The Bloodline System - Chapter 889: Displacing The Ocean Waves

Chapter 889: Displacing The Ocean Waves

Chapter 889: Displacing The Ocean Waves


Debris and sand spread across the place as a powerful collision was made with the ocean floor.

Gustav felt claws on his shoulder and back pinning him to the ocean floor that had just been levelled with his body.

Above him was a ma.s.sive blue scaled draconic figure with ram horns. The eyes of this draconic figure radiated with an ocean-coloured glow as it stomped Gustav further into the ocean floor.

Its wings spread across the place and it flapped repeatedly, causing an intense waterspout.

Gustav's body got pulled into the water sprout and he found himself spinning across the place with it.


A ma.s.sive claw appeared out of nowhere and slashed against his chest sending him further into the water sprout that was teeming with sand and all sorts of things that could be found at the bottom of the ocean.

Fil would occasionally appear and reappear attacking Gustav.

As Gustav was being shoved across the place due to the force of the intense water sprout he was barely able to defend himself from the attacks of Fil.

Fil controlled the water sprout as she willed, totally putting Gustav in a state of unbalance. All he could see was dirt and floating objects clouding his view and slamming into him repeatedly as he got tossed around intensely. A normal person would have been ripped to shreds at this point but Gustav was still whole.

Although the same couldn't be said about his clothes.

Fakul who was initially beaten down by Gustav had recovered now. He transformed into a draconic figure as well with blueish scales mixed with brown.

He didn't look as majestic as Fil nor was he as large but then his eyes seemed to be gleaming with violet light.

"I'll finish him with this," He voiced out as he positioned himself several feet from the spiralling water sprout.

It was as if they were both unaffected by the watersprout despite the fact that it was pulling everything within a radius of three thousand feet towards it.

The intensity within was something Gustav however he would have found a way to escape from it by now if he wasn't getting attacked occasionally by Fil who was making it immensely difficult for him to find stability.

Gustav's perception was nearly useless in this situation along with G.o.d's Eyes.

Fakul's mouth gathered a spiralling blue ball in front causing the entire vicinity to start bubbling from corrosion.

Gustav could feel his skin start to boil although the attack was still being formed.

Although his senses were being affected from getting knocked around, he could still roughly pick up on the fact that one of them was about to use a powerful attack that would most likely cause a lot of damage.

'I have to do something,' Gustav thought as he decided on the best course of action while also raising his arms to block another attack from Fil.


He got tossed further into the watersprout once more as long gashes appeared on his arms, drawing out a bit of blood.

'This attack is powerful enough to burn down an entire mountain in seconds... He won't survive,' Falkul said internally as the blue ball causing the water to sizzle became thrice as large as a boulder.

"Die!" He voiced out as he released the attack.

Fwwwhoooommm~ Sshhzzhhhhhzz~

The water sizzled and bubbled even more as the ball shot forward with speed towards the direction of the water sprout.

At this same time, Fil had appeared right in front of Gustav to give him a quick hit before disappearing so Fakul's attack could do the rest.

However this time, she had no idea that Gustav was already antic.i.p.ating her attack.

The moment her claws appeared in front of him, Gustav reached out and grabbed hold of them.

[Power Boost Has Been Activated]

Gustav's strength increased by a notch as he held on to the arms of the draconic figure.

"Huh?" Fil voiced out with a shocked tone.

He managed to trap Fil in place and despite her struggling to get him to release her she was unable to do so for a few moments.

[Gravitational Displacement Has Been Activated]

Just when the attack was about to hit...

[Energy Discharge Has Been Activated]


The activation of Gravitational Displacement along with Energy Discharge sent forth a reddish blast from Gustav's figure that pushed all the water around him aside...


From above it could be seen that a large hole had been blasted within a part of the ocean and waves of water were being pushed aside.

The far bottom of the ocean could be seen as reddish energy at the ocean floor, violently pus.h.i.+ng aside bodies of water, causing immense waves to spread across a radius of more than eleven miles.

Gustav who was at the bottom of the ocean still holding onto Fil, landed on the ocean ground as the entire s.p.a.ce was now void of water.

Walls of waves surrounded them on all sides but due to the intense push of the energy blast along with the gravitational displacement, the s.p.a.ce would be clear of the water for some time.

"Advantage," Gustav mumbled as he stared at the dumbstruck Fil.

[Ultimate Combination Form Has Been Activated]

Gustav's skin turned silvery as he enlarged in size and grew a pair of radiant-looking horns glowing with majestic light.

"How did you...?" Fil was about to speak when she sensed the powerful surge of energy from Gustav.

She tried disappearing but not being submerged in a body of water, she was unable to do so and her strength had decreased drastically.

Fakul who had been knocked several hundred feet away from the blast found himself on wet ground.

"What happened?" He slowly picked his battered self up as blood oozed out from several of his orifices.

His eyes widened as he looked around and saw the waves of water suspended in place around them like walls.

"What the h.e.l.l!?" He couldn't help but voice out but at the same moment, he sensed an immense power surge from up ahead.

He looked forward and could see the glowing silvery being that Gustav had become with Fil in his hold unable to free herself.