The Bloodline System - Chapter 886: Daybreak Arrives

Chapter 886: Daybreak Arrives

Chapter 886: Daybreak Arrives

"Yes master. It was reported just now that the signal went off," The lady responded with a respectful tone.

"What area and Is there any footage?" The man who had a backward c-shaped scar on his forehead voiced out.

"There was a short footage before communication was interrupted by an aqua mixedbreed... There is a high chance the intruder is no longer alive," The lady voiced out while taking a small circular device out.

She moved to his front and placed it on the ground right before him.


A slightly blurry holographic projection shot out next, displaying underwater footage.

In this footage, a human figure could be seen floating in front of a ma.s.sive adult-sized cross that was stabbed into the ocean floor.

The human figure underwater could not be seen clearly and from the angle of the footage, it seemed like it was being recorded from the ocean floor as well.

Then all of a sudden the sand on the ocean floor as well as all the debris from the demolished building structure in the area blasted across the place as a disturbance occurred.

The only thing they were able to point out before the footage disappeared was everything was being pulled into a large hole by a suction force.

"The intruder definitely got swallowed up... But we don't want anyone snooping around the site areas," The man spoke after the holographic footage came to an end.

"What are your orders master?" She asked respectfully.

"I'm not taking any chances... Do a clean sweep of the perimeter across the site areas to confirm that no life form is snooping around," He voiced out with a solemn tone.

"Noted master," She answered while standing uprightly.

"Go with Fakul and use the Tridiver," He added while closing his eyes once more.

"As you wish master," She said before bowing slightly and walking towards the ledge of the tower top.

She jumped off the ma.s.sive sky-high building without batting an eyelid.


'Hmm, there's nothing here too...' Gustav said internally as he once more scanned the premises underwater where rubble could be seen scattered around.

'Just one more location left,' Gustav stared at the map which displayed he was currently at the second to the last location marked on the map.

He estimated that with his current speed in the water he would get there in about an hour.

'That stupid quest just had to be issued eh?' Gustav nagged internally.

He had gadgets and pieces of technological equipment that could help him move faster underwater but because of the quest, he couldn't make use of any of them.

He had swum to the surface half an hour back to inhale oxygen since he had been underwater for over eight hours already.

Right now it was daybreak but still quite early in the morning. He already knew this objective would take some time so the day breaking didn't mean he would stop.

It just meant he had to be more subtle and properly hide his presence since activity all around the island would increase more due to time.

Gustav began heading in the direction of the next marked location in the next instant.


Occasionally he would zigzag underwater to dodge some obstacles protruding from the ocean floor or anything else floating across the place.

Since it was now daytime, the ocean wasn't so dark as it was in the middle of the night.

Rays from the sunlight penetrated the water making the bottom of the ocean look a bit clearer.

Not wanting to waste energy unnecessarily Gustav deactivated G.o.d Eyes and continued swimming towards the next location while spreading out his perception.


-Thirty Minutes Later

"The ocean floor around here covering over a two hundred kilometres radius has been levelled,"

A feminine voice was heard through a communication frequency as two figures floated above what looked like a dark hole underwater.

"It's thousands of feet lower than it's supposed to be," A masculine voice was heard next as these two figures in dark robes kept staring down at the hole.

"Scan for signs of life," The one with the feminine figure voiced out as she stretched out her left hand which was blazing with a blue glow.


Rays of light shot out from her arm into the hole and spread across the entire place.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Despite being underwear low beeping sounds could be heard for a few moments before stopping.

The lady who had some weird blue lines on her face showed a look of shock before speaking.

"No signs of life but there is a corpse of a sea Mixedbreed down there..." She paused for a brief instant as the light she shot out retracted.


She snapped her fingers and a small holographic projection appeared in front of both of them.

"It's a level 82 Aqua Tarantula mixedbreed," She voiced out as the projection displayed an exact image of how the corpse of the creature was laying at the bottom of the hole.

"Level 82? The footage makes sense now... They like to burrow deep into the ocean floor and tend to attack their prey by swallowing them whole from underneath when the prey gets too close to the ocean floor," The other masculine figure voiced out.

"That's not the issue right now... Look here," She said while flipping the holographic projection to display a part of the creature.

"See the large hole on this side of its body... it was killed by someone and I guess it's the same person who was caught on the footage," She stated with a look of suspicion.

"That's true Fil... Which means they might still be out there," His eyes widened slightly as he voiced out while staring at the holographic projection.

"And they're not weak either... We have to go after them right now," She said while swimming upwards with speed.

"Hnm," He nodded and swam upwards as well.

They both got into a bungalow-sized underwater vehicle that was floating upwards all this time before zooming off into the distance.


'Almost there... What's with the weird drop in temperature,' Gustav said Internally as he kept swimming forward.