The Bloodline System - Chapter 907: Finding The Master

Chapter 907: Finding The Master

Chapter 907: Finding The Master

Both prisoners stared at him with inexplicable looks.

"Were you the one in charge of this operation the whole time?" Tridistle asked while properly a.n.a.lysing Gustav's features.

He had noticed how the two main members of the family spoke to Gustav with respect.

"That doesn't matter," Gustav said while walking toward them.

"That means it's you then... you were the one that caused me to pa.s.s out on that fateful night... you've been watching for longer than we knew," Kotario's face lit up in actualisation as he voiced out.

The main family keeping things under wraps had truly left the enemies without any idea that an MBO officer was already investigating the case.

While it looked like it was a good thing for them that it wasn't revealed to the entire family that the Emblem had been stolen it actually wasn't.

This blinded their access to information as they had no idea about Gustav's presence in the city.

They still thought that the main family was investigating by themselves which they felt would lead to a dead end anyway.

Kotario and Tridistle couldn't believe their demise came from this young man in front of them who looked no older than nineteen years of age.

"What does it matter now," Gustav scoffed as he stood in front of them.

Kotario and Tridistle turned to stare at each other for a moment before making an eye gesture. Both their faces hardened up as they suddenly jumped to their feet.

Kotario grabbed Gustav by both hands and held him in place while Tridistle grabbed his throat with a threatening gaze.

Madam Cilora and Uncle Bila were instantly alarmed as this happened.

They moved quickly towards the cell but Tridistle yell was heard next.

"If you move a muscle I will snap his neck instantly," He voiced out with a villainous tone.

They paused in their tracks after hearing that while looking up ahead with troubled expressions.

"Hahaha, what did you think would happen... we are like humans in this cell with our bloodlines sealed... weak," Kotario stated while laughing.

"Now it's just three ordinary men in a cell and of course, both of us will easily overpower this MBO officer," Tridistle added.

"Let him go," Uncle Bila voiced out.

"No, he is now our ticket out of here if you..." Tridistle was still speaking when Gustav cut him off.

"Wrong move," He voiced out.


Tridistle exclaimed with a look of confusion but in the next moment, Gustav pulled his arms out of Kotario's hold and swung his palm sideways.


A devastating slap landed on Tridistle face sending him cras.h.i.+ng towards the wall.

"What?" Kotario voiced out with a look of shock and quickly tried to attack Gustav.


Gustav slapped his wrist away with the back of his left palm and proceeded to swing his palm towards the right afterwards.


Another crispy slap rang out as Kotario was sent spiralling towards the wall as well.


He slammed into the wall and fell to Tridistle side.

Gustav turned around to face Madam Cilora and Uncle Bila who had astonished looks on their faces.

He gave them a look of 'I told you I could handle it' and proceeded to turn back around before he started walking towards both prisoners sprawled out on the ground.

Both of them were left standing there with looks of disbelief and shock as the thought, 'How?' ran through their minds.

Gustav arrived in front of Tridistle and picked him up with a single hand.

"You first, you're going to tell me if you find this place familiar," Gustav voiced out before placing his left hand on Tridistle's head.

"What place? I already told y..." while he was speaking Gustav activated an ability.

[Mental Manipulation Has Been Activated]

Tridistle line of sight suddenly turned completely dark. He couldn't see anything like he had gone blind.

"What is going on?" He voiced out with a confused tone but there was no response.

[Life Signs Tracking Has Been Activated]

[Tracking Life Signs: "^*-'/"]

All of a sudden Tridistle point of viewtransformed as the imagery of a particular environment appeared in his mind.

"What is this?" He voiced out with a look of astonishment.

"I'm showing you a location... tell me if it looks familiar," Gustav replied while leaving his hand on Tridistle head.

Tridistle was currently seeing Gustav's point of view as he tracked the Master's life sign.

Within this place, blue walls could be seen from the sides. A large holographic screen up with some furniture in the background and a door to the side which was wide open led to a hallway up ahead.

Tridistle could see it clearly in his mind since picture representation had been clearly provided. This had him wondering how Gustav could use bloodline abilities within this cell.

"Anything look familiar to you?" Gustav asked again after a few seconds.

"No, I've never seen this place before," Tridistle Responded.

"Lie to me and I will end you right now," Gustav threatened with a cold tone.

"I swear I have no idea where this is," Tridistle said repeatedly.

Gustav proceeded to threaten him with his wife and children but Tridistle kept repeating the same thing. He had no idea where this place was located.

Gustav proceeded to deactivate Life Signs Tracking and flung Tridistle away before moving to Kotario next.

The same situation played out again as Gustav activated Life Signs Tracking and showed Kotario as well.

Kotario was also unaware of where this place was located even after getting threatened repeatedly.

After some time Gustav came out of the cell and looked around once more.

"Are you satisfied now?" Madam Cilora asked.

"No, I'll be interrogating all of them next," Gustav said as he moved towards a cell up ahead.

"All of them?" Uncle Bila asked with a look of confusion.

"Yes all of them, one of them might be able to tell me where this G.o.ddammed place is located," Gustav said as he arrived in front of the new cell where a lady in a black outfit could be seen.