The Bloodline System - Chapter 885: Underwater Map

Chapter 885: Underwater Map

Chapter 885: Underwater Map

The creature kept thras.h.i.+ng about after sensing danger within, trying to throw Gustav off course but it was to no avail.

After Gustav had taken the combination form he blasted forward with immense speed.


A loud noise reverberated across the bottom floor of the ocean as ma.s.sive currents rose from the below to the top.


A ma.s.sive ripple spread across the place, as a hole was blasted open at the top of the ocean.

A ma.s.sive beating meat lump flying out of it in the next instant.

It generated fierce waves across the water that thousands of fishes were getting flung into the sky. It started raining fish due to this.

The big beating lump of flesh which was the size of a mansion had a ma.s.sive hole in it which blood was jetting out from like a fountain.

A portion of the ocean had been dyed red with blood. It landed somewhere on the sh.o.r.e of the island up ahead with a ma.s.sive thudding sound and rolled a little.

Thousands of feet beneath the ocean, Gustav floated above the ma.s.sive body of a creature that was sinking after leaving a ma.s.sive b.l.o.o.d.y hole on the side of its body.

The creature was obviously dead since Gustav had just blasted its heart out of its ma.s.sive body. Its mistake was trying to consume someone like Gustav even though it was quite a powerful creature.

Anyone would know that no matter how powerful a creature is, there would always be vulnerability within.

The water in this part of the ocean had been polluted by its blood and leaking organs but since Gustav wasn't inhaling or breathing out, this wasn't a problem.

He used G.o.d Eyes to scan the features of the creature as it fell to the ocean floor.

The creature had a horse-like head with a spider-shaped body, black and orange stripes all across and was immensely large.

Gustav floated down and flew back into the hole he had blasted through the creature's body. The frozen digestive area was defrosting already so Gustav easily broke through and retrieved the cross that was almost digested earlier.

He got back out of the body and swam away from this area. After getting quite a distance away from where the disturbance had happened earlier, Gustav dropped down to the ocean floor once more and stabbed the cross into it.

He wasted no time in retrieving the ruby into his grasp sensing that it might have attracted the presence of the last creature.

'It doesn't even emit that much energy, why would it attract such a creature when it would get no benefit from consuming it?' Gustav wondered as he activated G.o.d Eyes once more.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

Within the Ruby, he could see some weird mechanics. It was no ordinary Ruby as some unknown runic had been crafted into it.

Gustav studied the internals of the Ruby for a while and then proceeded to tap different parts of its outer structure.


Light shot out of the ruby forming a square-shaped holographic projection.

Gustav scrutinized the projection that looked like a map.

'Is that... Here underwater,' Gustav said internally as he stared at the map.

A few red dots could be seen and by the far edge a part of the island was highlighted which was cut out since the dots on the map did not extend to that area.

'These dots... The one closest to me is at the location I just left,' Gustav noticed.

The next dot was several hundred kilometres northeast. Gustav already had suspicions of what these dots depicted but he had to confirm.

'I should have tried taking the bloodline of the Aqua Tarantula... But it's so big, I don't know where to make contact with to activate acquisition,' Gustav realized it might help since he was underwater but there was no time for that right now.


Current blasted underwater as waves spread forth from Gustav's figure while he dove forward at full speed.

His body was moving and wriggling like a fish as he swam forward. With every wave of his arms, his body would be pushed several hundred feet forward.

Of course, he wasn't as fast underwater as he was on land but nevertheless, he was still quite quick.

After many minutes, Gustav arrived at the next dot and his suspicions were confirmed.

There was a pile of rubble as well as multiple fragments of a building scattered across the place.

'So it turns out everywhere marked on the map is an area where underwater buildings have been demolished...' Gustav said internally as he looked around.

He had b.u.mped into several of them back when he started this underwater venture but the last one was where he found the Ruby.

Gustav suspected it was some kind of checkpoint but then he inspected the entire place and didn't find anything that could a.s.sist with the Emblem investigation.

'What was the purpose of building them in the first place just to leave them demolished..?' Gustav still wondered.

At this point, he wanted to head back to the main Vertigon residence to question them about this since it would soon be daybreak. However, Gustav decided to check the rest of the dots on the map first.

'There are still about seven of them... That would also complete half my underwater scan across the circ.u.mference of the island,' Gustav thought.

He would still take many more hours before he was done circling the entire island underwater.

Gustav wasted no time in resuming his scan as he activated G.o.d Eyes once more and kept swimming forward.


"Hmm, are you sure?"

Atop what looked like a tower, two figures could be spotted almost like they were in the clouds.

One was a male who sat crossed-legged on the platform while the other was a female who stood right behind him with her head hung low in respect.

"Yes, master. It was reported just now that the signal went off," The lady responded with a respectful tone.


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