The Bloodline System - Chapter 899: Intense Destructive Battles

Chapter 899: Intense Destructive Battles

Chapter 899: Intense Destructive Battles

"If you want me to return you'll have to catch me!" His loud voice boomed across the vicinity as he flew away.


Gustav's eyes narrowed as he gave chase, flying across the air as swiftly. Stark was flying at such a speed that caused loud cracking sounds in the air. Every intense flap sounded like rolling thunder.

Gustav tried as much as possible to catch up but it was proving to be an impossible task. By the time Stark began to slow down they had already arrived in the vicinity of the location they were headed for.

An outburst of icy-coloured flame blasted forth from Stark's figure as he landed right in front of a ma.s.sive tower-like building.


It spread across the place with intensity, blasting the gate as well as the fences barricading the vicinity apart.

A few yells were heard as the security guarding the surroundings were knocked out and injured by the blast.

Stark transformed back into his human look and began walking towards the entrance of the tower-like building. Gustav landed a few moments after and called out to Stark.

"I told you to head back," Gustav said as he walked towards Stark and grabbed him by the arm.

"Come on we're already here, wouldn't it be more dangerous to send me back by myself from this distance," Stark stated with a logical tone.

"You" Before Gustav could complete his sentence a silver blast burst forth from the fifth floor, towards their direction on the ground.

Gustav pushed Stark to the side and swung his palm forward.


Collision was made as Gustav's palm slapped the blast away, deflecting it towards the side.

"Handle the enemies from the lower floor upwards, I'll handle things from the middle floor," Gustav voiced out as he leapt upwards.

"If you need help, use the communication channel to contact me," Gustav's voice faded into the distance as he scaled a height of over a thousand feet in nearly an instant.

He figured since he couldn't send Stark back, he might as well make good use of him over here. This structure had over seven hundred floors but Gustav already a.n.a.lyzed the entire structure the moment he arrived here.

He already knew a lot of floors were unoccupied and there were significantly weaker opponents on the lower floors which was why he told Stark to handle from the lowest floor up to the middle.

He wasn't even currently heading towards the middle as the middle floor was currently unoccupied.

In the next instant


Gustav's figure blasted through the wall of the 506th floor. The instant he arrived in what seemed like a hallway, he could already see multiple figures in black robes making their way towards an elevator up ahead.

"Who are" The first person to turn around and notice Gustav was unable to complete his sentence before he received a kick to the gut.


His body flew across the hallway with intensity as he slammed into multiple of his other comrades.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]


Gustav charged forward with intensity after the successful surprise attack. The four who were initially headed for the elevator area were either laying on the floor or had their backs kissing the walls of the hallway.

They were unable to react in time before his figure arrived before them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sounds of multiple heavy collisions rang out as Gustav thew out physical attacks repeatedly.

His fist slammed into the head of one of the enemies in black robes and sent him cras.h.i.+ng through the wall. Gustav wasted no time in das.h.i.+ng towards another one and sending out multiple fists that knocked them out in barely a few moments.

After some seconds he was done dealing with the black robes' enemies on this floor and leapt upwards.


Gustav wasn't even taking the elevator, he just kept leaping through the ceilings to the higher floors as he felt this was faster.

The moment he arrived on the next floor where many of the opposition were cl.u.s.tered together,another battle broke out.


Far beneath, Stark was also holding his own against them.

"If you know who I am, surrender peacefully. This doesn't have to end in destruction," Stark voiced out as he walked slowly towards a group of six in dark robes.

"You made a huge mistake coming here! You will never become family head!" One of them yelled out as all six charged at Stark while transforming...


A loud sound similar to a blast rang out as this part of the building vibrated intensely. Debris and dust spread across the place as a ma.s.sive hole appeared on the wall by the right.


A ma.s.sive two-headed draconic figure phased out of the hole and flew a few feet upwards with another draconic figure in his grasp.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two-headed draconic figure slammed the other one into the wall repeatedly as it flew upwards with it. Loud painful shrieks were heard as it flew a few floors upwards and blasted through the wall of the thirteenth floor.

Stark transformed back into his human form after dealing with the group and shook his head.

"At least I tried to reason with them," Stark said while shrugging his shoulders before walking forward.

Behind him were two human figures that had pa.s.sed out from his attack. Stark continued onwards after this as the sound of collisions and explosions rang out within this tower.


In another location over seventy miles off the east coast of the island a similar-looking tower to the one Fil was deployed from with her partner, multiple draconic figures could be seen flying around it as the vicinity had turned into a battlefield.

Boom! Boom! Bang!

Multiple thunderous sounds of explosions and collisions rang out as different types of attacks were being hurtled across the air.

Ma.s.sive bungalow-sized fireb.a.l.l.s, Lightning bolts, whirlwinds, explosive blasts and all sorts wreaked havoc in the middle of the ocean where this tower was situated.


A powerful outburst of greenish energy suddenly blasted forth across the place as the top floor of the tower got blown into smithereens.