The Bloodline System - Chapter 908: Disarm Him

Chapter 908: Disarm Him

Chapter 908: Disarm Him

"Give me access," Gustav said to both of them.

"Are you sure?" Madam Cilora asked.

"As you can see, it's perfectly safe," Gustav responded.

They still couldn't believe Gustav could use bloodline abilities while within the cells but they had seen it with their two eyes. Even right now he was using an ability that they had no idea about which had them wondering if Gustav had multiple bloodlines.

Gustav just wanted to be over and done with this mission as soon as possible so he could get back to his issues. This was why he wanted to make sure all cult members were caught and accounted for, leaving no loopholes behind.

They gave Gustav access to this cell as well and he went on to do the same thing he did with Tridistle and Kotario.

As this yielded no fruit as well Gustav went on to visit the next cell and then the next and then the next. He wasn't going to stop until he had interrogated all 200+ of them or someone was able to give him a hint as to where the place was located.

At this point, Madam Cilora and Uncle Bila already understood that Gustav must have been showing these cult members mind imagery of how the place looked.

Gustav was doing this with the damaged bloodline,mental manipulation.

Although mental manipulation was damaged it could at least let Gustav speak to a person's mind and show them images. He couldn't use it to control anyone or read anyone's mind but at the very least he could do this.

Close to three hours later Gustav was almost done interrogating all of them and still hadn't found anyone familiar with this place.

Arriving at the second to the last cell which was occupied by a young guy no older than twenty Gustav got down to work again.

These cult members who were considerably younger than the rest had a frightened look all through haven been amongst those who were in the same location where the master nearly abducted Stark.

He had seen Gustav's prowess and became really frightened of him despite them almost being age mates.

"Does this place look familiar to you?" Gustav asked again not caring that this inmate was way more frightened of him than the others.

In fact, he felt it was to his advantage.

"N...o i-i-itdoe-sn't lo...ok fam-iliar at all," He said with a cracking voice.

"Are you sure?" Gustav asked once more which the cult members replied affirmatively.

Gustav was disappointed that this was going to be another bust. He threatened the cult member again, despite him knowing that he was saying the truth and as expected the place didn't look familiar to him.

Just as Gustav was about to deactivate Mental Manipulation, The master finally moved. This caused the view to change a little as it seemed like he turned around to face a part of this environment that was initially being backed.

"Wait," The cult member suddenly voiced out before Gustav let him go.

"What is it?" Gustav asked.

"That mark..." The cult member said.

"The one on the wall?" Gustav questioned once more.

"Yes... "

"Okay, what about it? Isn't it just a gash on the wall?"

"I don't believe so... I've seen it before,"


"On the database of the tower... it was a saved imagery and it looked like it meant nothing,"

"Hmm, so any clues as to where this place might be located from that?"

"I don't know if this is a clue but... I did see the file name was saved as the name of a city,"

"A city? What is the name?"


At this point, Gustav deactivated Life Signs Tracking as well as Mental Manipulation making their view return to normal.

"Are you sure?" Gustav asked again for confirmation.

"Yes I believe so," The cult member responded.

Gustav proceeded to turn around to leave but then the cult member grabbed him by the leg.

Gustav didn't sense any hostility so he slowly turned around. He noticed the cult member was on his knees.

"Please, I was forced to join... I never wanted to have anything to do with them in the first place, please help me," He voiced out with a pleading expression.

Gustav stared at him and could sense sincerity but he didn't want to get into this right now.

"When I confirm that you have been helpful, I'll come back and listen to what you have to say," Gustav said while proceeding to turn around to leave again.

The inmate had a new hopeful expression on his face as the initial despair subsided.

"I have a lead," Gustav said as he came out of the cell.

Uncle Bila and Madam Cilora stared at each other once more in amazement at Gustav's act.

They proceeded to leave the dungeon-like area and went on to fill Madam Lilian in on the current development of things.

At this point, it was already late in the evening but the main family began planning another important mission.

The mission was to capture the leader of the Satori.

It wouldn't be much of a stress so long as Viltru was the one doing the capturing, they only needed to find his precise location.

Ma.r.s.eles was a city thirteen thousand miles toward the southeast. It wasn't very large but it was known to have a lot of underground structures due to the mining activities that occurred in the city.

"Are you sure you will be able to pinpoint his location the moment we arrive in the city?" Viltru asked.

They were currently conducting a meeting in one of the studies with a few main family members, Madam Lilian included.

"Sure, it's best we get there as soon as possible before he changes location he could still use whatever he means he used earlier to travel halfway across the world so it's best to disarm him as soon as you're in contact with him," Gustav voiced out lengthily.

He wouldn't be doing any fighting this time and he saw no need to do so.

"Disarm?" Viltru asked.