The Bloodline System - Chapter 884: Getting Swallowed

Chapter 884: Getting Swallowed

Chapter 884: Getting Swallowed

Gustav once more approached another demolished-looking platform underwater. At this point, he was curious as to why some of the structures were erected underwater only to be destroyed.

What could have destroyed them or why were they built in the first place when the people from the Vertigons were supposed to be more knowledgeable in the aspect that underwater construction was not a good idea in this part of the world.

Gustav reached down further and stood on the rubble. He could see woods, tiles and different construction materials.

He also spotted a ma.s.sive mettalic-looking cross stabbed into the ocean floor.

'What were they building? A church?' Gustav wondered internally after spotting the ma.s.sive cross.

He could sense the top of the cross emitting faint energy so he moved closer and inspected it.

'A ruby?' Gustav spotted the small red stone embedded into the top area of the cross.

It was barely visible. The visible area made the Ruby look like a dot as part of it was covered up by the metallic upper part of the cross.

Gustav reached out and touched it, dipping his fingers into the small hole the ruby was embedded in and pulling the metal that was covering it up to the sides.

He easily ripped parts of the metal away revealing the complete look of the ruby which was almost as large as an adult's palm. The faint energy it emitted turned even stronger after the entirety of it was revealed.

Gustav was about to use G.o.d Eyes to scan the ruby when a tremor suddenly happened on the ground floor of the ocean.

He was barely able to react in time before immense waves thrashed across the place and an unprecedented suction force came from underneath.

The whole rubble at the bottom of the ocean from the desolate structure blasted across the place as the ground floor opened up and a ma.s.sive bottomless looking hole swallowed up Gustav's figure from below.


The dark hole was so ma.s.sive that it had covered as much ground as the eyes could see on the ocean floor and the suction force coming from it had allowed it to swallow up everything in the vicinity, Gustav included.

Gustav found himself getting pulled into this dark hole fiercely with the strong waves trying to render him unable to stabilize himself.

Although the waves mixed with rubble were blinding to the eyes, Gustav was able to spot ma.s.sive white-looking spikes at the far ends of the dark hole.

It turned out that this dark bottomless looking hole was actually the mouth of an underwater Mixedbreed that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and swallowed everything up.

The hole which happened to be its mouth had closed up after swallowing everything in the vicinity causing the entire place to turn dark.

As Gustav found himself being dragged towards the digestive system of this creature along with the rubble and many other fishes, he closed his eyes.

[Temperature Manipulation Has Been Activated]

Steam drifted out of his nostrils and mouth as it slightly hung open.


Frost began to spread across the place as the waves all across the place began to freeze up.

The number of waves thras.h.i.+ng about the place was similar to the size of a river and everything was turning into frost in a manner of seconds.

With everything freezing up and turning solid, the heavy waves throwing Gustav across the place stopped, giving him the chance to leap upwards.

The rubble and different parts of the demolished structure beneath were getting trapped in large ice blocks due to the ability Gustav had just used.

This also stalled things within the body of the creature, delaying its digestive process.

Gustav stood atop a frozen platform above and looked around.

This creature was practically quarter the size of the island but Gustav could see the grotesque and slimy-looking walls of its internal structure.

"The cross..." Gustav looked around for the cross and couldn't find it. He noticed it had gotten buried deep down underneath all the frost.

It was hundreds of feet below where he was currently standing on and close to getting melted down and digested.

Even though the frost had slowed down the creature's digestive process, it didn't completely stop it so if Gustav didn't do something right now the cross as well as the Ruby would get disgested in a manner of seconds.

Gustav looked around with G.o.d Eyes still activated speedily.

"There," He muttered as he stared at his 2 0' clock.


He leapt towards that direction with immense speed as ma.s.sive batwings sprouted out of his back.

[Power Boost Has Been Activated]

He squinted his eyes as his fist lit up with a golden glow and his right arm began transforming.

It grew twice as large, becoming even more muscular as spikes appeared around it and it turned a bit silvery.

The instant he arrived in front of the internal wall of this creature he sent his fist hurling forward with intensity.


A ma.s.sive collision rocked the entire place as Gustav's fist tore through this creature's internal wall and kept flying through.

Thrrriiihhh~ Pookkrrrhlll~

Blood and unknown liquid goo jetted out like a fountain as a loud shriek of pain reverberated across the ground floor of the ocean.

Gustav didn't stop flying with his fist stretched forward as he kept tearing through the internal meaty wall of the creature which was thicker than forty walls joined together.

The whole place was trembling as the creature trashed around due to the pain but Gustav didn't change his trajectory once since he was unaffected by gravitational force due to flight.

He finally arrived on the other end of the wall after successfully tearing a hole in this creature's internals.

Badump~ Badump~ Badump~ Badump~

A ma.s.sive light pinkish-looking meat of flesh with greyish tub-like things connected to it could be spotted the instant Gustav arrived on the other side.

It was similar to the size of a mansion and kept pumping rapidly, causing a loud beating sound to reverberate across the entire place.

[Ultimate Combination Form Has Been Activated]

Gustav's body began transforming rapidly as he took the Ultimate Combination Form causing a dangerous energy to spread across the place.