and bounded by a circular floating silver mechanical device. Same with his legs as well.

This was the leader of the Satori cult. The one known as The master who was one of the sons of the family head that died over a decade ago and was in charge of the underwater projects during his lifetime.

"I don't understand how what you're saying is possible?" Madam Lilian voiced out once more.

"You are the one who gave me access to the main family vault I would never have been able to steal the Emblem if not for your a.s.sistance." He said while a creepy smile appeared on his face.

"Rubbish. Do you expect me to believe this? How stupid do you think I am? Not only do I have no recollection of ever being in contact with you, but I also would never do something so stupid that would jeopardize the family," Madam Lilian voiced out with a strong tone.

"Hahaha, self-righteous Madam... this was all intentional. You asked me to wipe your memory so you wouldn't give off an ounce of suspicion when investigations began," The master voiced out.

"This was also our undoing as I couldn't ask you for anything else or get information about this MBO officer sent here to investigate," He added.

"That is impossible, I would never help the likes of you," Madam Lilian kept denying as she couldn't see herself helping such people at all.

"Think about it... how else could anyone besides the main members of the family access the vault? And don't say it could have been someone else because it was you," The master voiced out once more.

"You did not want your son to become the family head and I have no idea what else you were up to but you asked me to erase your memory... If you wish to remember all you have to do is give me a little access to my abilities so I make you remember," He suggested.

"No!" Madam Lilian voiced out and turned around.

"You will all die today and take these rubbish accusations to the grave with you," She left the instant after saying this, not giving the master any more chances to speak.

"Sister," She heard someone call out to her the instant she arrived at the dungeon corridor.

"Bila?" She voiced out as she stared at the masculine figure heading toward her.

"It's about to begin, what are you doing here?" Uncle Bila asked with a slightly suspicious expression.

"Giving the inmates a last chance at redemption. Obviously, they have all been brainwashed with by this so-called cult except for that one soul," She voiced out before walking past him.

Uncle Bila gave the area she was coming from a glance before following after her.

"Make sure their mouths are restrained as well before bringing them to the surface," Madam Lillian commanded.

The guards by the sides nodded in response after hearing that. Uncle Bila caught up with her and they both headed to the surface together.

The ceremony went on without a hitch as madam Lillian arrived on the surface with Uncle Bila.

After some time Stark was called out. As he walked across the aisle towards the stairs that led to the exalted platform high above. Amid the cheers and yells of adoration from the people, he looked to the skies and made a decision.

'We will meet again Gustav... very soon,' He stated internally.



Three days had gone by in a flash and Gustav was currently within one of the bases of the MBO. He had been here since he returned from his two weeks Vertigon mission. This Base happened to be located underwater in an unknown region of the world.

Gustav could have decided to report to any base after completing his mission but he chose this particular one for a reason. Not just any MBO officer was allowed access to this base because it was mostly a medical mixedblood research facility but luckily, Gustav was allowed entry.