The Bloodline System - Chapter 905: I Sent Him Off With A Gift

Chapter 905: I Sent Him Off With A Gift

Chapter 905: I Sent Him Off With A Gift

Viltru's face had a look of astonishment and confusion all mixed together. They were both Echo and Falcon ranked mixedbloods yet they had held back a Beta ranked mixedblood without any outside help.

He felt the leader of the cult might have gone easy on them since he was probably only trying to capture Stark but still it was an impossible task for mixedbloods of their levels to manage to hold back a Beta rank.

"I suppose he's the one that escaped with spatial travel," Viltru seemed to have pieced things together as he voiced out.

"Yeah," Gustav didn't know how to explain that he had to kick him in or he'd probably still be here since he got Stark back from him.

'I sent him off with a gift he should have gotten it by now,' Gustav said internally with a grin.


The instant the master phased through the portal, his eyes widened in realization.

"What!?" He yelled out with a look of shock as he found out that what was in his grasp had been replaced with four spherical head-sized orbs.

"How did he..? What are these?" He stated with disbelief written all over his face as he floated above an unknown part of the ocean.

Dark purplish electric arcs could be seen swimming across the surface of these dark blue and reddish coloured orbs.

"Hmm?" He raised the orbs to observe them as he sensed something


A ma.s.sive explosion rang out, spreading destructive waves of energy across over a thousand miles. The ocean was affected as a gigantic hole that spread across a radius of more than ten thousand feet was generated with a wall of waves spreading in every direction.

It was a good thing that this occurrence was taking place in the middle of the ocean. There was nothing to be found for miles except for small inhabited islands and seamounts, all of which were wiped out due to the destructive ripples.

It was unknown if the person in the middle of the explosion had been affected but it was obvious that the explosion had wreaked immense havoc.


Day time had arrived and at this point, everyone was back in the residence. It had already spread all across the island that an intense battle broke out last night.

However, the city folks and the members of the branches of the Vertigon family were left in the dark about the situation of the emblem.

It was revealed that a battle between the Vertigon troops and members of a cult known as The Satori had gone down the previous night. The island folks were startled, it was hard for them to believe cults still existed in this day and age.

Based on the disturbance they realized the battle must have been a crazy one. At certain periods the island trembled from the impact generated by intense attacks.

The madam of the main family later released a press statement about how the cult members had been contained by the Vertigon troops. This calmed the mind of the island folks as footages were displayed which prove that a lot of the Satori members were captured.

It wasn't revealed what the goal of the satori members was as this would show that the Emblem was initially stolen.

At the moment the main family members were having a meeting in the main hall with Gustav being a part.

Everyone had looks of reverence and appreciation on their faces at this point. No one doubted Gustav's ability anymore after witnessing as well as seeing the results of his actions.

They had managed to capture around four hundred and twenty members of the Satori alive. All of them were from one Vertigon branch or the other and had defected but before Gustav's investigation, none of them had any idea.

A lot of the Satori members were killed in the battle last night especially those in the location where Gustav and Stark had the battle with their leader.

Everyone was still in disbelief hearing about how Gustav had managed to stand against their leader who was a Beta ranked mixedblood and even saved Stark from getting captured by him.

However, this had been confirmed by Viltru the most powerful Vertigon and Stark himself. Both of them sang praises of Gustav's prowess.

'This kid has a very bright future ahead of him the Vertigon family should stay friends with such a person,' Uncle Bila thought internally as stared at Gustav with a look of adoration.

"Thank you for your a.s.sistance Officer Crimson, we will forever be in your debt," Madam Lilian stated with an appreciative tone.

Gustav nodded in response while some of the other uncles and aunts here also voiced their appreciation. His work here was pretty much done but he was still worried about the leader of the cult who was probably roaming about free at this point.

Gustav didn't think the orbs were enough to kill the master despite how powerful it was. For all he knew, the master might not have been unfazed by the explosion.

The problem now was Gustav had tried to track the master with Life Signs Tracking but he still had no idea where he cooped himself up in.

He was out of range so Gustav couldn't trace him with the link of the life sign. He could only see through the master's forehead but even with that, he was unable to tell where the master was because he had hidden in an unknown coven.

"How are the interrogations going?" Gustav voiced out from his seating position on the left side of the room.

He needed to know if any of the Satori members would be able to identify the environment he saw through Life Signs Tracking so they could use that to track the leader.

"All of them claim to be unfamiliar with the environment you described," Madam Cilora responded while shaking her head.

This made Gustav feel a little disturbed as he wondered how no one was able to identify where he was seeing with Life Signs tracking.