The Bloodline System - Chapter 881 See All Ability

Chapter 881 See All Ability

Chapter 881 See All Ability

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


An immense pressure radiated across the environment as he flapped his ma.s.sive wings, flying after Gustav and catching up with ease.

Gustav could not understand why Stark gave off so much pressure with his draconic transformation when he was just a first step echo rank.

With the way his draconic transformation looked with two heads, six eyes and golden glowing scales Gustav felt, just like him Stark would most likely be able to battle mixedbloods at higher ranked bloodlines and still win.

No one still understood how he achieved Echo rank at age 18 and was also a two headed since seven years ago.

Stark was happy as he followed by Gustav's side flying alongside him. He had always wanted to do something like this and now he had the chance.

He wondered how Gustav was able to fly without wings but he didn't know Gustav would run out of time soon and have to use transformation to take the form of a winged mixedbreed.

"How were you able to keep following me despite being out of my range of perception?" Gustav asked.

"Oh that, it's the same way I found out you were not in your room," Stark responded with a deep voice that had been affected by his transformation.

"I believe there were no cameras or spying devices in my room... I checked," Gustav furrowed his eyes brows as he voiced out.

"No no there are none," Stark quickly responded to the misunderstanding.

"I have a see all ability... Even right now, one of my eyes is fixed on a part of the island far behind us, another of my eyes see over fifty miles ahead of us... I am only making use of two to scan around us as we fly," Stark explained.

"A see all ability?" Gustav mumbled.

'Like G.o.d Eyes... Only that this one seems to work in a different way and might be better,' Gustav thought. He also recalled Elevora had a similar eye ability to G.o.d Eyes but G.o.d Eyes seemed to be better unlike this particular see all ability Stark uses.

Seeing from that far away and even seeing behind him, this definitely made it better than G.o.d Eyes.

"Don't worry I'll never use it in the household to invade your privacy unless I feel something out of place. I was worried this night, which was why I used it," Stark a.s.sured Gustav after he saw his contemplative.

"Fine..." Gustav responded as bat like wings sprouted out of his back.

Stark was taken aback for an instant as Gustav flight speed suddenly increased exponentially.


With a flap of his wings, he gave himself and Stark a distance of several thousand meters.

"Ou a race? Be ready to eat the clouds behind me," Stark chuckled as he also flapped his wings and blasted forward with immense speed, despite the size of his figure.

He almost instantly caught up with Gustav as they flew towards the north east of the island.

About fifteen minutes later Gustav stood on a purple branched tree that was over one thousand four hundred meters tall. This was the tallest tree on the island and they called it the Ethriah.

It was a strange type of tree that not only gave off an energy across the island that benefited bloodline channelling for mixedbloods but it also generated a strange type of electrical current.

This made it unapproachable for a lot of people but even with that it was a treasure on the island and people were not allowed to approach recklessly.

"There's are a few guards in this area," Stark muttered.

"You'll handle it right?" Gustav voiced out.

"Sure I will," Stark responded.

Gustav brought out the sniper like weapon which he had just used several minutes ago.

Before arriving here they had visited a different location and Gustav had successfully hit the fifth target. Now he was targeting the sixth and last family branch head of them all.

This was not a safe spot since the area was well guarded but this was the best place to take a shot from because of the next family branch head location.

Gustav activated G.o.d Eyes once more zooming in across several ten miles. An exalted platform above a region with a lot of fog could be seen.

Gustav aimed properly at this area where different houses could be seen. His eyes focused on the second to the last house on the fifth row of structures aligned.

His sight moved downwards, going below the house and he spotted a figure underground laying on what seemed to be a mat.

It was like Gustav already expected this so he was well prepared despite the fact that the shot would have to travel underground.


A yellowish colored looking item thrice the size of the projectiles he had been shooting since appeared in his hand and Gustav proceeded to put it into the weapon.

His hands glowed with a blue light as he pa.s.sed power into the weapon and aimed it at the figure once more.

'Here goes...' He proceeded to pull the trigger.

Boom! Thwaackk~

The yellowish streak tore through the air instantly as well as every single obstacle on the way as it arrived at the target.


It instantly phased through the structure and pierced into the target's neck.

"Hmm?" The branch leader instantly opened his eyes the moment contact was made but he was too slow.

He touched his neck and felt the liquid, brought his hand to the front of his face and could see part of the yellowish melted projectile on his hand.

"What the..." His eyes turned dizzy and he pa.s.sed out in the next instant.

This branch head was significantly weaker than the rest being only at kilo rank so Gustav found it easier to target him.

"They're coming this way," Stark alerted Gustav of the guards.

Gustav backed himself into the tree covered himself with the branches and activated Cognitive Concealment.

He also turned turned into the same color with the tree. Despite the fact that the tree was sending out electric currents, he remained unaffected and hid in it.