The Bloodline System - Chapter 909: Family Head Ceremony And Departure

Chapter 909: Family Head Ceremony And Departure

Chapter 909: Family Head Ceremony And Departure

"Yeah disarm... Severe his arms," Gustav said brutally with an unbothered look.

Everyone stared at him with inexplicable expressions as they had not expected Gustav to actually mean separating the Master's arms from his shoulders.

The meeting lasted for a few more minutes before Gustav and Viltru headed toward the hangar area.

A private jet was awaiting after all the plans had been put in place. A few Vertigon troops who were going to handle transporting the master back followed after them.


-The Next Day

The night pa.s.sed in a flash and the next morning arrived. The entire island was busting with Life and excitement this morning as every organisation/business center shut down for the day.

Today was the day when the next family head would be picked after Madam Lilian had remained the acting family head for almost eight years.

Everyone was excited that a real family head who could fuse with the Emblem would be picked.

One of the reasons the Vertigon was labelled amongst the most powerful families in the world was because of the emblem.

Now that it would be fused with the family head once more their strength as a top three family would be restored.

Even if Stark was still a Falcon-ranked mixedblood, fusing with the emblem would increase his strength by a whole lot and add some unique abilities to the fray.

The ceremony would be held at noon and every resident of the island was allowed to attend regardless of whether they were Vertigons or not.

It has been termed a public holiday and there were lots of decorations in different parts of the city with Stark's face plastered across the place as well.

The media sang his praises and mentioned his accomplishments as well as some other things about him.

At the moment Gustav was in the hangar area clad in a red jacket with his MBO sigil on his left chest area.

He recalled how last night went well and a small smirk appeared on his face.

After arriving in the city, he activated Life Signs Tracking and was instantly able to pinpoint the Master's exact location.

He gave Viltru the location and Viltru went on to capture the Master. Everything had gone according to plan and Viltru disarmed The Master just as he instructed preventing him from escaping.

It was impossible for the master to win in a battle against Viltru who was an Alpha-ranked Mixedblood. No matter how strong he was he wouldn't even be able to leave a single injury on Viltru's body which was why his only option was to run which was taken away from him as well.

Viltru captured the Master that night and they arrived back at the island by midnight.

The whole mission went so well, that Gustav was a bit worried he might have missed something.

There was always a twist or a sudden occurrence that would somehow throw things out of balance but this time it wasn't so.

Gustav helped to free the cult member who gave him the information and left the Vertigons to deal with the others however they liked.

The one last thing that baffled him was how the Satori got the Emblem in the first place. Both former family branch heads who were now prisoners had given an explanation but it still seemed a bit sketchy to Gustav.

Anyways all that was done now and all the people involved had been captured, Gustav had left everything else to the Vertigons. He was done with this case.

Currently, the main family members were gathered around him as they wished him safe travels and thanked him for everything so far.

Gustav reacted to their farewells positively as he felt his time here wasn't actually bad.

He had been here for about a week and a half now. It made him glad that he completed the mission in such a short time frame so he could go back to dealing with his own matters since he won't be sent on another mission anytime soon.

"Thank you so much, Gustav," Stark voiced out as he hugged Gustav.

"You saved my life," He added with a look of grat.i.tude.

"Nah he wouldn't have killed you," Gustav chuckled lightly as he hinted at the master.

"You still saved my life. He would have killed me after getting what he wanted anyway," Stark said while tapping Gustav's shoulder.

"That wou..."

"Just accept my grat.i.tude Gustav haha," Stark broke into laughter after cutting Gustav short.

"Sure, you're welcome... family head," Gustav said with a smile.

"Oh don't taunt me, my days are about to get very stressful," Stark said with a look of tiredness.

Gustav couldn't imagine what it was going to be like leading such a large family but he was glad he had no idea.

Stark was currently in a golden and silver patterned ceremonial outfit. There were several gems placed on the outfit. His figure gleamed with a majestic aura.

Everyone was dressed up in ceremonial outfits as well except for Gustav. Stark was just way more dressed since he was going to be the head of the family.

"Can't you stay till after my ceremony?" Stark asked for the umpteenth time.

"Sorry, I have very important matters to attend to," Gustav gave him the same reply as before.

"*sigh* at least I tried," Stark voiced out with a defeated look.

"You're going to do great," Gustav said as he patted Stark's shoulder twice.

"It's time for me to go now," Gustav said as he started walking towards the private jet parked by the side.

Everyone was here Including Madam Lilian.

"If you ever need anything, contact me," Stark voiced out.

Gustav paused his steps for a moment and turned around.

"I have an idea for your problem," Gustav stated.

Everyone had looks of confusion after hearing that and stared at both of them waiting for one person to break the silence.

[Mental Manipulation Has Been Activated]

Unbeknownst to them, Gustav was pa.s.sing information to Stark through Mental Manipulation so no one would hear what he had to say.

"Oh," Stark exclaimed as a smile appeared on his face.

"Bye now," Gustav voiced out as he made his way into the private jet.