The Bloodline System - Chapter 903: Battling Against The Cult Leader

Chapter 903: Battling Against The Cult Leader

Chapter 903: Battling Against The Cult Leader

A four feet long Katana with reddish electric arcs and destructive energy oozing from it could be seen in Gustav's grasp.


He swung downwards powerfully causing the s.p.a.ce in the vicinity to twist and turn as crescent-shaped reddish energy was formed.

The master sensed the disturbance at the same moment and pushed Stark away before turning upwards to counter the attack.


It shot out a pillar of flames from its mouth once more towards the destructive reddish arc cutting towards him.


A collision was made and the reddish arc was stopped in mid-air for an instant.

A smile appeared on the Master's face but in the next moment, his eyes widened as the arc suddenly cut through his pillar of Flames and slashed through his right upper limb upon contact.

Blood jetted out as the master seethed in pain and rage after getting injured, contrary to his expectation.

"You little..." His voice trailed off in anger as heat began to circulate across the vicinity.


The ocean which was not too distant from their current location began to rise and flow towards them.

A ma.s.sive tornado of Flames appeared around the master and then it spread across the vicinity becoming twice as large as the tower.

The wave from the ocean was headed for Gustav from behind while the tornado of Flames was approaching from the front.

Gustav was healing very fast in this state so he had already completely healed up the moment he attacked with the Jiko Hakai katana.

Turned around to face the waves, Gustav pushed his hand forward causing a gravitational barrier to be created.


The waves of water crasher into the barrier causing a loud sound of collision to ring out.

With the height of the waves, it was capable of flooding the entire island if Gustav didn't stop it here.

His hand trembled slightly as he held it in place while he turned around to slash out once more at the tornado of Flames.


It tore right through the flames and Gustav's arm also broke at the same instant.


This time the master was able to dodge and dove upwards.

He appeared right before Gustav and slashed out.


An invisible protective energy that surrounded Gustav whenever he activated Combination stopped the attack from connecting.

Gustav proceeded to push the waves backwards and grab the hilt of the katana with both hands before slas.h.i.+ng downwards.


The reddish destructive arc exploded the moment it collided with the Master's left shoulder, blasting both of them backwards.

Gustav's right arm fell off his shoulder while the master also lost another arm. The master couldn't believe that he was getting injured by an Echo-ranked mixedblood.

However, Gustav took more damage this time and the katana fell from the air after his arm got blasted to smithereens.

The master also had the ability to regenerate but at the moment Gustav's regeneration was faster.

But even with that the master still had four more limbs after losing two so he could keep battling in his current state.

Gustav stared at the Katana falling and stretched out his left hand.

The Katana stopped falling and floated in mid-air after getting wrapped by Gustav's gravitational manipulation. His right arm was growing back at this point.

He pulled back his hand, causing the katana to start flying towards him but before it could arrive...


The master appeared in front of Gustav and landed a hit on him.

Gustav got blasted further backwards across the air as three ma.s.sive gashes appeared on his body.

The protective energy surrounding him had been breached by the intense attack of this beta ranked Mixedblood.

His skin was currently like diamond, extremely st.u.r.dy but one slash from the master had torn him open like a hot knife going through b.u.t.ter.

Gustav gritted his teeth in pain as he raised his arms to block another attack while the iro silk grew out of his arms.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gustav got blasted backwards repeatedly as the master kept attacking him without giving him any chance to retaliate.

Gustav managed to dodge a hit with perception and finally sent out an attack he had been acc.u.mulating.


Destructive ripples spread across the vicinity as Gustav's fist slammed into the Master's gut.

Unfortunately, this attack that would most likely have decimated a city was unable to break the Master's skin.

"It turns out you're nothing without that weapon of yours," The master voiced out as he grabbed Gustav's hands and sliced his arm off.


Gustav lost his right arm once more and blood jetted out.


A pillar of Flames blasted out of the Master's mouth sending Gustav hurling further backwards as he tried to protect himself with just one arm.

His arm grew back in the next moment but the master was still rus.h.i.+ng at him with multiple attacks wanting Gustav to use up his energy so he wouldn't be able to regenerate anymore.

Far below, Stark looked upwards and could see the pinch Gustav was in. He was bleeding from his neck and currently couldn't transform.

"Why do I have to be useless in crucial situations like this," Stark gritted his teeth as he voiced out.

They had not expected to meet a Beta-ranked Mixedblood here.

He looked up ahead and spotted a dark blade katana with reddish destructive arcs swimming around it.

He recognised it to be the same weapon Gustav had used to injure the blue and red dragon.

At this point, Gustav was being doused with both cold and hot attacks. Just as the temperature of the environment was hot and cold at the same time.

Stark rushed towards the weapon and pulled it out of the ground. Looking upwards at their height in the sky he realised he would have to get up there.

He recalled Gustav sustained injuries when using this weapon so a thought instantly appeared in his mind.

He brought out something from his storage device and attached it to his neck.