The Bloodline System - Chapter 882: Using Stark To Achieve Some Objectives

Chapter 882: Using Stark To Achieve Some Objectives

Chapter 882: Using Stark To Achieve Some Objectives

"Who's there!?" A loud masculine voice was heard from the ground area as multiple footsteps approached the bottom of the tree.

Stark moved a bit forward, dropping from the end of a branch.


His body descended from the air and he landed a few feet in front of the tree trunk.

The guards who were surrounding the tree paused in their tracks as they spotted him.

"Family head Stark," Their eyes widened as they voiced out.

"Once again... Not yet haha," Stark chuckled as he corrected them.

He didn't like hearing people call him the family head.

"What are you doing here?" One of them asked with a surprised tone.

"Just busy with some training of mine. Is there any problem?" He asked while raising one of his eyebrows.

"We just heard a disturbance from over here so we came to check," One of them answered with a respectful tone.

"Oh yeah that was me, nothing to worry about," Stark stated with a smile.

"Okay, family head but you need to be careful there have been a lot of disturbances this night. We can escort you back to the residence for safety," Another one of the guards voiced out.

"Oh not to worry I am fine. When I am done here I will head back," Stark said with a dismissive tone.

They nodded in response, "We will keep searching for the culprit responsible for the disturbances," The guards voiced out as they prepared to leave.

"As for the disturbances I could help search for the culprit," Stark proposed.

"We can't disturb family head with our duties, we will handle it ourselves," A guard voiced out.

"It is no big deal, I have the see-all ability. I can check every nook and cranny of the island in a short duration of time," Stark said as his eyes glowed with yellowish and red light.

The guards waited for a bit and after about a minute Stark's eyes dimmed, returning to normal.

"I have checked everywhere, there is no suspicious figure. Whoever you guys are looking for must have already escaped," Stark voiced out.

"Alright then family head, please be safe," They voiced out before leaving the vicinity.

Stark smiled after they were gone and leapt upwards. He jumped from tree to tree before arriving where Gustav was hiding.

"Did you truly scan the entire island with your sight?" Gustav asked.

"Of course not. What's the point when the culprit is right here," Stark laughed lightly in response.

"But can you truly do that?" Gustav asked with a tone of curiosity.

"Yes. It's a rare ability that no one in the family has possessed for ages... I can scan every nook and cranny of this island in a manner of seconds so if any suspicious figure ever truly appeared they would not be able to escape my eyes," Stark explained.

"So if you lots had been around when the emblem was stolen you'd have caught the culprit?" Gustav asked.

"Yes, they knew to pick the right time to act," Stark added.


In a flash, noon had arrived. Gustav had been in his room all day since he arrived back at the residence at midnight with Stark.

He had managed to complete his objective by night so right now he was staying indoors after setting up his monitoring system.

What Gustav had planted within the six family branch heads was a kind of technological implant that would give an imagery of their location every time.

Right in front of Gustav at the moment was a ma.s.sive holographic screen split in six.

These six holographic screens displayed not just the locations of the six family branch heads he targeted the previous night but also displayed footage of the environment around them.

This had gone beyond tapping a certain location. This would display everything they were up to at the moment and also send audio feedbacks to Gustav.

The only issue now was Gustav would have to wait because his acts the previous night had alarmed the entire island.

Amongst all of them he targeted, family branch leader Kotario was the only one that remembered what had happened the previous night.

The others had forgotten that they were shot at since they were not as powerful as him. However, even though they forgot they still felt suspicious after hearing what happened to Kotario.

They had begun conducting investigations and examined his body. The other leaders also decided to join in this examination just in case.

On the bright side, the implant couldn't be spotted by any medical device on this island unless they decided to take them to the best medical research centre in the world.

Gustav only just had to wait in the meantime till the whole thing blew over.

He recalled he also had to find a way to get the others in the main family to consume the implant as well.

There were some he could still watch while being in the household but some had duties that made them go out a lot so he had to make them consume the implant so he'd be able to easily spy on them when they were away.

The problem with this investigation was, that there were too many suspects and this was due to the number of people in the Vertigon family.

After some time Gustav finally decided to come out of his room.

Surprisingly he b.u.mped into Stark in the hallway. It seemed Stark was coming to find him.

"You haven't had breakfast," Stark voiced out the moment he arrived in front of Gustav.

However, Gustav remained silent for a few moments as his face displayed a contemplative expression.

"I'm going to need you to help me with something Stark," Gustav voiced out.

"...okay... You know you can ask me anything," Stark said with a slightly surprised expression.

"Good... Follow me," Gustav said while walking forward.

Stark turned around and quickly followed after Gustav with an excited expression.


The entire day went by in a flash and it was nightfall again. At this time Gustav was sitting in his room and now the holographic screen had become even larger.