The Bloodline System - Chapter 900: The Vertigon Troops Vs The Satori

Chapter 900: The Vertigon Troops Vs The Satori

Chapter 900: The Vertigon Troops Vs The Satori

A powerful outburst of greenish energy suddenly blasted forth across the place as the top floor of the tower got blown into smithereens.

The instant this happened, everyone in the vicinity was sent flying hundreds of feet backwards as the force of the energy swept across the environment.


Three figures blasted forth from the area where the surge of energy originated from. They were engaged in intense battle as they swerved from place to place across the air exchanging fearsome attacks.

Two out of these three figures were dressed in orange and black robes and they seemed to be battling again the third figure who was dressed in a white outfit.

Boom~ Bang~ Bang!

With every collision, ripples of powerful energy swept across the place causing thunderous explosions and making the ocean waves rise.

These two battling the man in white robes were barely holding on. Despite being very powerful they could not hold their ground against the man in white robes who just kept foiling their attacks like it was nothing.

The men in orange and black robes, dived forward across the air as they gathered immense energy to attack the man in white robes again.

The one in orange shot out a ma.s.sive rocky-like tail with diamond spikes which had the tip glowing with fierce as it stabbed towards the man in white.

The other dived forward as his right arm transformed into a ma.s.sive greenish scaled beast with glowing red claws which were as large as a truck.

Both attacks swung forward with immense speed, spreading ripples across the air and causing waves of destruction to be sent forth across the vicinity.

At this point, the other figures fighting were protecting themselves from the residue energy of these two attacks that hadn't even collided with the targeted figure yet.


Another ma.s.sive explosion rang out as ripples of destructive multi-coloured waves blasted across a three hundred miles radius.

The yells of some of the figures in the vicinity were drowned by the loud blast as everyone was sent hurling backwards for several hundred feet acquiring all sorts of injuries despite not being the one targeted by the attack.

"Sir Viltru!"

"Is he..?"

The troops in white robes who had managed to conjure up a barrier for themselves stared in the direction of the attack with shocked looks.

Viltru was battling two Beta-ranked Mixedbloodswho happened to be family branch heads. Even with the barrier, they had conjured up, some of them still got minor injuries from the residue energy of the attack even when it wasn't directed at them.

They wonder how Viltru who was in the middle of both attacks would fare.

As the debris in the air slowly cleared and the visibility of the environment became better, everyone stared in the direction of Viltru and the other two.

Their eyes widened in disbelief as they spotted the three figures floating in the air up ahead.

In the middle was Viltru who had both his arms held out sideways as he looked forward with a nonchalant expression.

In his left grasp was a rocky-looking tail with diamond spikes and in his right grasp were ma.s.sive beast-like claws the size of a truck.

He had stopped both attacks and there was not a single scratch on his body, neither were his clothes affected.

The two opponents who were Tridistle and Kotario both had looks of astonishment mixed with wariness on their faces as they stared at Viltru who looked unwavering.

Although they had not fully transformed into draconic figures which meant the attack wasn't at full strength, they were still surprised he was completely unaffected by their attack considering how powerful it was.

Despite only being one rank below Viltru, both their combined strengths couldn't match up to him.

"You have no hopes of standing against me, surrender and end this foolishness... Tridistle, Kotario," Viltru voiced out with a tone of warning.

Both of their faces squeezed up as they responded, "Never!"

In that same instant, they transformed fully into draconic figures as they prepared to engage Viltru again.


Meanwhile, at the other similar-looking tower on the western edge of the island, Gustav and Stark were still going against the cult members here.

Close to twenty minutes had elapsed since the battle had begun and Gustav had managed to take down over thirty of them in this building.

He was currently on the seven hundredth floor and a feminine figure in dark robes was in the clutches of his right hand.

"Tell me, who exactly are you guys?" Gustav asked as he tightened his grip around her neck.

"kukuku Th-e Sa-tori wil-l not lose" Her voice kept breaking off as she answered.

"The Satori?" Gustav voiced out with a look of confusion.

"kekekeke!" She suddenly started laughing, causing Gustav's eyes to narrow in suspicion.

He subconsciously loosened the tightness of his grip on her neck feeling like she had something to say.

"Thank you for bringing the unworthy son here You have helped us make things easier," The instant she finished voicing this out, an outburst of powerful energy suddenly blasted forth from the top floor.

Gustav's eyes widened slightly as he turned around and looked up, "That's the energy of a Beta ranked mixedblood" He muttered with a look of surprise and wariness.

"He will die at the hands of the master!" The woman voiced out as b.l.o.o.d.y glowing claws protruded from her fingers and she swiped at Gustav's neck.


Gustav stopped the attack by grabbing her right hand before turning to stare at her.


He slammed her through the wall and turned around before das.h.i.+ng forward and slamming her head through the other side of the wall.

The wall crumbled and Gustav held her out thousands of feet above the air with her legs dangling in the wind.

He wanted to drop her from this height and go deal with the current situation as a sense of urgency welled up from within.

However, Gustav recalled he was dealing with dragons here so he would just be setting her free and there was no time to steal her bloodline so he did something else.

[Flesh Warping Has Been Activated]