The Bloodline System - Chapter 901: It's Too Late

Chapter 901: It's Too Late

Chapter 901: It's Too Late

Flesh wriggling sounds rang out as her eyes widened in confusion after feeling weird energy run through her body.


Her body blasted into pieces in the next instant with blood and internal organs flying everywhere.


Gustav proceeded to jump out of the hole he had created after slamming the woman's body into the wall earlier.

"Stark!" He yelled out as his body descended with speed after he spotted a ma.s.sive draconic about seven hundred feet below, flying downwards as well

'That's not Stark,' Gustav came to this realization as he activated G.o.d Eyes.

"Begone weakling!" The draconic figure suddenly voiced out as it turned around to gaze at Gustav from below.



Boom! Boom! Boom!

At the other location where the vertigo troops engaged the cult members, explosions and powerful collisions still rang across the place. Viltru had moved his battle with both family branch leaders further across the ocean so the others would not be affected by the residue energy of their attacks.

He knew just how destructive their battle was to the surroundings. If the fight continued there it would affect the island as well. Just one of them was strong enough to level the entire island and there were three of them.

From the looks of things, it would not take much longer before the Vertigon troops took care of the cult members here. However for reasons unknown they kept battling despite knowing that the odds were against them.

On Viltru's side, he had put both family heads in a state where they knew they had no chance against him yet they kept fighting.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Tridistle and Kotario had fully transformed into draconic figures at this point and were hurling out one attack after the other toward Viltru. Viltru took their attacks head-on despite still being in human form.

He didn't bother transforming since he was able to handle them despite not being at full strength. Viltru bolted forward amid a combined attack of a red laser beam shooting out of Kotario's mouth while Tridistle shot out a silver bolt of lightning carrying immense destructive power.

Viltru made a circular motion with his right hand as he charged forward across the air causing both attacks to get redirected the moment they arrived before him.


The attacks slammed into a sea mountain in the distance, blasting it to smithereens.


Arriving in front of both of them once more, Viltru proceeded to grab them both and slammed their ma.s.sive heads together.

Both figures drifted away across the air after their heads got slammed together.

He lunged forward and threw his fist out multiple times at both of them, causing them to be sent flying backwards once more.

As he battered them with numerous physical attacks, more injuries appeared on their bodies.

"Why do you two keep resisting. You do not have the power to defeat me, give up before I inflict permanent damage on you both," Viltru voiced out.

He seemed to have been holding back all this time because they were family branch heads and he wanted to leave them in good condition so they could be judged by the main Vertigon family.

"Even if we know we will lose we have achieved our main objective here today," Kotario voiced out.

"By now your so-called next head should be in the hands of the master," Tridistle added.

"What master?" Viltru suddenly felt a sense of foreboding after hearing that.

"Hahaha," Despite being injured Kotario still let out a burst of maniacal laughter.

Viltru's mind suddenly wandered back to Gustav's words in the hangar area before they left for this place.

Thinking about this carefully now, Tridistle and Kotario were already known to everyone so they never fitted into the description of this mixedblood which begged the question Where is the Mixedblood Gustav described?

This was supposed to be a meeting of leaders as a.s.sumed by Gustav but there were many cultist members in this location as well so it looked like it was a regular meeting that was being held. However, even if this was a regular meeting it didn't make sense that one of the leaders wasn't in attendance.

Now, how have these two mentioned achieved their objectives despite losing the fight against him? And could the so-called master have captured Stark by now? He recalled Gustav was heading to different locations to round up other cultist members and Stark followed

His eyes widened slightly at this point as he came to a realization.

"Where is he?" He voiced out with a thunderous tone as his eyes turned yellowish with a black dot in the middle.

"It's too late, even if we told you, you will never be able to arrive there in time no matter how fast you are," Tridistle said while smiling with an expression of delight.

Two more eyes appeared above Viltru's right and left brows as powerful energy blasted forth from his figure, causing every living thing within a one thousand-mile radius to shudder in fear and reverence.

Both of them suddenly saw Viltru appear directly in their midst and the next thing they knew


Two pairs of b.l.o.o.d.y wings could be seen in his grasp. They stared for an instant with shocked looks as they recognized the pair of wings to be theirs Their bodies hadn't even registered the pain yet as they began to fall from the sky.

Their wings were torn off so quickly and cleanly that they hadn't started bleeding out till they were about to collide with the ocean's surface.

Viltru flung both wings away and floated above the ocean while spreading out his senses.

A colourless veil of energy spread forth from his figure, travelling for miles and pa.s.sing by the area where the Vertigon troops were battling against the cult members. At this point, they had already rounded them all up.

His senses spread past that point arriving at the island and kept spreading further. This took many seconds as he actively searched for Stark and Gustav's location with his senses.