The Bloodline System - Chapter 892: Powerful Presence

Chapter 892: Powerful Presence

Chapter 892: Powerful Presence

'It rejected my presence?' Gustav thought as he pulled himself up after sliding down the wall.

He was unaffected by the blast of energy. He felt It wasn't trying to hurt him since it just pushed him away like a warning instead of actively sending out a more powerful energy.

Gustav could sense a bit of sentience now that the tub was destroyed and the emblem was free.

He began to move towards the spot where the emblem was embedded in. The closer he got, the more it glowed up.

It was as If it was warning Gustav not to come any closer or it would blast out the same energy as before.

"I am here to return you to your rightful owner," Gustav voiced out as he closed in on it.

However, his words did not seem to be getting through as the glow turned even fiercer the closer he got to it.

Gustav voiced out the words again but it was still the same thing. He had two thoughts in his mind at this point.

Either he'd overpower the energy blast of the Emblem and take it by force or he'd try using mental manipulation to pa.s.s his message across to it.

He couldn't waste any more time staying here as he didn't know what he was up against yet.

He felt the first option was not very viable since it has been said that the Emblem is very powerful. Who knew if it would send out a blast that would obliterate the entire surroundings if he tried to take it by force.

He had no idea the technique they used to steal it in the first place so he had to work his way around the situation himself.

[Mental Manipulation Has Been Activated]

Gustav instantly connected his mind to that of the small mental signal the sentience of the Emblem was emitting.

'Your rightful owner is my friend... I'm here to take you back,' Gustav sent this message mentally and proceeded to attach an image from his mind where he and Stark were discussing.

Although Mental Manipulation was a faulty bloodline that made it incapable of taking over someone's mind, he could still do this much.

The glow emitting from the emblem began to die down after Gustav performed this action.

He slowly began to walk towards it after feeling like it had acknowledged that he wasn't hostile.


"Their life signals disappeared? " A masculine tone filled with wariness and suspiciousness could be heard.

"Yes, master. We are unable to communicate with both Fil and Fakul in the last thirty minutes," The person standing in front of who had spoken earlier responded.

Both figures stood atop a ma.s.sive tower that extended into the skies above. Fog could be seen around them as well as clouds.

The one who was being referred to as master was about 5'7 in height and had a backward c-shaped scar on his forehead. He was clad in a blue and red robe while the one reporting to him was clad in a black robe like Fakul and Fil.

"What of the Tridiver? Can the location be pinpointed?" The master asked.

"It cannot, we have lost communication to that as well," The other one answered while shaking his head.

"However master we do have readings of the location where its signal disappeared," The man voiced once more.

"Where?" The master asked.

The man in the black robe hesitated a little before answering, "Master, it's at one of the base locations... The last one in particular," He answered.

"That's..." The master's eyes widened as he heard that.

"That location is off-limits and must not be discovered by anyone... what are we waiting for? Gather everyone we're going there right now!" He yelled out as he moved towards the ledge of the rooftop.

"Mas....mas... Master, are you going there as well?" He asked with a look of shock.

"Gather everyone and meet me there!" He voiced with a strong tone as his eyes glowed up.

His left eye radiated with a blue glow while his right radiated with a red glow.

He leapt forward while transforming into a ma.s.sive draconic figure.


He ascended into the clouds and phased forward with immense speed before arriving above the ocean in the blink of an eye.

It would seem their previous location wasn't too far from one of the edges of the island.


A tornado formed in the sky and began descending toward the ocean with immense speed.


Streams of water blasted upward as the tornado which was the master in disguise, pierced into the ocean and descended to the bottom instantly.


'Finally, it's time to leave,' Gustav said internally as he swam towards the top of the ocean.

He arrived at the top after a few seconds and began swimming towards the edge which was a couple of kilometres away since he had gotten a good distance away from sh.o.r.e.

It was still morning but the time was getting close to noon at this point.

Gustav swam as quickly as he could not wanting to be in this area anymore but all of a sudden there was a ma.s.sive disturbance in the water.

Waves began to gather from the far west and for reasons unknown, they kept rising.

It rose to a height of several hundred feet in a couple of seconds and it seemed to be rus.h.i.+ng towards Gustav's area with speed.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

His body ascended out of the water as he flew speedily towards the sh.o.r.e.


He was able to get to the sh.o.r.e in nearly an instant but the waves didn't stop acc.u.mulating and rose to a height of more than a thousand feet while spreading across a width of several hundred miles.

It had risen so high that even the sunlight had been bloated out, making the entire vicinity turn dark.

Within the scary body of waves, Gustav could sense energy from a Beta Ranked mixedblood. The waves that were spreading had gone beyond the sh.o.r.e and were now aiming to swallow Gustav up.