The Bloodline System - Chapter 894: Cult?

Chapter 894: Cult?

Chapter 894: Cult?

He mentioned he couldn't get any of them yet cos the circ.u.mstances were unfortunate and he had to end their lives.

He told them, the investigation wasn't over until he found everyone that had a hand in the disappearance of the emblem.

Gustav followed Madam Lilian and Stark to the vault room where they kept all sorts of important artefacts and expensive items that depicted their ma.s.sive wealth.

"Are you sure it's going to be safe here?" Gustav asked as he watched the guards place the emblem back into the 'C' shaped platform it was initially stored in.

"The guards will be doubled and eyes will be on the Emblem 24/7... Besides we're all here and no one is going on any vacation til the ceremony so it's way safer than it was before," Madam Lilian answered.

"I will personally keep watch over it till the ceremony," Uncle Bila voiced from the side.

"I'll see who has the guts to try and get in here to steal it," He added with a strong tone of confidence.

"Hmm, why not just have the ceremony right now so Stark can merge with the Emblem?" Gustav asked with a contemplative look.

"Because some procedures need to be put in place first which will take about two days," Madam Lilian answered.

"Alright," Gustav muttered with a look of understanding.

Stark stood up ahead staring at the Emblem after it got placed back in the storage platform.

"Gustav, you're still looking for the culprits right?" Stark asked and Gustav nodded softly.

"I can help," Stark said while turning around.

"How so?" Gustav questioned.

"I can retrace the movement of the emblem and pinpoint the areas it had been in within the last month... Now that I have made contact with it once again, it's possible to do that," Stark explained.

"No, you can't be out there during this period. You have to stay in here till the ceremony begins," One of the uncles voiced out from the side.

"He's right, you can't be out there right now," Madam Lilian agreed.

"Come on Mum, uncles I can take care of myself," Stark voiced out like an aggrieved child that was always being placed under lock and key by parental figures.

"It's dangerous, we don't even know what we're dealing with yet since Officer Crimson here has refused to tell us anything," Uncle Bila also voiced his disagreement.

"He's strong enough to protect me... Besides we won't be going after them alone, won't some of the guards be following us?" Stark stated.

"I could use all the help I can get... What we're dealing with is no small opposition," Gustav finally spoke.

The vicinity turned quiet as Gustav voiced out. From the tone he used, it seemed like some serious force was responsible for this.

"You see mum? I should help as much as I can so we can finally put everything to an end and officer Crimson can complete his a.s.signment here," Stark voiced out.

"Fine, but I'll only give the go-ahead after listening to Gustav's narration on the train of events that happened when he was retrieving the emblem," Madam Lilian answered.


They proceeded to move to a secluded s.p.a.ce within the household which looked like a library. A technological device that prevented voice leaks or any form of spying tools was activated while they discussed.

"So you're saying you saw a sign or an emblem that looked like the opposite of how the dragon on our family Emblem looks?" Madam Lilian asked.

"Not opposite, just more sinister-looking... The emblem has three heads but this has just two with one being red and the other being blue," Gustav explained.

"It's definitely a cult logo, I thought those were cleared out in the family long ago?" Stark said with a tone of confusion as he turned to face his mum.

"It would seem they were not cleared out completely... This one, in particular, doesn't seem so familiar," Madam Lilian said with a look of contemplation.

"Is it like an organisation that has something against the main family?" Gustav asked as he seemed to have caught onto some hints from their response.

"Yes but they were all wiped out in the past we never knew there were any new ones opposing us from the shadows. They mostly want to change things and have the intention of making the family more public than private... I guess they were trying to harness the power of the emblem," Madam Lilian voiced out her thoughts at length.

"I see... I guess that makes sense. There is no doubt that they are Vertigons as well but they are dissatisfied with the state of things," Gustav mumbled.

He had already narrated his experience to them in the last twelve hours and how much he had to look to find the place. They explained to Gustav that those demolished structures he found underwater were initially for a project the Vertigons were working on.

The handling of the project was given to a family branch head who according to Madam Lilian died a few years back.

The project didn't go so well and the structures they built underwater were mostly destroyed by some unfathomable strong abnormal torrents. They appeared at certain periods.

Besides that the structures underwater would be attacked by ma.s.sive underwater Mixedbreeds and this part of the world had so many of them.

If it was anywhere else they would have succeeded but because it was around the island they were having difficulty setting it up. The project was abandoned for a while along with the demolished structures and then a few years after abandonment the family branch head who was in charge of it at the time, died.

This person would have been the first Gustav would question after finding the Emblem in one of the supposed structures they were building but since he was dead, that was not possible.

The question now was, who had access to all the plans and set-up for the project since all of these had happened after his death.

If they could find this person, they would figure out the mastermind.