The Bloodline System - Chapter 902: The Master's Appearance

Chapter 902: The Master's Appearance

Chapter 902: The Master's Appearance

'Is that Officer Crimson?' He asked internally after spotting a silver figure with horns and a large muscular frame with ram horns.

In this location, destruction had been wreaked on the environment. with his senses in a particular location. He wasted no time in retracting his senses as he began transforming.


He turned into a small mountain-sized draconic figure with two heads and six eyes like Stark. However, he had yellowish scales and a glowing yellow and black pair of wings with four horns.

The instant he spread his wings winds blasted across the surroundings.


Diving forward, a vacuum of s.p.a.ce opened up causing a streak of yellow line to tear through the sky and disappear in the next instant.


It only took a moment for him to close the distance between himself and Gustav on the other side of the island.

However, as he arrived behind Gustav he could see that damage has already been done to the surroundings and he couldn't sense Stark here.

"Where is Stark?" He asked with a disturbed look as he sensed lingering spatial energy.

Which meant spatial travel had just been used in this location.

The tower-like building by the side was now half of what it was earlier. What was left had cracks all over and was on fire as well. The ground was flooded below.

Gustav had injuries on his body from what Viltru could see as he floated in mid-air behind him.

"Officer Crimson, Where is Stark?" Viltru asked again as he placed his hand on Gustav's shoulder from behind.

There was still no response from Gustav and at this point, Viltru feared the worst may have happened. He had truly gotten here too late.

Gustav slowly turned around in mid-air as he unfolded himself. He was initially in a state where he kind of wrapped himself up.

Viltru's eyes widened as he stared at Gustav unfolding himself...


-Fifteen Minutes Earlier

"Begone weakling!"

A thunderous voice was heard as the draconic figure several hundred feet beneath Gustav turned around to face him.

"What is he doing here?' Gustav's eyes widened as he recognised this draconic figure to be the same as the one that nearly buried him with hurricanes after he acquired the Emblem.

Gustav hadn't even managed to rearrange his thoughts when a pillar of Flames shot out of his mouth towards Gustav.

This red and blue two-headed draconic figure could manipulate water and fire from the looks of things.

The Flames hadn't even reached Gustav yet and he could feel his body getting cooked already.

[Gravitational Displacement Has Been Activated]

The gravitational force in the environment suddenly turned weird as the flames slowed down.

Despite how powerful gravitational displacement was, having an effect on everything in the surroundings and making even the winds to flow in reverse, it was unable to substantially affect the powerful outburst of Flames headed towards Gustav.

[Energy Discharge Has Been Activated]

A reddish energy suddenly burst forth from Gustav's figure pus.h.i.+ng the Flames to the surroundings.


It was like an explosion went off as the thick condensed Flames ended up spreading across the place and causing the ma.s.sive 700+ storey tall building to almost get halved in an instant.

The upper part crumbled and fell to the sides due to the flames.

Despite having managed to stop it from hitting him, Gustav was still blasted backwards by the residual energy spreading across the vicinity.

Screams of terror and pain were heard from within the building as it affected the cult members.

"I commend you for stopping that attack despite being an ordinary Echo rank mixedblood but this is as far as you go," The draconic figure voiced out from both heads causing his voice to travel far and wide.

Gustav hadn't even managed to stabilise himself in mid-air yet as he spread cooling energy around his body since it was currently smoking.

"Thank you for bringing the prize to me," The draconic figure voiced out as it continued flying downwards.


An explosion rang out as the side of the three hundred and thirtieth floor got blasted open. A two-headed ma.s.sive golden scaled draconic figure flew out of there and collided with the Master.

"Gustav are you okay?" Stark yelled out as he spotted Gustav far up in the sky.

"Run!" Gustav yelled back.

Despite being about two thousand feet upwards his voice boomed loudly across the vicinity.

"You are going nowhere," The master voiced out as he lunged at Stark.

"Disappear!" Stark screamed out as both mouths of two heads opened up.


Silver-coloured energy with golden streams blasted out of his mouth, slamming into the master and pus.h.i.+ng him backwards.

The energy bind him in place and began to shrink him.

"I have to admit, you are talented but you do not deserve to lead this family," The master voiced out as he ripped the silverish and golden-coloured energy covering him apart in the same instant.

Stark puked out blood after that act as his eyes widened.

No one had ever been able to free themselves from his ability before. He had used it on others stronger than him so many times. It was an ultimate ability that would have a negative effect on him if it was cancelled.

The master lunged forward once more and grabbed all of Stark's arms before biting a chunk out of the left side of his second head.

The Master had expected that attack to disconnect Stark's second head from his neck but he had underestimated the toughness of Stark's scales.

Stark screeched in pain as he managed to free two of his hands. He grabbed the Master's head and stabbed his claws into both eyes causing him to grimace in pain as well.

"Hahaha this is nothing... you're only able to put up a little fight because of your nature but this ends now," The master voiced out as he opened his mouth gathering Flames within.

At this point, Gustav had Activated Ultimate Combination and was flying downwards with insane speed.