The Bloodline System - Chapter 898: I'm Coming With You

Chapter 898: I'm Coming With You

Chapter 898: I'm Coming With You

Gustav was yet to arrive on the scene with Stark as well as one more powerful figure needed for the operation to begin.

In a few more moments, a powerful aura spread across the entire place as a figure arrived on scene.

He was also dressed in the same whitish robe-like outfits, as the rest but unlike them, he had golden patterned sewing around the emblem.

"Viltru, finally you're here," Madam Lilian voiced out as the man approached from the north.

He had one eye shut and whitish hair like most of the Vertigons with a golden patch at the top. He looked like he was no older than twenty-eight to thirty years of age but everyone knew well not to underestimate the age of such powerful figures as they could look like teenagers and be hundreds of years old.

"At your service madam," He voiced out as he arrived in front of her and bowed slightly.

Madam Lilian nodded for him to stand at ease and he moved to stand by her right-hand side.

Meanwhile, Uncle Bila was on her left.

"Where is the kid?" Viltru asked with his eyes squinting.

"He has yet to..." Just when Uncle Bila was about to respond two figures fell from the air and landed right in front of the troops.

They were Gustav and Stark. The instant Gustav landed in front of them he spotted the man standing by the right side of Madam Lilian.

Without any form of words or communication, he was instantly able to tell that this must be one of the alpha-ranked Viltru who guarded the main household.

Of course, someone of his calibre would have been able to stop the emblem from getting stolen but he was their guard so he had followed them on the trip as well.

"What do you have for us kid?" Viltru asked as he and Gustav made eye contact.

Gustav moved toward him and handed out a device. Viltru received it from him and tapped on it.


It shot out a holographic image of the exact location and how to get there. Gustav went on to pa.s.s it to several of the troops as well.

He knew very well that the formation they had taken was one where they would be split into different squads that will attack from different angles.

They were well-trained warriors.

"It's time," Madam Cilora who had welcomed Gustav on his first day of arriving here, voiced out.

"You all know what to do! Storm the location given to you and apprehend the cultists... Use lethal force if it is required," Madam Lilian stated.

"Yes, Family head!" They yelled out in understanding as they began transforming.

Powerful energy spread across the place as hundreds of draconic figures could be seen in the next instant with similar and different sizes as well as colours that depicted their lineage bloodline speciality.

Fwwhiii~ Fwhiii~ Fwwhiii~

The sound of multiple wings flapping reverberated across the surroundings as the troops lifted off into the air and flew towards the Northeast area of the night sky.

Gustav's face molded, turning dark with reddish cracks as he slowly transformed into the Flames Death Ace.

This time he made a full transformation as he wanted to adopt the full speed of the mixed breed.

The others in the surroundings could feel the immense rise in temperature from the creature after Gustav's transformation and guessed it was a high levelled mixed breed transformation.

"Let's go," Gustav voiced out as he turned his ma.s.sive head to the side.

Stark had also transformed as well, taking the two-headed draconic figure that caused all the other Vertigons in the vicinity to stare in reverence.

Gustav was currently the size of an entire bungalow building with his transformation which was as big as the other troops who had just flown off but Stark was twice as large.

Fwwhiiiii~ Fwwhiii~

Both of them spread their wings and flew off into the western sky.

"Be safe," Madam Lilian uttered under her breath as they flew off.

She and Madam Cilora with a few troops were the only ones left standing here.


Reaching a particular height in the sky, Stark paused his flight. Gustav also did the same, floating in the air beside him.

"I'll start scanning now," Stark voiced out with a tone that boomed across the entire vicinity like thunder.

Gustav nodded slightly as he watched Stark's six glowing eyes turn yellow and red.

Different locations began to appear in Stark's point of view as it slowly changed from one place to another.

Gustav waited for several minutes before the glows in Stark's eyes began to dim.

"Got them... There are four places in total," Stark voiced out.

"List them out," Gustav voiced out as he activated his communication device.

Stark began to give names to the four locations he just sourced out. One was behind one of the colleges on the island. From this they already knew who was responsible for that since that area was left in charge of a particular Vertigon.

Another was in a large hospital.

The third was in a base location where technological weapons were being kept and the final place was in a remote location on the island very close to the western edge.

"The troops will not be enough," Stark stated.

"That's alright, tell me the location with the most powerful mixedbloods. Let the troops handle the other places, I'll take care of that," Gustav voiced out with a confident tone.

"The Sheina plains... There's a tall tower there, I sense powerful mixedbloods dwelling there," Stark said with a slightly wary tone.

"Good, I'm heading there now. You go back to the main residence," Gustav said as he prepared to fly off.

"No, I'm coming with you," Stark said while turning to face the same direction Gustav was about to head in.

"I can't deal with the enemies while having to protect you at the same time, head back, it's safer," Gustav voiced his disagreement.

"I can take care of myself," Stark voiced out before bolting forward across the dark sky.

"If you want me to return you'll have to catch me!" His loud voice boomed across the vicinity as he flew away.