The Bloodline System - Chapter 895: Ruling Out The Prime Suspects

Chapter 895: Ruling Out The Prime Suspects

Chapter 895: Ruling Out The Prime Suspects

The question now was, who had access to all the plans and set-up for the project since all of these had happened after his death.

If they could find this person, they would figure out the mastermind.

Gustav's next guess was whoever became the next head but one couldn't just accuse a person like that without evidence.

"Someone came after me while I was trying to get away with the Emblem," Gustav stated.

Stark and his mother both turned to face Gustav with an attentive look after hearing that.

"A Beta ranked Mixedblood," Gustav added.

Madam Lilian had a look of astonishment after hearing that. There was not a lot of them on the island. Only about five mixedbloods here had managed to achieve the Beta rank and two of them came from the main household.

The other three were different branches' heads. The Alpha ranked Mixedbloods that protected the main family were usually hidden in the shadows so they weren't known like the others.

"That's dangerous... We might have to bring Viltru out of the shadows to keep Stark safe as he embarks on the mission with you," Madam Lilian decided after hearing that there was such a powerful Mixedblood amongst the opposition.

"I did mention, that I need all the help I can get," Gustav hinted that this was one of the reasons he mentioned that.

"The tsunami that hit the southwest part of the island... That was his doing," Gustav added.

Stark had a look of confusion since he hadn't heard about it but Madam Lilian being the one in charge of the city was well aware of the happening.

It had been broadcasted on the island media outlet and was said to be an unusual tsunami since it wiped out the forestry in that area along with some mountains.

They had blamed it on the weather but now that Gustav had confirmed it was done by one of their oppositions, things that didn't add up initially were starting to make sense.

"Did you see his face?" Stark asked.

"He wasn't in human form... But I did see something that can help," Gustav responded as he recalled what he saw before he got teleported away.

That brief instant between the period where the dimensional bracelet was activated and when Gustav was teleported away, he had activated Life Signs Tracking.

He peered at the enemy life sign and was able to recall it. Now he could track him down using this.

The only reason why Stark would be of help was that Gustav knew they had multiple other members due to the ones he already battled earlier.

It would make it easier to find the others besides this person who Gustav suspected might be the main power behind the opposition.

He already told them about his battle underwater initially so they knew there were others to find.

"I should gather a troop of our finest forces so they can raid the locations together with you two," Madam Lilian voiced out.

"I only need the help of your Alpha ranked member when going after the Beta ranked Mixedblood, he has to be amongst the leaders," Gustav voiced out.

Madam Lilian agreed and stated that when Gustav found the location, he should communicate with her.

They went on to speak for a few more minutes, making plans and Gustav revealing how the operation would begin by nightfall when he was done with all his preparations and investigation.

Gustav later moved back to his room around noon. Gustav still had footage displaying the twelve he had been watching the whole time within his room.

He began to play back everything that had happened within every tape in the last sixteen hours that he was indisposed.

Gustav was hoping to spot something that could link to this case in one way or the other. He sped up the playback and everything was moving extremely fast but with G.o.d Eyes it was easy for him to watch everything at fast speed and not miss a single second despite the speed.

In three hours, everything that happened in the last sixteen hours with all the suspects he was keeping his eyes on, had been displayed completely.

Gustav had watched every single one of them all the same time and was able to create slots in his mind where he was able to draft important happenings from each footage.

'With me retrieving the emblem, there would definitely be some kind of reaction or emergency meeting that would have taken place... If any of them visit any strange place that isn't usually a part of their schedule or have any weird communication... They are definitely a part of this...' This was what Gustav thought before he started watching the playback of the footage.

Now that he was done, two people out of the twelve were deemed even more suspicious while the other ten hadn't engaged in any suspicious activities.

At this point, it was okay to give the ten a benefit of the doubt that they were actually innocent while Gustav would be able to focus on the other two.

"Kotario and Tridistle hmm... I just need some concrete evidence before making any move," Gustav mumbled as he stared at the two projections side by side.

At this point where he ruled out the other ten not being suspicious, he decided to highlight both footage displaying the two main suspects and placed them side by side.

At the moment family branch head Kotario sat atop a mountain region, channelling his bloodline.

Gustav could see and hear things from the surroundings due to his last operation where he shot every one of them.

The other holographic screen displayed Tridistle. A white-haired Middle-aged looking man who was currently in a luxurious-looking office dressed in a green suit.

Currently, nothing was happening in both location and what Gustav had witnessed initially that made them prime suspects was their trip to the area where he got attacked by the presence that was trying to swallow him up with the tsunami.

Of course, anyone could be curious and go there to check it out themselves since it was now all over the news but these two, in particular, had no reason to be there.