The Bloodline System - Chapter 883: Underwater Mission

Chapter 883: Underwater Mission

Chapter 883: Underwater Mission

Instead of six split screens, it was now twelve. These twelve holographic screens each displayed the surroundings of a person. Some were asleep and some were still wide awake but from the looks of things, all of them were in a bedroom.

Six of these screens displayed the branch leaders Gustav had targeted the previous night and the other six were that of people in the main family that Gustav suspected.

"Stark is a good a.s.set..." Gustav mumbled as he recalled just how Stark had helped him today.

He had made use of Stark's help to make the others he was suspicious of in the household consume the technological implant he needed to spy on them.

If Gustav had tried it his way it would have been quite difficult to achieve but with Stark being the next head of the family all he had to do was visit them one after the other with a cup of tea to discuss.

The cup of tea had the technological implant in soluble form within. All of them were suspicious since this wasn't something Stark would usually do but they had no choice.

The moment they consumed the cup of tea Gustav practically got what he wanted so nothing else mattered.

They had fallen into his hands at this point and every activity they engaged in would be monitored by him easily.

The only problem was Gustav couldn't stay here and watch all day but it wasn't really an issue because all their activities would be recorded and he could do a playback the moment he was back in his room.

Later in the middle of the night, Gustav moved out of the household once more.

This time he made sure everyone was asleep or in a relaxed state first before moving out to prevent what happened with Stark the last time from happening again.

He could still be caught sneaking out since not everyone was sleeping at the moment. Uncle Bila was channelling his bloodline in one of the household training rooms and even some other uncles and aunts that were busy working on one thing or the other in their rooms were still awake.

However, Gustav was more cautious than the last time so he wouldn't be caught by even the guards.

After a few minutes, he was flying across the night sky in the city. The city mostly slept at night unlike Burning Sands so it was rare to see any activity on the ground.

However Gustav's mission this night was not on the ground.

[Partial Flames Death Ace Transformation Has Been Activated]

Big bat-like wings sprouted out of Gustav's back as his speed suddenly increased by a whole lot. He generated waves across the sky as he flew towards the north area of the island.

Many minutes later Gustav had arrived at the edge of the island.

'Since it's not on land... Then I can't rule out the possibility of it being in the water,' Gustav said internally as he floated several thousand feet in the air and stared at the ocean below.

'This might take some time, I should probably use the drug,' Gustav said internally as he activated his storage device and made a blueish pill appear in his hand.

This would make it possible for him to breathe underwater for the next twenty-four hours.

Gustav could stay underwater for several hours without this but he didn't know how long he would take scouring the surrounding of the island underwater so he needed to use this.


[New Quest Has Been Issued]


A notification suddenly popped up in his line of sight before he could consume the drug.


[Continue Your Search For The Emblem Underwater Without The Use of Any Underwater Breathing Drug]


Gustav squinted his eyes as he saw this notification.

'Is the system purposely trying to make things hard for me?' Gustav wondered internally but there was no answer from the system.

It had been silent for days like it usually was sometimes.



[Punishment for failure]


The punishment for failing was enough for Gustav to put any thoughts of deciding not to complete the quest aside.

"Tch," Gustav proceeded to keep the drug back in his storage device after scanning through.

The wings on his back receded and he began to fall from the air.


His black outfit made small flapping sounds as his body dropped quickly and landed inside the ocean.


His body descended into the depths of the ocean as he activated G.o.d's Eyes. Even during the day, the ocean underwater was always dimly lit and now that it was nighttime, it was impossible to see anything.

The surroundings became clearer the moment Gustav activated G.o.d Eyes.

He descended deeper into the ocean while also swimming forward with force, causing waves to be generated underwater.

A few fishes would be spotted occasionally as he swam forward around the island but the waves his body generated would push them all away.

It looked like he was even swimming faster than they were.

Gustav kept scanning the entire premises with both G.o.d's Eyes and his perception as he swam from place to place.

Occasionally he would come into contact with structures from the ocean floor shaped weirdly. Some looked like buildings that had been demolished because a little bit of their shape could be seen.

Gustav would swim around them and scan them but still, he didn't find anything.

He would also make sure to scan the rocky walls of the island edges underwater but even after two hours of moving around he still hadn't found anything.

The ocean was quite dangerous in these parts and it was said that lots of underwater Mixedbreeds were super strong. It wasn't easy to defeat them and they were said to be more dangerous than Mixedbreeds on land.

Gustav knew of this info so he made sure to move cautiously and since he could see from miles away it made things easier.

Gustav once more approached another demolished-looking platform underwater.