The Bloodline System - Chapter 906: Visiting The Cells

Chapter 906: Visiting The Cells

Chapter 906: Visiting The Cells

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


This meant the master already had contingency plans of hiding out in an unknown place if things ever went sideways.

"What exactly is that environment and how does it relate to the case?" One of the uncles asked with a curious look.

"Its a lead," Gustav responded but didn't reveal more than this. He would be unable to explain how he managed to find this lead since he couldn't let anyone know he had a power like Life Signs Tracking.

"Have both family branch heads been questioned?" Gustav asked.

"Yes they both have as well but it's the same," Madam Lilian replied.

Gustav had a contemplative look on his face as he heard that and held his chin.

"You don't have to worry Officer Crimson, if the leader ever returns we'll be ready," Madam Cilora a.s.sured after seeing the contemplative look on Gustav's face.

"That's fine but I want to ask them personally," Gustav demanded.

Gustav left the interrogation to the main family after he had played his part in helping them capture the cult members. The main family had done a good job of interrogating the cult members and finding out their objectives.

As expected they planned to abduct Stark and get the emblem back by using him as a bargain but not actually giving him back to the main family until they had cracked how to harness the power of the emblem.

The leader was going to use the power to hijack power from the main family and let the cult run the island. The MBO would never interfere if such a situation happened because the cult members were also Vertigons. The MBO wouldn't want to interfere in inter-family conflict as they didn't really have any right to.

It was a good thing the situation was resolved before it got to this point. The meeting they were holding was planned since they already knew Vertigon troops would come after them. However, they never expected that Stark would come over to the master's tower.

The plan was to ambush the main family residence while the Vertigon troops were busy battling with the ones at the second tower outside the island. They had no idea that their other locations would be ambushed by Vertigon troops as well.

Gustav and Stark's appearance was unexpected but the master felt it was the best situation since he only needed to abduct Stark for everything to come to an end. However, he had not expected his plans to be foiled by the combined effort of Gustav and Stark.

The family head ceremony would be held the next day which was why Stark wasn't present in the meeting because they were preparing him for tomorrow. Stark would be fusing with the emblem which would spell the end of any plots since the emblem could not be stolen the moment it fused with a Vertigon.

Gustav wanted to wait till after the ceremony tomorrow before he decided to leave but at the same time, he wanted to do all he could to locate the master beforehand.

Madam Cilora and Uncle Bila led Gustav to the dungeon-like area where all the cultists were kept. The cells they were being kept in were energy-dissipating cells that prevented them from channelling their bloodline.

The cell both branch heads were kept was significantly larger than the others since they were higher in strength. They were kept together in the same cell with gla.s.s walls.

Gustav stood in front of the gla.s.s walls and stared at both prisoners who were seated with their backs against the wall with defeated looks on their faces.

For a brief instant, Gustav recalled the final year cadet he defeated as he stared at Tridistle face. 'Well looks like I might have made a lifelong enemy,' This thought was thrown to the back of his mind the instant it was formulated.

Gustav proceeded to describe the looks of the environment he saw during the activation of life sign tracking. Both of them listened with an unconcerned expression and later voiced out how they had no idea of where such a place was located.

Even after giving out vivid details of what he saw, they still shook their heads in confusion.

"As you can see Officer Crimson, just like we stated they have no idea," Uncle Bila said from behind.

"There's still one last thing I have to try," Gustav said while looking around and staring at the other cells.

"Which is?" Madam Cilora asked from behind.

"Grant me access to go in," Gustav said while taking off his red jacket.

"What?" Both of them voiced out with looks of confusion after hearing that.

"You heard me, I need to get in there..." Gustav repeated himself.

"The cells repress bloodline channelling so just like them you will be unable to use your abilities which makes it dangerous for you to go in there," Uncle Bila explained.

"I know, grant me access," Gustav said with an unbothered expression.

"It's too dangerous," Madam Cilora voiced out in disagreement as well.

"It is fine, I'm a well-trained MBO officer so I'll be okay," Gustav a.s.sured them.

They still had reluctant looks on their faces as they stared at each other for a while.

"Alright then but be very careful okay? We don't know what they might try,' Madam Cilora finally gave in as she voiced out.

"Yes you have to be careful, " Uncle Bila added.

"No worries, I can handle it," Gustav responded.


A small s.p.a.ce opened up in the next moment which was not big enough for even a little kid to fit through. Gustav pushed his hand forward just as instructed and moved took a step forward as well.


The instant he did that he felt a kind of trippy pull and found himself on the other side of the gla.s.s. It was like a small spatial tunnelway with the ability to transport anything to the other side despite the size.

Gustav could instantly feel his bloodline getting sealed after entering the cell.

'Hmm it's similar to Officer Briant's ability but on a much larger scale,' Gustav thought as he recalled instructor Briant from the MBO camp.