The Bloodline System - Chapter 887: The Masked Location

Chapter 887: The Masked Location

Chapter 887: The Masked Location

'Almost there... What's with the weird drop in temperature,' Gustav said Internally as he kept swimming forward.

The further he went, the lower the temperature underwater dropped. Surprisingly despite the temperature reducing exponentially, this area underwater remained solid and didn't turn to frost.

Gustav kept travelling, towards the next point and at this time he activated G.o.d Eyes after sensing structures up ahead.

The terrain of the ocean floor had slanted in a diagonal format and was also further descending lower up ahead.

Gustav's eyes peered further and noticed there was an underwater rock towards the southwest area up ahead several hundred feet tall.

At the top of this underwater rock that spans across several kilometres, a large circular shaped structure with cracks and a missing roofing area could be seen atop it.

This exact location was the same marker on the map. Gustav had finally arrived at the last location.

The temperature had dropped to a very low point and some areas on the ocean floor were whitish. The circular-shaped building that looked quite desolate also had whitish coloring at different spots.

Gustav slowed his swimming down at this point and moved in the direction of the underwater rock.

He swam up and landed directly by the side of the building.

'Hmm?' Gustav looked around and he could see that within the building there were a lot of smashed pieces of tools, technology and all sorts of things.

It was difficult to tell exactly what it was one was looking at when they stared at the pile of rubble but this place was practically similar to the other marked locations Gustav had been checking out earlier.

The only difference was the building looked way more intact than the rest.

Nevettheless, Gustav moved into the building and looked around while holding onto a pale yellow card with hints of red.

The circular building was larger than the size of a stadium so he made sure to move to every nook and cranny of the area while holding the card.

However, even with that, there was no response from the card which meant this was yet another location where he had to rule out the presence of the Emblem.

Gustav brought out the ruby once more and stared at the map. Truly this was the last location blinking on the map and even the map ended at this particular location.

Gustav spotted something while checking the map once more. It had been guised so perfectly, that he didn't see it beforehand but due to still having G.o.d Eyes activated while he stared at the map, he noticed this.

'There's another location underneath this one?' Gustav thought with a look of astonishment.

The last location on the map blinking with red light like the others had a very small red light just like it blinking right underneath it.

They were in sync, blinking at the same rate but G.o.d Eyes had caught the one difference they had that would be missed by anyone who stared at it.

One would definitely think it was just a single light blinking, whereas it was two.

Gustav swam upwards a bit and looked down with G.o.d Eyes still activated.

His sight peered into the ground atop this rock area but he was unable to see any underground pa.s.sageway at the top. Everything was solid for over a hundred feet.

'Hmm?' Gustav was a bit confused about the situation so he decided to swim further upwards to get a wider range of view using G.o.d Eyes.

He finally spotted what seemed to be an entrance at the foot of the rock on the east side.

There was a kind of pathway within the foot of the rock that extended further down into the ocean floor.

Gustav swam towards the foot of the mountain and moved towards the area he had spotted the pa.s.sageway within the rock.

Landing right in front, one couldn't see any pa.s.sageway or any signs that beyond the rocky covering there was a pa.s.sageway.

Gustav guessed there was most likely a kind of activation that was needed for the rocky covering to open up and reveal the doorway beyond.

He inspected the outer rocky covering for some time and even with G.o.d Eyes, he couldn't figure out how it was supposed to be bypa.s.sed.

Gustav brought out the ruby once more and moved it closer to the rock to see if they'd be any reaction but there was none whatsoever.

'Looks like I have no other option but to smash through it,' Gustav thought after trying different approaches.

He would rather not do this because he didn't know what to expect if he used a violent approach. Although he hadn't spotted any traps of the sort with G.o.d Eyes, from what he had noticed so far, G.o.d Eyes was limited underwater to a certain extent.

Gustav's arms enlarged as he tightened his fist and slightly raised his right hand.

He was ready to destroy the outer covering of the rock when his perception picked up on something.

A fast-moving underwater vehicle headed in this direction from the south.

Gustav's perception had picked up on it a few miles before it got to his precise location but it had already closed in the distance by more than half in barely a few moments.

He wanted to move towards a corner and hide but the moment he turned around to stare in the direction of the underwater vehicle a blue beam was already headed for his location.

Fwwhiiii~ Ghrrruhklllle~

Waves thrashed about the place as Gustav moved as quickly as he could towards the side.


A part of the beam slammed into his right side, sending him spiralling along with the harsh current generated from the blast.


Gustav hit the rock behind causing the entirety of it to tremble for a bit.

He groaned a little as he tried stabilizing himself. By the time he managed to stabilize himself, the bungalow-sized underwater vehicle had already arrived in front of the rock.


Another beam was shot out and this time, Gustav placed his hand on the rock, causing icicle-like rocks to shot out of it intensely and form a barrier in front of him.