The Bloodline System - Chapter 896: Confirmation Of Involvement

Chapter 896: Confirmation Of Involvement

Chapter 896: Confirmation Of Involvement

The family branch heads dealt with their tasks given by the main family and each one was too busy to visit every scene where there is a disaster unless it actually concerns their tasks.

At most, they'd send someone and not go there in person but not only did they visit the scene, but both of them also met up for a brief moment.

Then proceeded to scour the entire region and even the ocean area beyond the island. After doing that, they gave each other weird signals and left the location.

After Gustav witnessed both of them acting so suspiciously while the other ten continued with their businesses in different locations, he decided they were prime suspects.

Even if he didn't find any concrete evidence in watching them today, he would still make sure he proved they were linked to the cult.


After hours of watching till it was late in the evening, Tridistle was about to leave his office when someone knocked on the door.

At this time, Kotario was still sitting atop the mountain and hadn't moved an inch so nothing was interesting going on on his side.

Gustav focused on Tridistle's screen.

A purplish-haired young lady walked into the office after Tridistle allowed access.

She looked very pretty with an oval-shaped face, a red top and a black mini skirt. She was also clad in black pop socks that reached her knee area.

The moment this busty young lady came up to him after entering his office, he grabbed her by the hair and turned her around.


He pinned her face to the office table instantly and began groping her thighs up to her b.u.t.tocks.

In barely a few minutes a heated scene was playing out between the purple-haired lady and Tridistle.

His hand was wrapped around her neck with her face pinned to the office table. Her back was arched with her b.u.t.t perked out while he stood behind her and thrust back and forth repeatedly.

Loud moans filled the office along with flesh-slapping sounds.

Gustav wished he could block his eyes and his ears but he had to keep watching.

After some time Tridistle let out a loud groan as his body quivered for a few seconds before he finally moved away from behind the lady.

He pulled his fly back up and spanked the lady's a.s.s which was bare with whitish liquid dripping from her nether regions.

She made a low moan before pulling her black panties up and her skirt down as well.

"Here... you go sir," She voiced out amidst her breathlessness as she pa.s.sed a small round token to Tridistle.

He received it from her and moved towards his seat while the lady moved out of the office.

'That wasn't his wife... I guess women are correct when they say men are the sc.u.m of the earth...' Gustav said internally as he shook his head.

However, at this same moment, Gustav's eyes spotted something.

The token Tridistle had just received glowed a red and blue light. In the next moment, a projection shot out of it that displayed a two-headed red and blue dragon for a little while.

The red and blue dragon transformed into the projection of a time and location before disappearing.

Gustav instantly recognized that sign to be the same one he found in the s.p.a.ce underwater where the emblem was placed.

At this point, there was no longer a doubt that Tridistle was linked to the cult. On the screen displaying Kotario, a similar scene played out on the mountain but without the s.e.x.

A male in a black robe had appeared on the mountain top and pa.s.sed Kotario a similar token to what Tridistle had just received.

Right now the skies were already dark so it was getting closer and closer to the time Gustav wanted to embark on the night objective according to his plan.

Between this night to the next day he had to make sure he caught every single person involved in the incident of the missing Emblem since the ceremony would be held the day after.

Kom! Kom! Kom!

At this minute Gustav heard a knock on his door. Unlike the previous times when he ignored, he finally opened the door this time.

A lady in a maid outfit greeted him upon contact pus.h.i.+ng a large trolley of food items.

"Hold on..." Gustav was about to stop her when Stark came in as well.

"You haven't taken anything today, have you? I sent her here three times Gustav," Stark voiced out as he gestured at the maid to unload the food items.

"I'm okay and I'm busy," Gustav said while the food was being unloaded on the table by the side.

"Doesn't mean you should go without food for over a day," Stark responded with an unrelenting tone.

"It's almost time for the mission and I need to bring you and Madam Lilian up to speed on the current development of things," Gustav said while his eyes dropped.

"La la la la la, I can't hear you out until you eat something," Stark voiced out sarcastically.

Gustav nearly facepalmed before moving towards the table.

Different dishes were placed before him ranging from seafood to even exotic forest meat. Water, wine and a few other drinks as well.

It was practically a banquet since the amount of food here was enough to feed a family of twenty. Not that Gustav was complaining since he would usually go days without eating, only to eat a mountain-sized amount of food later.

He proceeded to start eating after Stark had proven to be unrelenting. While eating he decided to brief Stark.

"I have gotten two culprits in league with the cult from the branches," Gustav revealed.

"They are both family branch heads," He added.

"Oh... Their names?" Stark didn't seem too surprised as he asked.

It was almost like this was to be expected.

"Tridistle and Kotario," Gustav added.

"Those two?" Stark had a slight look of astonishment as he mumbled.

Although he had expected this it would seem he was still surprised about the ident.i.ty of the culprits.