The Bloodline System - Chapter 893: I'm Starting To Doubt Your Sexuality

Chapter 893: I'm Starting To Doubt Your Sexuality

Chapter 893: I'm Starting To Doubt Your s.e.xuality

The waves that were spreading had gone beyond the sh.o.r.e and were aiming to swallow Gustav up.

At this point, Gustav already had his hand on his left wrist. A blueish bracelet that wasn't visible initially appeared on it.

Gustav was still flying away as quickly as he could and wings had already sprouted out of his back.

However, he knew he'd be unable to outrun this wave that was chasing after him as they had surrounded him from all sides.


A loud voice was heard from all sides.

At the last moment when he was about to be swallowed up, Gustav activated G.o.d Eyes.

'Gotcha,' He said Internally as a bright blue light engulfed his entire figure.


He disappeared in the next instant as the ocean of waves connected and crashed atop a forest with multiple mountains.

The entire place was instantly turned into a large river as the currents ripped hundreds of trees from the ground and caused some of the mountains to crumble.

The entire vicinity trembled immensely and it looked like no living thing in that area would survive such a downpour.

All through no face was spotted, and neither was the body of the presence responsible for this so it looked like a tsunami was responsible.

However, this was way crazier than a tsunami and had a much more devastating impact on the surroundings.

The presence disappeared a few moments later after sensing that it had missed its prey.



Gustav appeared in his room within the Vertigons' main residence.


A jet of water appeared with him, which ended up dousing the room a bit.

'That was close... I would have to use Yarki if he had caught me,' Gustav said Internally as he wiped his water-soaked face.

His hair had stuck to some parts of his face and looked very slippery due to wetness. Gustav was currently in black tattered shorts. All his clothes had been ripped off during battle earlier.

He was glad he put a marker in this room with his dimensional bracelet if not he'd have teleported to a location where everyone would get to feast their eyes on his half-naked body.

'I should have worn the special combat suit underneath,' Gustav thought and decided he would do that next time.

He didn't expect the last twelve hours to go the way it went. Everything now made sense.

"At least I got the price," Gustav muttered as a head-sized C-shaped item appeared in his hand.

It was the emblem of the Vertigon family. The moment it appeared from his storage device, it sent forth a weird discharge of energy that spread across the entire household.

"Hold on, I'll take you to him the after wearing some clothes," Gustav voiced out and placed the emblem on his bed.

He moved to put on some new clothes.


All across the household in different spots...

"The Emblem..."

"That's the Emblem,"

"The Emblem has been found?"

The family members recognized the energy signature of the emblem and were instantly able to tell that it had been retrieved.

Everyone began moving towards the precise spot where the signal was sent from.


Bang! Bang!

"Stark! Open the G.o.dd.a.m.ned door," In one area of the house, a beautiful dark-skinned lady banged on the first door in a corridor.

"Ay ay I'm coming," A response was heard from within with a low sigh.


The door opened up slightly a few moments later and Stark pushed his head forward from the small s.p.a.ce he opened.

"Didn't you sense it? The emblem has been retrieved," The dark-skinned lady who had similar facial features to Stark voiced out.

"Hmm, I was gonna come out later Lyra..." Stark responded with a weary tone.

"You're so irresponsible," Lyra who was one of Stark's three big sisters voiced out.

"Yeah yeah, so who retrieved it?" He proceeded to ask.

"Officer Crimson," She stated.

His weary eyes suddenly gleamed with a look of interest as he heard that.

"Let's go," He said while walking out of his room in his pyjamas and closing the door behind him.

Lyra had a look of awe and confusion mixed as she stared at Stark's back while he walked down the hallway.

"I guess all I need to do to get him interested in something now is to call Gustav's name," She said with a tone of annoyance.

"I can hear you, big sis," Stark voiced out from up ahead.

"I'm starting to doubt your s.e.xuality," Lyra voiced out as she followed behind him.


Minutes Later all the adult main family members were gathered in one of the living rooms.

"Here," Gustav voiced out as he pa.s.sed the Emblem to madam Lilian.

"Thank you Officer Crimson. You have saved the main family from so much negativity that would have occurred if this wasn't found," She said with an appreciative tone.

"I'm just doing my job," Gustav answered with a straight face.

"How did you find it? I mean where?" Uncle Bila was the first to ask the question that was on the minds of so many of them.

"Well it wasn't too difficult but I'll keep that information to myself until I find the rest of the culprits," Gustav voiced out with an unbothered tone.

"You will keep the information to yourself? How is..." Uncle Bila face hardened as he voiced out but before he could complete his sentence, Madam Lilian interrupted.

"Relax Bila, Officer Crimson has mentioned earlier that he will only reveal information to me and Stark. He is still doing his job and doesn't want it to be jeopardized," She voiced out.

"Yes, relax uncle. I'm sure Gustav will fill us in," Stark finally spoke as well.

Uncle Bila and some of the other main family members still had unsatisfied looks on their faces but they decided to back down.

Their annoyance was justifiable since no one liked to be treated as a suspect.

There was still a brief discussion between all of the family members and Gustav mentioned that he was onto the culprits already.