The Bloodline System - Chapter 891: Finding The Wanted Item

Chapter 891: Finding The Wanted Item

Chapter 891: Finding The Wanted Item

[Extraction Complete]

[Host Has Acquired A-Grade Aqua Draconic Bloodline]

Gustav stood to his feet after the Acquisition was completed. The whole process only lasted for about thirty seconds.

It was not so slow that Gustav didn't have to worry about taking too much time to acquire a bloodline but he couldn't be bothered to take Fakul's.

Gustav hurried towards the rocky area up ahead after completing this which was still several hundred feet away. He would have loved to destroy the corpses so there would not be any lingering evidence of battle but there was no time for that as well.

The b.l.o.o.d.y corpses were bound to attract sea creatures so he wasn't too worried since they would most likely be eaten up before anyone got here.

Gustav arrived in front of the east area of the rocky last marked location on the map. Despite their battle that wreaked a lot of havoc on the surroundings, this rock was still intact.

The battle had ended quite a distance from here but at the very least there would be some damage here since there was a lot of destruction but the rock didn't even look like it took any damage.

The building atop it took more damage and got even more demolished. This made Gustav understand that destroying the outer covering of the rock to reveal the pa.s.sageway would have been a much more difficult task than he antic.i.p.ated.

Ting! Ting!

The circular item in his grasp began to beep the moment Gustav stretched it forward towards the rocky wall.


A rumbling sound echoed across the place as the area of the ocean floor Gustav was standing on began to vibrate.

A circular outline appeared around Gustav on the ocean floor.


A huge part of the rocky wall s.h.i.+fted inside and then upwards as the floor beneath Gustav's feet began to move forward after the opening into this dark part was revealed.

It moved Gustav into this dark pathway that extended downwards as the opening behind closed up.

Streams of water had moved in as well but there seemed to be some filtering holes built into this pathway which directed the current elsewhere.

The water cleared up and now Gustav was being moved down this dark s.p.a.ce atop the initial ocean floor which was something like an elevator.

The pathway was built in a diagonal format so the platform descending was pus.h.i.+ng down across the slanted ground.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated G.o.d Eyes as he descended through this dark pathway.

It extended so deep downwards it took some time before Gustav's sight got to the bottom of the descending pathway.

It looked like there was a hallway at the bottom that led towards a s.p.a.ce up ahead.

'I should really thank those two for coming after me,' Gustav thought as he descended downwards.

Getting into this place would have been an issue if the battle between Fil and Fakul didn't happen. They practically brought the key to him and also added a new bloodline so Gustav had gained in more ways than one.

Retracting his sight, Gustav figured that there were still at least ten thousand feet more to descend before getting to the bottom.

His knees lowered as he crouched a bit before leaping off the descending platform.


Gustav fell across the air speedily, descending past several thousand feet in nearly an instant.


He landed somewhere up ahead and leapt forward once more.


His body travelled across the air and downwards speedily before landing somewhere up ahead again.


Only a few hundred feet were left at this point, so he just kept sliding down with his feet.

Gustav arrived at the bottom in a moment and began moving forward.

Red lights began to switch on as he walked down the dark hallway. What appeared in his line of sight up ahead was a s.p.a.cious area, half the size of a football field.

He looked around and spotted multiple technology types of equipment lined up at a side. Computers and other items that looked like they were no longer in use were scattered across the place.

A large table was placed in the south area and some doors at different corners which probably led to different places. On the east side of the wall, a glowing drawing of what looked like a two-headed dragon with one head being red and the other being blue could be seen.

Unlike the drawing on the emblem of the Vertigons, this one looked rather scary and hd a cross of skulls wrapped around its body.

However, all of these didn't really pique Gustav's interest...

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

A beeping sound was coming from the yellowish card in his storage device.

Gustav didn't even bother bringing it out, he looked up as his eyes locked on the transparent tub-like storage hanging from the ceiling area.

What could be seen within was a flat diamond-shaped object. It was gold and white with sharp-looking edges.

In the middle was the carving of a three-headed draconic-like creature. All in all this item looked quite domineering as well as luxurious and exuded mystical energy that seemed like it was being restricted by the tub it was kept in.

This was the item that was being sought after all this time... The Vertigon Emblem.

'It was underwater all along... It all makes sense now,' Gustav said internally as he moved towards the middle of the s.p.a.ce.


He leapt upward with his arm arched downwards and threw an uppercut at the tub.


The tub blasted to pieces the moment collision was made and Gustav spread his hands to catch the Emblem the moment it got freed.

However the moment Gustav was about to make contact with it...


A blast of energy burst forth from it that slammed into Gustav and sent him flying across the place.


He slammed into the wall as the Emblem fell to the floor and got embedded in the tiles after the heavy impact.