The Bloodline System - Chapter 888: Battling The Two Unknown Assailants

Chapter 888: Battling The Two Unknown Assailants

Chapter 888: Battling The Two Unknown a.s.sailants


Even though parts of the barrier made from the iro silk crumbled, Gustav was still in one piece as he moved out of the way.

Two figures clad in dark robes dropped out of the underwater vehicle an instant later and stared at Gustav with cautious looks.

One was a lady with a buxom figure and blue scale-like lines on her face. Her hair was ocean blue as well and reached down to the back of her thighs.

The other was a man with a bald head completely tattooed with blue color. A part of the tattoo from his bald head extended to his left eye which looked like the tail of an unknown creature.

'Who are these two?' Gustav wondered while floating several ten feet ahead of them.

He couldn't outrightly question their purpose here since he was holding his breath and couldn't speak underwater.

"I recognize him, it's the kid the MBO sent," The man voiced out with a cautious tone.

"He is no ordinary officer, Fakul we have to inform master first," Fil voiced out as she prepared to activate a communication device but then...


Fakul had already lunged forward.

"We have to end him as soon as possible before he draws any others here," Fakul shouted out as he arrived in front of Gustav while a ball of corroding liquid appeared in his palm.

Gustav raised his right hand and grabbed hold of Fakul's wrist before his attack could connect and thrust out his left palm at the same instant.

[Palm Strike Has Been Activated]


His palm strike was blocked by Fil who had suddenly arrived by Fakul's side.

Fil raised her left hand after blocking Gustav's attack with her right and chopped down.


Waves of current blasted across the place as Gustav was sent tumbling down.

'What was that? Uderwater teleportation?' Gustav was surprised he was barely able to react to Fil's speed.

Gustav didn't even have time to a.n.a.lyse Fil's speed before both of them swam downwards, arriving in front of him once more.

Gustav could already tell that both of them were faster than him underwater, especially Fil so he had to increase his reaction speed to their attacks.

Both Fakul's hands generated b.a.l.l.s of corroding liquid that affected the entire place as he attacked Gustav from upfront.

Gustav could feel the intensity of the corrosion despite not making contact. Since it was underwater, it affected the whole vicinity and caused part of the rock behind them to crumble down in some areas.

Bam! Bam!

Gustav managed to block both of Fakul arms swinging towards him and held him in place before turning him around.


Fil who had appeared behind Gustav earlier already swung her fist forward which ended up colliding with Fakul's back.

The intensity behind the punch sent both Fakul and Gustav rolling backwards with the current created.

"Arrgghh!" Fakul groaned in pain after the fist was unleashed on his back.

Fil gritted her teeth after making the mistake and suddenly turned into bubbles.

This time Gustav saw it happen... Bubbling sounds were heard from behind as she reappeared right behind him.

Gustav was able to grab hold of her outstretched hand before it could make contact with him and went on to engage her in close-quarter combat.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Heavy currents were generated across the place as both of them clashed repeatedly throwing fists and punches at each other.

Fil would dissipate into bubbles and appear on Gustav's blind spots before sending out attacks.

Fortunately, Gustav's perception made it so he was able to pick up on her reappearance instantly. However, he would be slow in countering sometimes due to his speed underwater being greatly reduced.

This resulted in him taking damage occasionally.

At this point, Gustav was cursing at the fact that he didn't have a transformation that would boost his strength underwater.

He was skeptical about using the Ultimate Combination Form at the moment because he saw that as one of his last resort power boosts.

Gustav knew the location of the fight wasn't favorable to him, especially since these two seemed to have buffed up movement speed underwater.

Fakul who had stabilized himself after some time, finally came back to join the fight and things became even harder for Gustav.

He decided to use the Demonic Bunny transformation at this point, turning into a dark muscular-looking twelve feet tall bunny with dark horns.


Opening his mouth, sonic waves blasted out of them, forcing both opponents back in the direction they came charging from.

Gustav didn't stop and sent out sonic waves repeatedly causing Fil to slam into the

the vehicle they came in.


An explosion happened underwater as she blasted through it with her body and kept spiralling further away with the waves.

"Fil!" Fakul yelled out as he turned to face the direction she was being pushed in.

Gustav appeared behind him with his fist hurling forward.


f.u.kul back caved in as he was sent spiralling forward.


Gustav swam forward with intense speed and joined both hands together before sending a conjoined punch down towards Fakul's head.


Waves blasted across the place as Fakul's body fell to the bottom of the ocean and blasted further into the ocean floor.


At the top of the ocean, high waves of water had been blasted upwards due to the fight happening underneath.

Gustav swam downwards as fast as he could to land another blow but then the water all around him began to bubble intensely.

'Hmm?' Unlike the other times where he could tell where she'd reappear from Gustav was unable to tell this time because even his perception was being tricked.

The entire vicinity was bubbling across a radius of more than a hundred feet.


All of a sudden Gustav found his body being wrapped by ma.s.sive beastly arms with scales and claws.

Before he could react to that he had been dragged towards the ocean floor.


Debris and sand blasted across the place as a powerful collision was made with the ocean floor.