The Bloodline System - Chapter 904: Saving Stark

Chapter 904: Saving Stark

Chapter 904: Saving Stark

A mechanical metallic-looking covering of nanites began to spread to his arms. It made it look like he had silver-coloured robotic arms after it had finished covering his upper body.

Stark channelled his bloodline energy as much as he could and leapt upwards.


He screamed out as he grabbed the hilt of the katana with both his hands and raised it upwards as he ascended across the sky.

All of Gustav's limbs were being held by the master as he pulled them in separate directions while hovering his left head over Gustav's face.

Flames gathered as he prepared to burn Gustav's entire head off.

Meanwhile Stark was leaping towards them in arms while swinging out the katana.

The master spotted him and made his other head turn around to face him as he prepared to attack Stark with water.

Stark swung forward with force but at the same time, the master was also about to attack. The probability of Stark's survival was very minimal due to the master's strength as well as backlash from using the katana this way.

However, he gathered as much energy as he could into his arms the air began to twist and turn as veins popped out on his neck and arm muscles.

Gustav whose arms were being spread apart twisted his arms and grabbed the Master's arm.

[Flesh Warping Has Been Activated]

He managed to cause the Master's arms to shrink a little which gave him the chance to pull himself out of the Master's grip.

"What was..." Before the master could voice out his shock, Gustav grew out extra arms and grabbed both draconic heads.

He pulled backwards with all his strength as he also activated Size Manipulation.

He held the Master in place as Stark slashed forward.


A ma.s.sive cut that extended from his chest to his belly appeared on the Master's body after the attack made contact.

Both Stark's arms exploded along with the metallic covering, causing a fountain of blood to jet out from both shoulders while the master shrieked in pain as it flung Gustav away.

Gustav flew forward and grabbed Stark before he could fall to his death.

"Are you crazy?" Gustav voiced out as he held Stark in his arms.

"Kerrrh! Kerrh! I- had to do it," Stark responded while coughing out blood.

"We have to leave," Gustav said as he turned around.

However, before he could start flying away the entire vicinity suddenly turned dark...


And then it turned into a world of red and black...

"Since I'm out of time, you're coming with me!" A voice boomed out and in the next Instant Gustav could no longer find Stark in his grasp.

"Huh?" Gustav turned around in the next instant and could see the master several thousand feet behind him with the armless Stark in his grasp.

As Gustav dove forward a ma.s.sive mountain-sized flame appeared in front and began hurling toward him.

In the same instant, a purplish-looking portal appeared in front of the master and he was about to head in with Stark.

[Power Boost Has Been Activated]

[Gravitational Displacement Has Been Activated]

At that moment Gustav activated everything he could just so he could move faster and stop the master from taking Stark away.

There was no time at all... no matter how fast Gustav could move, he was dealing with a Beta-ranked Mixedblood.

Stark was already practically lost to him since they were almost halfway through the portal at this point while he was still thousands of feet away.

The mountain-sized flames were right in front of him and his skin was already getting cooked.


Gustav pushed himself forward as fast as he could as his body turned transparent while his eyes suddenly lit up with a cross-shaped reddish-pink glow.


Yarki was activated at the same instant, causing a dark pinkish energy surge to spread across the vicinity. It covered the entire vicinity in an instant and was still spreading further.

The power of Yarki made the master pause for a moment as Gustav's figure made a tear through s.p.a.ce like what happened when he was sent to another planet as punishment by the system.


He appeared right before them and grabbed hold of Stark before kicking the master into the portal at the same moment the master regained control of his body.


The portal closed up in the next instant as Gustav used size manipulation to wrap his body around Stark due to Yarki being activated.

Currently, everything in the vicinity was getting roasted because of Yarki's new effect so Gustav proceeded to retract Yarki before it could turn the entire island into a high temperature oven.

His body still had injuries that hadn't healed up because all these had happened in less than a second.

Currently, Gustav had almost expended his energy and his body was currently smoking but he still had Stark wrapped to the point that not a single skin could be seen.

After he finished retracting Yarki he felt a powerful presence appear right behind him.

"Where is Stark?" A familiar voice called out to him.

'That's... Viltru,' Gustav heaved a sigh of relief internally.

He initially thought the master found a way to come back but it looked like it was someone on their side.

"Officer Crimson, Where is Stark?" Viltru asked again with a disturbed tone.

Gustav slowly turned around at this point as he began to unfold himself.

Viltru's eyes widened in shock as he realised that Stark had been wrapped in Gustav's bosom all this time.

Gustav deactivated size manipulation as he returned to normal length and pa.s.sed Stark to Viltru.

"What happened? Why is he in such a state?" Viltru asked after seeing that Stark was armless.

"We played into their hands," Gustav voiced out as he slowly returned to human form.

"Stark almost got carted away by this two-headed dragon who I presume is their leader," He added as he brought out a recovery pill from his storage device.

"The beta ranked Mixedblood you mentioned?" Viltru asked.

"Yes," Gustav answered as he fed Stark a recovery pill.